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Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics: North American Fifth Edition
Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics: North American Fifth Edition

Field provides a very straightforward approach to teaching statistics in this book. I'm getting my PhD and my dissertation is a quantitative study and I decided to use SPSS to analyze the data. Field breaks down how to use SPSS for every statistical method I am planning on using in a step-by-step manner. This book is filled with many examples to help you understand each new concept. My only minor grip is in many of his examples, he l...

How to Use SPSS®:, 10th edition

Dreading this book for my methods for my study, but it's actually not bad. Anyone doing quantitative research methods should use this to help with your data on SPSs program. Very helpful for learning SPSS! I'm a graduate student and so far all of my statistics classes have used SAS, but my department prefers SPSS. This books is easy to follow and has good examples. Great purchase.

Marketing Research with IBM® SPSS Statistics : A Practical Guide

Marketing researchers, companies and business schools need to be able to use statistical procedures correctly and accurately interpret the outputs, yet generally these people are scared off by the statistics behind the different analyses procedures, thus they often rely on external sources to come up with profound answers to the proposed research questions. In an accessible and step by step approach, the authors show readers which pr...

IBM SPSS Statistics 23 Step by Step: A Simple Guide and Reference

IBM SPSS Statistics 23 Step by Step: A Simple Guide and Reference, 14e, takes a straightforward, step-by-step approach that makes SPSS software clear to beginners and experienced researchers alike. Extensive use of vivid, four-color screen shots, clear writing, and step-by-step boxes guide readers through the program. Exercises at the end of each chapter support students by providing additional opportunities to practice using SPSS.

Statistics Using IBM SPSS: An Integrative Approach

Written in a clear and lively tone, Statistics Using IBM SPSS provides a data-centric approach to statistics with integrated SPSS (version 22) commands, ensuring that students gain both a deep conceptual understanding of statistics and practical facility with the leading statistical software package. With 100 worked examples, the textbook guides students through statistical practice using real data and avoids complicated mathematics....

A Conceptual Guide to Statistics Using SPSS

Bridging an understanding of Statistics and SPSS. This unique text helps students develop a conceptual understanding of a variety of statistical tests by linking the ideas learned in a statistics class from a traditional statistics textbook with the computational steps and output from SPSS. Each chapter begins with a student-friendly explanation of the concept behind each statistical test and how the test relates to that concept. The...

SPSS V.23 Guide

This guide will show you how to use many of the available features. It is designed to provide a step-by-step, hands-on guide. All of the files shown in the examples are installed with the application so that you can follow along, performing the same analyses and obtaining the same results shown here. If you want detailed examples of various statistical analysis techniques, try the step-by-step Case Studies, available from the Help menu.

Statistics for Research: With a Guide to SPSS

This fully updated edition of Statistics for Research explains statistical concepts in a straight-forward and accessible way using practical examples from a variety of disciplines. If you're looking for an easy-to-read, comprehensive introduction to statistics with a guide to SPSS, this is the book for you!

Basic SPSS Tutorial

This supplementary book for the social, behavioral, and health sciences helps readers with no prior knowledge of IBM® SPSS® Statistics, statistics, or mathematics learn the basics of SPSS. Designed to reduce fear and build confidence, Basic SPSS Tutorial by Manfred te Grotenhuis and Anneke Matthijssen guides readers through point-and-click sequences using clear examples from real scientific research and invites them to replicate the ...

Ibm Spss Statistics 19 Made Simple By Paul R. Kinnear

This new edition of one of the most widely read textbooks in its field introduces the reader to data analysis with the most powerful and versatile statistical package on the market: IBM SPSS Statistics 19.   Each new release of SPSS Statistics features new options and other improvements. There remains a core of fundamental operating principles and techniques which have continued to apply to all releases issued in recent years an...