Beagles For Dummies

It would be mostly helpful for people who have never had puppies but since I've had dogs most of my life, I was hoping to find more information specifically for my beagle. I did, however, find out her stubbornness and game playing is normal for her breed. It was well written and full of humor. I would recommend it for someone who has never had a dog or puppy. We got this book when we took an interest in adopting a beagle/terrier mix ...

Dog Tricks and Agility For Dummies

This book offers a great deal of information for a very reasonable price. Less than half of the book pertains to agility training while the rest deals with any other tricks or sports you might be interested in trying. I originally bought this book because I wanted to try agility, but I found myself using quite a bit of the other tricks in my dog's training. The book tells you how to teach basic commands such as "sit," "come," etc. an...

Dog Training For Dummies

I'm not a professional dog trainer by any means and I have found this book to be very helpful, It simplifies the way you use a dog's natural drives to train and motivate. Prey,pack, fight and flight drives are basic to every dog. Some training techniques are out dated, Most I would use with a pup, About the only things I totally disagree with are the way the Volhards teaching the long down and going as a group to "socialize dogs". I ...

Biology and Ecology of Toxic Pufferfish

Dr. Ramasamy Santhanam is the former Dean of the Fisheries College and Research Institute at the Tamilnadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in Thoothukudi, India. His fields of specialization are marine biology and fisheries environment. Presently he is serving as a resource person for various universities in India. He has also served as an expert for the Environmental Management Capacity Building Technical Assistance Projec...

Veterinary Forensics

Veterinary Forensics: Investigation, Evidence Collection, and Expert Testimony will provide anyone involved in an investigation of an animal involved crime or civil action with the knowledge and tools that can give guidance for their actions in completing a forensic investigation. All 50 U.S. states, and numerous countries around the world, have laws against animal abuse and cruelty. Law enforcement agents, veterinarians, the judicia...

Dog Training 101

Whether you’re welcoming a new puppy into your family or want to help your best friend overcome fears or problem behaviors, internationally renowned dog trainer and best-selling author Kyra Sundance presents your essential reference for positive dog training. Using a visually driven, playful presentation, Dog Training 101 offers step-by-step instructions to train your pup to be a happy, attentive, and well-mannered canine. You will u...

Lean Python: Learn Just Enough Python to Build Useful Tools

Learn only the essential aspects of Python without cluttering up your mind with features you may never use. This compact book is not a "best way to write code" type of book; rather, the author goes over his most-used functions, which are all you need to know as a beginner and some way beyond. Lean Python takes 58 Python methods and functions and whittles them down to 15: as author Paul Gerrard says, "I haven't found a need for the re...

The Global Pigeon

The pigeon is the quintessential city bird. Domesticated thousands of years ago as a messenger and a source of food, its presence on our sidewalks is so common that people consider the bird a nuisance—if they notice it at all. Yet pigeons are also kept for pleasure, sport, and profit by people all over the world, from the “pigeon wars” waged by breeding enthusiasts in the skies over Brooklyn to the Million Dollar Pigeon Race held eve...

Ecology and Management of Terrestrial Vertebrate Invasive Species in the United States

Vertebrate invasive species are important ecologically, socially, and scientifically throughout much of the globe. However, the interdiction and options for management of invasive species are driven by localized regulation at the country or even state level and thus the management of species must be framed within that context. This book is focused around the management of invasive vertebrate species in the United States, although rea...

Wild Boar (Animal)

Ancestors of domestic pigs, wild boars are tough, resourceful omnivores that have presented humans since prehistoric times with a tricky situation: they make for a delicious food source, but they are formidable animals with long tusks that can inflict serious harm. Wild Boar traces the interaction of humans and boars in fascinating detail, showing how our relationship has evolved over time and how it can be seen today as fundamentall...