The Imjin and Kapyong Battles, Korea, 1951

In Korea, on the night of 22nd April 1951, communist forces unleashed what remains, to this day, their greatest offensive since Zhukov’s storm on Berlin. In the desperate fighting that followed, the key flanks of free world forces were held by one British and one Commonwealth brigade. The former took on a Chinese army; the latter, a Chinese division. Six decades later, an American historian has dismantled the barriers between Austral...

Conservation, Tourism, and Identity of Contemporary Community Art

"Presents the point of view of the conservation and restoration of cultural assets, through the eyes of multiple disciplines: ethnography, art, science, and culture. It is a great work that clearly shows how to address the conservation of artworks in the society in which we live. The book provides the scientific method that professionals of the conservation of cultural heritage may apply to other cases. . . . Easy to read and well wr...

J. S. Bach at His Royal Instrument: Essays on His Organ Works

"Russell Stinson has done it again with a book on Bach that every serious organist will benefit from reading. Addressing a variety of issues in Bach scholarship for the first time, the book also studies a wealth of fascinating information on how Mendelssohn, Schumann, Franck, and Elgar utilized the organ music of Bach in their own careers. This new work is a valuable addition to the existing literature on J. S. Bach." --David Higgs, ...

The Liquidity Management Guide: From Policy to Pitfalls

The Liquidity Risk Management Guide is a very effective attempt to put a framework to understand, quantify, and risk-manage banks’ exposure to funding gaps and funding risks. Gudni Adalsteinsson successfully manages to combine sound research with his own hands-on experience at a number of important financial institutions. I found the reading approachable, no-nonsense and compelling in its attempt to demystify liquidity as an asset cl...

Genomes, Evolution, and Culture

This book combines recent information and discoveries in the field of human molecular biology and human molecular evolution. It provides an interdisciplinary approach drawing together data from various diverse disciplines to address both the more classical anthropological content and the current more contemporary molecular focus of courses. Chapters include a history of human evolutionary genetics; the human genome structure and func...

Unity in Diversity: Recent Trends in Translation Studies

Translation studies as a discipline has grown enormously in recent decades. Contributions to the discipline have come from a variety of fields, including machine translation, history, literature, philosophy, linguistics, terminology, signed language interpreting, screen translation, translation pedagogy, software localization and lexicography. There is evidently great diversity in translation studies, but is there much unity? Have th...

Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion , Second Edition

Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion: Canine and Feline Behavior, Second Edition offers the reader fast access to reliable, practical information on managing common behavioral disorders in dogs and cats. This new edition has been organized into sections, grouping topics into behavioral problem categories for more intuitive access to information. Fully updated and revised, the new edition includes 19 new topic...

Amazing Pet Tricks

I bought this for my 9 year old cousin for his birthday as he had just received a 10 month old puppy 2 weeks earlier. HE LOVES IT! He was so excited for the gift and when I saw him the other day (about 2 months later) he was stoked about how he has been able to teach "Buddy" to roll over (he gets stuck sometimes though!) to sit and he's working on some of the other tricks too. Very cool, it has helped keep him involved and interested...

Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby: A Reader's Guide

F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby is certainly one of the most important, enjoyable American novels of the early 20th century. In his study of The Great Gatsby, Nicolas Tredell first provides historical, biographical and literary contexts to help the general reader gain an understanding of influences on The Great Gatsby. With this completed, Tredell examines Fitzgerald's structure, style and form, leading to interesting discussi...