347 Woodworking Patterns: A Bound Set of Popular Woodworking Patterns

0040c8ab_medium Author CAL BEVERLY (EDITOR)
Isbn 9780915099269
File size 86MB
Year 1993
Pages 160
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hobbies

Book Description:

Many full-size patterns on magazine-size pages
- Gift ideas for old friends & new neighbors
- Simple designs you can complete in minutes
- Intricate patterns to hone your skills
- Great for beginners, challenging for experts
- The latest, most popular patterns- Designed for use with common wood stock
- Decorative ideas for every room
- Custom cuts to spruce up your garden
- Handmade items to sell at fairs, craft shows
- Suitable for hand power tools
- Hundreds of great hobby ideas
- Helpful hints for wood enthusiasts
- Explanations about detail cutting and painting
- Skill level: amateur to expert
- Plaques to whirligigs, weather vanes to archangels
- Entrancing Victorian elegance, gangly geese and waddling ducks
- More shapes than you can imagine
- Ready for easy tracing
- Very economical: just pennies a pattern
- Best value in woodworking
- Patterns to please men, women and children of all ages



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