TTouch für Hunde: für unterwegs

Linda Tellington-Jones einzigartige Tellington TTouches sind sanfte Berührungen, die Stress, Angst oder Schmerzen reduzieren und die Lernfähigkeit und Motivation Ihres Hunde steigern. Ganz einfach und jederzeit anzuwenden. Für mehr Vitalität und eine harmonische Partnerschaft mit Ihrem Hund. Ein unverzichtbares Buch für jeden Hundehalter: Informiert kurz und übersichtlich. Passt in jede Jackentasche. Für zu Hause und für den Urlaub m...

Assessing Essential Skills of Veterinary Technology Students

Assessing Essential Skills of Veterinary Technology Students, Third Edition provides students and instructors with clear guidance on how to evaluate student performance of skills required to enter the veterinary technology profession. Provides students with clear guidance on the capabilities they are expected to demonstrate and how they will be evaluated Gives instructors a standardized framework for assessing students’ performance O...

Nocturnal Animals (Greenwood Guides to the Animal World)

We share the earth with a wide variety of animal species, each of which brings something special to the diversity of the planet. By knowing more about how animals behave and live, we gain a greater understanding of how life evolved and the importance of biodiversity. This book is about the animals that rise when the sun sets and are active throughout the night. Nocturnal Animals examines how such animals live and explains their highl...

Animal Physiotherapy: Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Animals

A thoroughly updated edition of this essential reference guide for physiotherapists and physical therapists, looking to apply the proven benefits of physiotherapy to the treatment of companion and performanceanimals. Seven new chapters provide greatly expanded coverage of practical treatment and rehabilitation Includes reviews of different physiotherapy techniques, drawing on both human and animal literature Discusses approaches in s...

Animals In Human Society : Amazing Creatures Who Share Our Planet

Including the work of 12 authors from institutions such as Colorado State University, Frostburg State University, Michigan State University, Salisbury University, Texas Woman’s University, University of Birmingham, University of California; Irvine, University of California; Merced, and William Jessup University, Rocklin; California, the collection of essays explores the broad range of animals who share our planet and attempts to reco...

Bricoler pour les oiseaux

Vous trouverez dans Nichoirs et mangeoires pour oiseaux des modèles uniques qui vous permettront d'attirer plusieurs espèces d'oiseaux. Superbe livre qui nous apprend a connaître et reconnaître tous les oiseaux.

Waders of Europe, Asia and North America

This new field guide offers a complete identification reference to all of the sandpipers, plovers, stints and other waders found in Europe, Asia and North America. The superb plates show birds at rest and in flight, in every plumage variant likely to be encountered in the region. Species have been grouped, especially on the flight plates, so that similar species are shown close to each other. Facing text summarises key identification...

Pet bird diseases and care

  This book provides fundamental information on pet birds, menaces, and advances made in the diagnosis and treatment of menaces. It is the only book covering all species of pet birds, menaces and their individual management. The handful of related books available worldwide are largely outdated and focus on a single species or breed of pet bird. The book encompasses the history of bird keeping, common breeds of birds, their nutri...

Wikijunior Big Cats

Wild cats are some of Earth's grandest treasures, and their stories excite the imagination of kids of all ages. Many of these lords of the wild are endangered, and the children who will one day bear our responsibilities need to admire and love the world so they can enjoy it and pass it on as good or better than they found it. After all we appreciate what we understand, and save what we appreciate. The importance of this task has led ...