500 Common Chinese Idioms: An Annotated Frequency Dictionary

5633681c59cce.jpg Author Cornelius C. Kubler and Liwei Jiao
Isbn 9780415598934
File size 15 MB
Year 2011
Pages 328
Language English
File format EPUB, AZW3
Category Encyclopedia and Dictionary

Book Description:

If you are a native English speaker studying Chinese, this chengyu dictionary is an absolute must.

I have spent years being frustrated by a) chengyu dictionaries that were only written in Chinese without any pinyin or other help for non-native Chinese speakers, b) chengyu books with stories in English that explain the chengyu, but don't give examples of how to use it or how common the chengyu is. FINALLY, the authors of this book have recognized a need for a better chengyu dictionary for English speakers, and have created the perfect chengyu resource. It includes ALL possible features helpful to English-speaking students (i.e. pinyin, simplified and traditional characters, example sentences, thoughtful explanations that don't rely on English idioms, explanations of subtleties in meaning and usage, and pinyin and stroke order indices).

However, the BEST part is that the chengyu are listed according to frequency of usage in Chinese society. At the beginning of the book, the authors explain how they used corpus data to determine which 500 chengyu are most frequently used. This is SO helpful! I can study all the chengyu in this book with confidence that I am going to hear them being spoken and see them in books and newspapers! It also validates my previous language-learning efforts. I cannot tell you how delighted I was to find that some of the chengyu I have learned over the years are actually in the top 50. Now I know it was worth my time memorizing them!

I am so pleased with this book and the ingenuity and thoughtfulness of its authors that I am going to recommend it to all of my friends who are learning or teaching Chinese. I cannot praise this book enough. Thank you, Jiao Liwei, Cornelius C. Kubler, and Zhang Weiguo for providing the English-speaking world with this amazing resource!


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