3ds Max 2012 Bible

51T4HezA5hL._SX394_BO1,204,203,200_ Author Kelly L. Murdock
Isbn 9781118022207
File size 164.9MB
Year 2012
Pages 1312
Language English
File format PDF
Category Design

Book Description:

I want to be a lead video game producer. I got this program "3D's max" when I was 13. It looked all alien to me, it was a damn mother ship control board on my laptop. I sat there messing with everything on my own. During the age of 14 I got the hang of it. I made tons of gun designs and objects without any help or any kind of tutorials! I was on a role. That was Until one day I stopped programming, I got into major problems in reality that caused me to stop. When I became 16 I went back on it, I laughed at all the good things I created. I had quite an imagination and I still do have it, it's even better than before. When went back on it. I wanted to get harder to my program. So I got this book and thanks to this book I made my first video. The video was a music video for a song I made (yes I make songs, no biggie really) and I actually almost cried in joy to create my first 6 second scene for my video. I was jumping all over the place holding this book thanking it's mighty powers.

If you want to become something in the programming field that includes 3D's Max then I suggest this book. I really recommend it. I hope this review really helped




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