Schelling's Theory of Symbolic Language: Forming the System of Identity

This study reconstructs F.W.J. Schelling's philosophy of language based on a detailed reading of SC73 of Schelling's lectures on the Philosophy of Art. Daniel Whistler argues that the concept of the symbol present in this lecture course, and elsewhere in Schelling's writings of the period, provides the key for a non-referential conception of language, where what matters is the intensity at which identity is produced. Such a reconstru...

Attention, Balance and Coordination: The A.B.C. of Learning Success, 2nd edition

"[An] important book.... Provides a new insight into the source of many elusive problems which interfere with effective learning.... Highly Recommended." (SEN Magazine, January 2019) An updated edition of the definitive handbook on the physical basis for learning for professionals involved in education and child development, written by the respected author of acclaimed titles in the field. A comprehensive overview of the relationship...

The Great Famine in China, 1958-1962: A Documentary History

This book is informative, but from my comfortable chair in my comfortable well-stocked home, it gets tedious reading story after story of how ordinary people suffered. It is generally just a collection of reports gathered from official files that nobody realized were "sensitive material." Not pleasant to read, but I'm glad that I have a better understanding of just what happened. Zhou Xun's book sets out detailed primary sources abou...

Migrant Men: Critical Studies of Masculinities and the Migration Experience

I'm interested in texts about various masculinities. I've read about men of color, rainbow flag men, transmen, low-income men, rural men, inter alia. It was nice to read something about immigrant men. This book is about Australia, not the US, please note. The numbers of immigrants mentioned is faaaaar smaller than in our country. The intro chapters that covered the topic generally were not what inspired me to read this. The chapters ...

Asymptotic Theory Of Quantum Statistical Inference: Selected Papers

Quantum statistical inference, a research field with deep roots in the foundations of both quantum physics and mathematical statistics, has made remarkable progress since 1990. In particular, its asymptotic theory has been developed during this period. However, there has hitherto been no book covering this remarkable progress after 1990; the famous textbooks by Holevo and Helstrom deal only with research results in the earlier stage ...

The Logical Foundations of Scientific Theories: Languages, Structures, and Models

This book addresses the logical aspects of the foundations of scientific theories. Even though the relevance of formal methods in the study of scientific theories is now widely recognized and regaining prominence, the issues covered here are still not generally discussed in philosophy of science. The authors focus mainly on the role played by the underlying formal apparatuses employed in the construction of the models of scientific t...

The Philosophers' Quarrel: Rousseau, Hume, and the Limits of Human Understanding

I was unaware until reading this book that Rousseau and Hume had actually met. Rousseau was on the run after publishing a work that derided miracles and Hume offered to give him refuge. At first, the relationship was one of mutual admiration, but that deteriorated eventually mostly, as I percive it, due to Rousseau's sensitivity. Today, Rousseau might be labeled as paranoid based on all the imaginary offenses that he thought were ocu...

Health Through Inner Body Cleansing, 7 edition

Health Through Inner Body Cleansing: The Famous F. X. Mayr Intestinal Therapy from Europe This book will give you the bare bones of the method and why you should do it, and why eveyone's body is designed to do it. It doesn't go into much else - many of the why questions remain unanswered - the evolutionary questions are barely skimmed upon. If you just want to know what it is - then this is great. However at the end of the book it gi...

Crossed Products of C^* Algebras (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs)

The theory of crossed products is extremely rich and intriguing. There are applications not only to operator algebras, but to subjects as varied as noncommutative geometry and mathematical physics. This book provides a detailed introduction to this vast subject suitable for graduate students and others whose research has contact with crossed product $C^*$-algebras. In addition to providing the basic definitions and results, the main ...