555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered!

00412a1f_medium Author Barry L. Davis and Christian Herald
Isbn 1468053051
File size 5.7MB
Year 2011
Pages 300
Language English
File format PDF
Category Religion

Book Description:

One of the great benefits of reading God's Word is the way that it makes us think. If you're like most people, when you read the Bible you are forced to begin to face issues and situations that you never have before. And that is a great thing! But sometimes you run up against some Scriptures that leave you scratching your head…it's not easy reading accounts that were written in a different culture, with customs, sayings, and behavior that is foreign to you. And once in awhile you run into something you just plain don't understand. This resource will help you answer questions like:
*Was there rain before the Flood?
*What is the significance of Seven?
*Who were the Lost Tribes?
*Did God give Job over to Satan?
*Why did Moses strike the rock?
*Was John the Baptist Elijah?
*How did Judas die?
*What is the baptism of fire?
*What is it to be risen with Christ?
*Why was Jesus baptized?
And 545 More!




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