Reptiles of Central America (2nd Edition)

As more people travel through Central America in search of wildlife, the absence of good references for reptiles becomes more apparent. This book provides a most comprehensive overview of the reptilian fauna, with superb range maps. Easy to read and the photographs allow for quick identification of species.

Practical Atlas of Nutrition And Feeding in Cats And Dogs, Volume II

This second volume of the Practical atlas of nutrition and feeding in cats and dogs is focused on the basics of cat and dog nutrition and food management at different life stages, such as pregnancy and lactation and the geriatric stage. It also addresses the specific needs of puppies and kittens as well as sporting dogs. This book, like Volume I, is made of a series of double-page spreads with comprehensive information and plenty of ...

Goat Medicine and Surgery

As textbooks go, this is one of the few that I may actually choose to read in a spare moment, not just when madly researching what could possibly be the problem when I get called to a goat farm. It contains interesting information on the background of goat farming, goat behaviour, nutrition and husbandry in the introductory section. This is an area that was poorly covered during my time at vet school and, had I not had good exposure ...

Animal Cognition : Principles, Evolution, and Development

This text builds on the tradition of combining data from laboratory and field studies of animal behavior as a means of understanding the evolution and function of cognition. In keeping with contemporary terminology, cognition refers to a wide range of processes from modification of simple reflexes to abstract concept learning to social interactions to the expression of emotions, such as guilt. These are examined throughout the text i...

50 Wacky Things Animals Do

Winner of ASJA's (American Society of Journalists and Authors) 2018 Annual Writing Awards for Children/Young Adult Nonfiction. 50 Wacky Things Animals Do is loaded with all the wacky, interesting, and sometimes gross things animals do that seem too crazy to be true, but are! The planet Earth is a big place, and it's filled with all kinds of animals that do some pretty crazy things! For example, did you know that giraffes clean their ...

Advances in Research Techniques for the Study of Sea Turtles

Over the last four decades, threats from anthropogenic activities - such as Bycatch, modification or destruction of critical habitats, and use or consumption of products from turtles - along with inherent life history features of sea turtles have declined severely in population sizes. Recently, through modern research techniques, we have learned some important aspects of taxonomy, ecology and biology of these animals; those findings ...

The Animal Game: Searching for Wildness at the American Zoo

“This book could not be more timely. American zoos are contested spaces today, caught between heated debates about conservation and confinement. In seemingly effortless prose backed by impeccable research, Bender shows us how today’s zoos came to be. After reading this book, you’ll never go to the zoo in the same way again.”―Jane Desmond, author of Displaying Death and Animating Life: Human–Animal Relations in Art, Science, and Every...

Dr. Eleanor's Book of Common Ants of Chicago

“An elegant little book. Spicer Rice’s style is clear, fluid, and engaging. (I’m fond of the way she described winnow ants as ‘rusty ballerinas.’) What makes it especially lovely is the abundance of photographs by Alex Wild, the Ansel Adams of arthropods. I heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to appreciate the miniature beauty and complexity of ants. And I hope that Dr. Eleanor’s Book of Common Ants inspires other citizen scien...

Biology and Feminism: A Philosophical Introduction

'The book is written and structured in a way that makes it accessible to both students and researchers looking to familiarize themselves with the philosophy and history of feminist engagement with biology. It is also a great read for any feminist scientists, philosophers of science, or science studies scholars who, although maybe familiar with this area of study, are nonetheless looking for an engaging refresher.' Sara Weaver, Histor...

Small Animal Emergency Care: Quick Reference Guide

Quick reference guide based on the protocol of primary assessment and the most frequent pathologies in each section. The goal of the work is to put within reach of veterinarians a small book including essential information that they can always keep handy in order to make the consultation time more profitable, especially in the stressful moments of the emergency clinic.