Animals and Desire in South African Fiction

Biopolitics and the Resistance to Colonization

5bdb94bc89702.jpg Author Jason D. Price
Isbn 9783319567259
File size 5.1MB
Year 2017
Pages 277
Language English
File format PDF
Category Animals

Book Description:

This book considers the political potential of affective experiences of desire as reflected in contemporary South African literature. Jason Price argues that definitions of desire deployed by capitalist and colonial culture maintain social inequality by managing relations to ensure a steady flow of capital and pleasure for the dominant classes, whereas affective encounters with animals reveal the nonhuman nature of desire, a biopower that, in its unpredictability, can frustrate regimes of management and control. Price wonders how animals’ different desires might enable new modes of thought to positively transform and resist the status quo. This book contends that South African literary works employ nonhuman desire and certain indigenous notions of desire to imagine a South Africa that can be markedly different from the past.




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