The Women of Colonial Latin America

"Tracing the history of Latin American women from 1492 until the independence era in the early nineteenth century might seem like a daunting task for writer and reader alike, but Socolow displays a striking ability to cut to the heart of the matter. In clear, concise prose she outlines major historical developments, notes exceptions and counter tendencies, and gives intriguing examples." In this second edition of her acclaimed volume...

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The End Of Cinema As We Know It: American Film in the Nineties

"The End of Cinema As We Know It is at once academic and popular in the best sense of both terms-intelligent and erudite critical analysis conveyed through accessible and gracefully written prose. Just like the cinema of the '90s itself, this collection of thirty-four smart and sprightly essays refuses to be bound by traditional categories. Free from the homogenized consensus that too often results from the supposed advantage of hist...

A Practical Approach to 18th Century Counterpoint, Revised Edition

It definitely lives up to the "practical" part of the title. I've enjoyed working with this textbook so far as it uses realistic choral tunes as the cantus firmuses. It also has a good balance of technical & theoretical information with musical examples. The only downside is that there are a few typos here and there. The very few that I've found were obvious small little things that don't affect the change in the content at all, ...

Scenarios for Success: Turning Insights in to Action

“The era of clear dangers, simple problems and predict-and-control approaches is past. Many groups and organizations are searching for more effective means to survival, continued success and strategic renewal in a context clouded by competing interests, multiple worldviews and turbulent change. As cycles of fashion in managerial practices shorten, scenario thinking and planning has endured with continued, if not increased, relevance....

CO2 Biofixation by Microalgae: Automation Process

Due to the consequences of globa l warming and significant greenhouse gas emissions, several ideas have been studied to reduce these emissions or to suggest solut ions for pollutant remov al. The most promising ideas are reduced consumption, waste recovery and waste treatment by biological systems. In this latter category, studies have demonstrated that the use of microalgae is a very promising solution for the biofixation of carbon ...

Spektrum Kompakt - Autismus: Entwicklungsstörung mit vielen Facetten

For many people today, the film "Rain Man" with Dustin Hoffmann still embodies their image of people with an autistic disorder: as contact -shy, helpless, lifelike special people with an outstanding island talent. And it is not uncommon for the term to be used in a negative way for socially repugnant behaviour, against which not only those concerned are justifiably opposed. What is behind the different variants of autism spectrum dis...

Wicked Bugs: The Meanest, Deadliest, Grossest Bugs on Earth

This book is a good source, it covers a lot of information in an entertaining fashion, and the illustrations are great. It is useful for anyone. Bought this for my bug obsessed (and I mean obsessed) 5 year old grandson, and he LOVES it. It is really meant for someone older, and has some frightening stories, but for him it is fabulous. The bugs can't get too poisonous, biting, harmful, scary for him!!!! Might scare some younger childr...

Shona-English/English-Shona Dictionary and Phrasebook

Until this book was published there was no decent introductory guide to learning Shona available outside Zimbabwe. I run a website teaching basic Shona ( [...] ) and used to get large numbers of requests for such a book - now here it is! For a very reasonable price, it provides: - pronunciation guide; - introduction to grammar; - basic but adequate vocabulary; - sections on various everyday tasks, each with a useful set of words and ...

Tai Chi Chuan: State of the Art in International Research

Tai Chi Chuan was originally developed as a form of martial arts and has been used for centuries in China as a health exercise. Today, millions of people in both Eastern and Western countries and cultures are practicing Tai Chi Chuan, which has been widely accepted as an exercise form for health and fitness benefits. This unique collection of current scientific research reflects the characteristics and beneficial effects of Tai Chi C...

Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere: An Illustrated Introduction (Tuttle Martial Arts)

This is a fantastic book, overall, though I am probably not experienced enough yet to fully utilize it. The techniques are fully illustrated, and there is text to back it up where it's less clear. Foundational techniques like the kote gaeshi are illustrated in great detail, then other techniques that are built off of it are less descriptive, but still show what's going on. This book illustrates the flow of the techniques well, and wh...