Was ist was?, Bd. 115 - Bären

Welche Bärenarten gibt es und wo leben sie? Halten alle Bären Winterschlaf? Wie orientieren sie sich? Im WAS IST WAS Band 115 Bären berichtet Zoologe Dr.Udo Gansloßer über Grizzlybären, Pandabären, Waschbären und viele weitere Groß- und Kleinbären. Er erklärt, warum Eisbären ohne Probleme bei Minustemperaturen leben können oder warum nicht alle Bären in Höhlen wohnen. Eine Fülle von Informationen über Lebensraum und Lebensweise diese...

Finding Gobi: The True Story of a Little Dog and an Incredible Journey

Like A Street Cat Named Bob before it, Finding Gobi is a truly heart-warming story for animal lovers worldwide…. In 2016, Dion Leonard, a seasoned ultramarathon runner, unexpectedly stumbled across a little stray dog while competing in a gruelling 155-mil e race across the Gobi Desert. The lovable pup, who earned the name 'Gobi', proved that what she lacked in size, she more than made up for in heart, as she went step for step with D...

Yellowstone To Denali: Bears, bison, poachers, thieves and other characters

His book is intended to help those desiring a career as a National Park Ranger by providing some of his experiences as a field ranger and park superintendent. He also gives a brief history of the ranger profession, the qualifications required today to become a ranger, makes recommendations for future ranger qualification standards, and provides information to effectively compete and become a temporary or permanent National Park Ranger.

An Anthropology of Landscape: The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

The research for this book took place from 2008 to 2012. It ran in tandem with an archaeological project involving a fieldwork survey of the entire heathlands, and excavations of multiple sites during the same time period directed by Chris Tilley. It is important to acknowledge this in terms of the discussion of this being a contested landscape. After moving to the area and having decided to visit all the prehistoric cairns, Chris we...

Shark Tracker: Confessions of an Underwater Cameraman

Ever wondered what it would be like to be up close and personal with a constipated shark? Thought about keeping a great white as a pet? Or fantasised about naming a deadly animal after your ex? Richard ‘Shark Tracker’ Fitzpatrick, who wrangles sharks and other deadly marine creatures for a living, has done all this and more. From the Great Barrier Reef to the murky depths of the Amazon, Fitzpatrick shares his real-life experiences wi...

Doggie Paddlin'

That first moment you learn to paddle is almost as much fun as the first time you take your dog along with you. Whether on a canoe or kayak, surf board or stand up paddle board, dogs can’t get enough of the water. From paddling poodles to surfing sheepdogs, bring your furry best friend along for the ride and uncover hidden depths to their unique personality. Professional photographer David Mullally captures a dog’s love of being on t...

Adventure Cats: Living Nine Lives to the Fullest

Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about cats comes the ultimate—and unexpected—guide to taking your cat into the wild. Here are cats walking on a leash. Cats hiking on a leash. Cats tramping through snow. Cats camping. Cats kayaking, canoeing, even surfing—yes, cats who love water. When animal writer and active hiker Laura Moss couldn’t find an online resource for hitting the trail with her cat, she created one. Ad...

Storey's Illustrated Guide to 96 Horse Breeds of North America

From the Pryor Mountain Mustang to the Tennessee Walking Horse, North America is home to an amazing variety of horses. In this lavish, photograph-filled guide, Judith Dutson provides 96 in-depth profiles that include each breed’s history, special uses, conformation standards, and more. You’ll learn about homegrown favorites like the Morgan, Appaloosa, and Quarter Horse, as well as exotic imports like the Mangalarga Marchador and the ...

Unser Hund - fit und gesund: Alles über Ernährung und Gesundheit

Für ein gesundes Hundeleben! Experten aus verschiedenen Fachbereichen geben wertvolle Ratschläge rund um Futter, artgerechte Auslastung, Hundesport, Pflege, Impfungen, Urlaub mit Hund, Versicherungen und Krankheiten. Eine ideale Einstiegshilfe für die Hundehaltung und ein Ratgeber für alle Hundefreunde - mit besonderem Fokus auf sinnvolle Gesundheitsvorsorge, Ernährung und regelmäßige Pflege des Hundes. Übersichtlich: mit zahlreichen...

Der Hund. Abstammung - Verhalten - Mensch und Hund

Das Buch ist wirklich absolut empfehlenswert. Der Autor schafft es das eventuell teilweise trockne Wissen in verständlicher und einfacher Sprache zu vermitteln. So muss man als Laie nicht nach den ersten 20 Seiten entnervt aufgeben, sondern kann gespannt bis zum Ende folgen! Die regelmäßigen Abstecher in sein Leben und zu seinen Erfahrungen lockern das Ganze zusätzlich auf.