Magick of the Ancient Gods

i like this book because of the clear information and simple invocations you can use to invoke spirits.i compare this book to other michael ford books i just bought the book this book and got in the mail on 9/9/13 and with in a week read it and work with alot of spirits in the book and was very happy with the results.please try this product if you have not! thank you for taking time to read my review!

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Improving workplace wellbeing and maximising performance through an evidence-based approach and programme is the objective of the book, which arguably can yield benefits to both the employer and the employed. The author takes many strands from human resources management, neuroscience and behavioural science to present this book, aimed at human resources staff, with a practical guide that can help lead and change the general tone and ...

Meaning in the Media: Discourse, Controversy and Debate

'Brilliant, highly readable, sophisticated, and illustrated with a wealth of well-chosen examples, Meaning in the Media offers a major new analysis of disputes about meaning in public life, and of the linguistic, legal and social factors that affect their resolution. Essential reading not only for linguists, media scholars and specialists in language and the law, but for anyone who has ever been involved in a debate about defamation,...

The Class: Living and Learning in the Digital Age

“In a richly textured account, The Class unpacks many of the grand claims made in public discourse about the perceived impact—positive and negative—of new media technologies on young people’s lives and future prospects. Intellectually engaging, lucidly written, and emotionally engrossing, The Class is required reading for policy makers, parents, and teachers alike."-Kirsten Drotner,co-editor of Informal Learning and Digital Media

Fichte's Ethical Thought

"Among the book's best features is Wood's ability to translate Fichte's thought into twenty-first century philosophical language. He both reframes Fichte's claims using contemporary vocabulary and gestures toward how those claims might be taken up in current conversation. This allows even those not especially familiar with German Idealism to follow and appreciate Fichte's thought. But Wood's book will also be a valuable resource for ...

Virtual Knowledge: (The MIT Press)

Virtual Knowledge is a strong collection conceptualizing and analyzing the current state of thought in eResearch, with a particular focus on the social sciences and humanities. These contributions are reports of new studies and new theorizing with excellent scope. It is a thoughtful reflection and one I will cite in my own work. This admirable collection of interwoven essays on the consequences of introducing new digital tools into t...

The New Zealand Family from 1840

"An important and pivotal study that should have a major impact on thinking about New Zealand families [of the] past, present and future. It is a detailed, skillful and scholarly analysis and interpretation of New Zealand demographic transitions" 

Pitfalls in Veterinary Surgery

I was expecting this book to be more of a textbook than what it really is - a memoir. The stories are interesting, and there are a few educational tidbits to be found, but at over $60, this short, flimsy paperback is way overpriced.

Telling and Being Told, 2 edition

"More than just offering an analysis of oral literature in the Yucatán region, Telling and Being Told offers a new approach to the study of Maya literature, one that takes into consideration Maya ideology and decenters the hegemonic production of knowledge. It is a great contribution to the field and an insightful study that calls for a much-needed reconsideration of oral tradition in the study of indigenous cultural productions in t...