American Cultural Studies: An Introduction To American Culture

5708fa213c554.jpg Author Alasdair Kean and Neil C. Campbell
Isbn 9780415127981
File size 5.3 MB
Year 1998
Pages 368
Language English
File format PDF
Category Languages

Book Description:

Drawing on literature, art, film theatre, music and much more, American Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary introduction to American culture for those taking American Studies. This textbook:

* introduces the full range and variety of American culture including issues of race, gender and youth
* provides a truly interdisciplinary methodology
* suggests and discusses a variety of approaches to study
* highlights American distinctiveness
* draws on literature, art, film, theatre, architecture, music and more
* challenges orthodox paradigms of American Studies.

This is a fast-expanding subject area, and Campbell and Kean's book will certainly be a staple part of any cultural studies student's reading diet.


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