USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes 2018: 7-Book Set

I ordered this to supplement first aid step 3 and have not been disappointed. I learn by reading cases, diagnostic workups and treatments and that's exactly how this review series is formatted. Kaplan really gets it that active problem based learning is the most effective method for studying... Especially for a test that emphasizes clinical management more so than random questions about the Krebs cycle or chromosome translocations or...

Encyclopedia of Holocaust Literature

This useful new reference profiles the lives and works of influential authors associated with the Holocaust, whether as victim, as survivor, or in some other close capacity. Edited by Patterson (Judaic studies, Univ. of Memphis), Alan L. Berger (director of Holocaust and Judaic studies, Florida Atlantic Univ.), and Sarita Cargas (who has masters degrees in both theology and psychology), this work includes all the major writers among ...

Shotokan Transcendence

This is another great book by Sensei Yokota. There is a wealth of information here, and I recommend it highly. It is a valuable addition to my martial arts library, and after more than 50 years with Shotokan karate, I am still learning a great deal from Sensei Yokota's books. I reread them from time to time, and learn something new each time! Along with Yokota Sensei's previous two works, "Shotokan Myths", and "Shotokan Mysteries", t...

Business Graphics

For all designers who usually work for businesses and or want a formal look to their work, this book is an excellent source. I first saw this book in barnes and noble and quickly ran out to order it on amazon for half the price. What makes this book an excellent source is the variety it has, it ranges from annual reports to business cards, advertisement and so on. Every work produce is well explain and well presented. I recommend thi...

Design Graphics, 3rd Edition

I was very excited to get started with a design drawing class...so, I rented this as it would be my textbook. The book presents information and exercises in a manner that has left me confused and frustrated. Exercises about perspective before perspective is introduced, overly simplied to non-existent instructions in some areas, and too much information in other areas. I understand from what the author wrote in his introduction that h...

Unmarried Parents' Rights (and Responsibilities), 3E

Very easy to read and understand... My son is going through custody issues and can't afford legal assistance. This book has been very insightful and has offered many very helpful tips. I ordered this book to help a friend gain custody of his child. The book helped get him the information he needed. However the book was outdated. I highly recommend this book but make sure to get updated version.

The Showman and the Ukrainian Cause: Folk Dance, Film, and the Life of Vasile Avramenko

“Vasile Avramenko today enjoys legendary status as an impresario and populizer of Ukrainian dance. […] This study is indispensable reading for understanding how popular art forms developed in North America―particularly for seeing how the local and ‘ethnic’ intersected with the commercial and ‘mainstream.’” “Martynowych has produced a well-balanced work, but more importantly it is the only source that depicts Vasile Avramenko without ...

Biographical Passages

  Joe Law is Associate Professor of English at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. He is the co-compiler of Writing Centers: An Annotated Bibliography. Linda K. Hughes is Addie Levy Professor of Literature at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. She is the author of The Manyfacèd Glass: Tennyson's Dramatic Monologues and co-author of The Victorian Serial and Victorian Publishing and Mrs. Gaskell's Work. In the last two...

Der Weg des wahren Mannes

Was ist meine wahre Bestimmung im Leben? Was wollen die Frauen wirklich? Was macht einen guten Liebhaber aus? David Deida untersucht die wichtigsten Themen im Leben eines Mannes von Karriere und Familie über Frauen und Intimität zu Liebe und Spiritualität um Männern einen praktischen Wegweiser für ein Leben in Integrität, Echtheit und Freiheit zu geben. Mit klaren Hinweisen, stärkenden Erkenntnissen, Körperübungen und vielem mehr unt...

Routledge Handbook of Sport, Race and Ethnicity

John Nauright is Professor and Chair of the Department of Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation at the University of North Texas, USA. Until May 2016 he was Professor of Sport and Leisure Management at the University of Brighton, UK. He is the author and editor of many books including the award winning Making Men: Rugby and Masculine Identity, the Routledge Companion to Sports History and Sport Around the World: History, Cultu...