ABC of Complementary Medicine

5831b38250e8f.jpg Author Andrew J. Vickers and Catherine Zollman
Isbn 9780727912374
File size 2MB
Year 2000
Pages 50
Language English
File format PDF
Category Medicine

Book Description:

Complementary medicine treatments such as acupuncture, homeopathy or chiropractic is an increasingly prominent feature of the medical world. A growing proportion of patients are using complementary therapies and practice is growing amongst conventional health professionals. Written by a GP and a well-known researcher, the ABC of Complementary Medicine takes an independent standpoint, neither promoting nor disparaging complementary therapies. The books primary aim is practical, as a guide to decision making. The authors address such questions as for what conditions has acupuncture been shown to be effective?; what do I do if a complementary practitioner encourages a patient to ignore my advice? and: what is my medico-legal position if I refer a patient to a chiropractor?. The ABC of Complementary Medicine will be an invaluable guide to any doctor who encounters complementary medicine in clinical practice.



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