52 Secrets Of Psychology: Improve Your Life One Week At A Time

57f9b62d4beec.jpg Author Chris Day
Isbn 0646510088
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Year 2014
Pages 60
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Personality

Book Description:

The idea for this book came from my years of clinical practice.

Over time I have found that there are a number of key concepts and principles that consistently give people insight into their situation.

I have seen that as the light dawns in the minds of my clients, and the principles are practiced and integrated in their lives, everything begins to change for the better.

The way they look at the world improves, situations that used to be so upsetting, and people who used to be so frustrating and distressing, somehow do not bother them so much anymore. This is not to say that they have no problems, rather, it is that they are better equipped to deal with them.

Many of my clients have asked me why these principles are not taught in school, or why their parents didn't tell them these things. I think the answer is probably that some teachers and parents don't know these principles, and that others know them at an intuitive level but never clearly articulate them.

I know through my clinical practice that many people struggle with their lives and relationships. When I considered my responsibility in this matter I decided to pass on this information, preferably before people get as distressed as the people I see clinically.

This is my motivation for writing. May this book be of service to you.


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