Mein Insektenhotel: Wildbienen, Hummeln & Co. im Garten

Fleißig, nützlich, friedlich - Wildbienen, Hummeln, Wespen wie leben sie? - Nisthilfen wer braucht was? - Bienenfreundlicher Garten aber wie? - 69 Arten im Porträt Wildbienen und Hummeln wer findet die nicht sympathisch? Emsig fliegen sie von Blüte zu Blüte, geschäftig brummend und summend tragen sie den Vorrat in ihre Nester. Und Wespen wer weiß schon, dass die meisten auf Spinnen stehen und nicht auf Kuchen? Die Lebensweise von Wil...

Personalities on the Plate

"Meat comes bundled in packages, and the fleshy lumps don't conjure up a creature that once possessed a mind, emotions and a personality. Did that make it easier for me to eat the chicken? Or would I have more enjoyed biting into a leg of a chicken I knew? Perhaps I couldn't have done it at all. King makes you think about such matters because the lives of animals matter to her. . . . King takes us chapter by chapter on a cook's tour ...

Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion , Second Edition

Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion: Canine and Feline Behavior, Second Edition offers the reader fast access to reliable, practical information on managing common behavioral disorders in dogs and cats. This new edition has been organized into sections, grouping topics into behavioral problem categories for more intuitive access to information. Fully updated and revised, the new edition includes 19 new topic...

Amazing Pet Tricks

I bought this for my 9 year old cousin for his birthday as he had just received a 10 month old puppy 2 weeks earlier. HE LOVES IT! He was so excited for the gift and when I saw him the other day (about 2 months later) he was stoked about how he has been able to teach "Buddy" to roll over (he gets stuck sometimes though!) to sit and he's working on some of the other tricks too. Very cool, it has helped keep him involved and interested...

Cooperative Veterinary Care

This is a much needed resource for anyone who works with animals in any context. This book goes into detail about how to understand our cat and dog companions as well as how to make veterinary procedures and similar unpleasant but needed things enjoyable and less stressful for not just animals but you as well. As a registered veterinary technician and cat/dog trainer, I am so thankful to add this book to my educational resources.

Raptor : A Journey Through Birds: with a New Preface

Poor writing is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose, to some extent. To help readers judge for themselves, here is a quote from page 2: “Late May on a hillside in Orkney: nowhere I would rather be. It is a place running with birds. Curlews with their rippling song and long delicate bills and the young short-eared owls keeking from their hideout in the heather. And all that heft and noise of goose.” This, to me, is evocative, gorgeo...

The Complete Home Veterinary Guide

I have had cats all my life and this was truly a very helpful guide. Really gives me accurate answers when I can't get into the Vet. Here is THE book for those enthusiasts who want to take intelligent, loving care of their pets — whether that pet be a dog, cat, bird, fish, or some exotic species. This illustrated, A-Z quick-answer guide from popular veterinarian Chris Pinney covers it all: preventive health care, diet, grooming, trai...

The Cognitive Animal

This book is a large collection of short papers, somewhat comparable in style to what you would get in a peer-reviewed journal. I found many of them dull, but a few were good enough to make the book worth buying. Slobodchikoff's paper on prairie dog speech is what attracted me to the book; it's interesting but doesn't say enough to provide a convincing answer to my questions about how sophisticated their grammar is. Several of the pa...

Beagles For Dummies

It would be mostly helpful for people who have never had puppies but since I've had dogs most of my life, I was hoping to find more information specifically for my beagle. I did, however, find out her stubbornness and game playing is normal for her breed. It was well written and full of humor. I would recommend it for someone who has never had a dog or puppy. We got this book when we took an interest in adopting a beagle/terrier mix ...

Biology and Ecology of Toxic Pufferfish

Dr. Ramasamy Santhanam is the former Dean of the Fisheries College and Research Institute at the Tamilnadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in Thoothukudi, India. His fields of specialization are marine biology and fisheries environment. Presently he is serving as a resource person for various universities in India. He has also served as an expert for the Environmental Management Capacity Building Technical Assistance Projec...