The Internet Revolution in the Sciences and Humanities

"Gross and Harmon s The Internet Revolution in the Sciences and the Humanities is not a time-stamped review of content on the Internet, which would be out of date within a month of publication. Instead, it is a rich assessment of what the Internet has and, more importantly, can achieve in the communication and evaluation of scholarly knowledge." "While it is true that readers must turn to the companion websiteto see in action some of...

Mein Insektenhotel: Wildbienen, Hummeln & Co. im Garten

Fleißig, nützlich, friedlich - Wildbienen, Hummeln, Wespen wie leben sie? - Nisthilfen wer braucht was? - Bienenfreundlicher Garten aber wie? - 69 Arten im Porträt Wildbienen und Hummeln wer findet die nicht sympathisch? Emsig fliegen sie von Blüte zu Blüte, geschäftig brummend und summend tragen sie den Vorrat in ihre Nester. Und Wespen wer weiß schon, dass die meisten auf Spinnen stehen und nicht auf Kuchen? Die Lebensweise von Wil...

Personalities on the Plate

"Meat comes bundled in packages, and the fleshy lumps don't conjure up a creature that once possessed a mind, emotions and a personality. Did that make it easier for me to eat the chicken? Or would I have more enjoyed biting into a leg of a chicken I knew? Perhaps I couldn't have done it at all. King makes you think about such matters because the lives of animals matter to her. . . . King takes us chapter by chapter on a cook's tour ...

My Ántonia (Broadview Literary Texts)

“This edition is distinguished by its broad editorial attention to history: to the pioneering era that Cather’s novel describes and to the pre-World War I U.S. in which it was written. Most interestingly, the primary documents convincingly connect My Ántonia not only to Cather’s developing aesthetic theory but also to broad American cultural concerns of immigration, conservation, and national self-definition. This edition allows read...

If you give a mouse a cookie

This is classic for little kids because they really love the way the story comes full circle. Our children are around 30 years old and still remember how much they enjoyed this at an early age. We have given this book to parents with young kids many times and it is always a welcome addition to their libraries. Some reviewers have complained that this book sends a negative message about welfare, people expecting from society, etc.. I ...

Movies in American History: An Encyclopedia (3 volumes)

"With its particular context, and with contributors coming from a variety of backgrounds, including history, religion, science, and politics as well as film, this resource offers an interesting angle on the study of film. Recommended for large public libraries and for college libraries supporting film and popularculture programs." - Booklist

Lu Style Xinyi Liuhe Quan for Beginners

Lu Style Xinyi Liuhe Quan Rumen. Xinyi Quan Creator - Fei Yue The Earliest Ancestor of Lu Style Xinyi Quan in ShangHai-Master Songgao Lu The Chairman of the Association of the Lu style Xinyi Quan- Master ShuwenWang Basic Technology The Summary on Lu style Xinyi Quan Terminology Techniques and Postures Ba and Quan Six Body Postures By-talk on the Beginning Movements Lying Cannon Stand and Swing Chicken Slip Swing Cannon Chicken Seekin...

Bruce Lee's Fighting Method, Vol. 1

This is a great book. It's bigger than I expected and contains a lot of helpful information. I trained JKD for two years, but then the gym closed down. I couldn't keep training but I didn't want to forget what I learned. A few years later and I remember a lot of it, but now that I have it in book form it helps to refresh that memory and even improve my form. Thank you so much for making this book and preserving JKD in a way that will...

The Perrin Technique

This book was a huge eye opener for me. It made me take a closer look at things ie: diet, posture, breathing. Together with oesteopathy to correct my thoracic spine(my osteo had been saying for 12 months my thoracic spine wasn't right) and attention to essential fatty acids, amino acids and water, I a have no fatigue, no ibs, no headaches, no pain etc etc. this is essential reading for someone with CFS

Emotional Processing

On January 25, 2018, my husband was in hospice. After a horrendous previous week which led to his placement there, I had reached a state of exhaustion and my blood pressure had spiked into numbers that I didn't recognize as belonging to my 70 year old healthy self. (Yet there it was, 145/100.) I happened on the "Final Thoughts" section of the book that discusses the dynamics of acceptance. I applied them. My next pressure reading was...