Transdisciplinary Journeys in the Anthropocene: More-than-human encounters

This book is a major contribution to the emerging field of the Environmental Humanities. It is a field founded on the idea that knowledge is forged on troubling journeys, not just applied to problems by masterful humans in order to extract solutions. Wright has invented a kind of subjectivity, with both a mode of knowledge composition, and a tone, that are crafted in interspecies relations. The Environmental Humanities are here relau...

The Eurasian Beaver

The Eurasian beaver was near extinction at the start of the twentieth century, hunted across Europe for its fur, meat and castoreum. But now the beaver is on the brink of a comeback, with wild beaver populations, licensed and unlicensed, emerging all over Britain. As a keystone species, the beaver plays a vital role in the creation of sustainable wetland habitats through its damming activities, providing living opportunities for a br...

Introduced Mammals of the World

Winner in the Scholarly Reference section of the 2004 Australian Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing. Introduced Mammals of the World provides a concise and extensive source of information on the range of introductions of mammals conducted by humans, and an indication as to which have resulted in adverse outcomes. It provides a very valuable tool by which scientists can assess future potential introductions (or re-introdu...

Teaming with Your Therapy Dog

This is an EXCELLENT book! I think it should be required reading for all Therapy Dog handlers, and I HIGHLY recommend it for anybody who wants to increase their bond with their dog. I learned so many tips and have improved my teamwork with my Therapy Dog in amazing ways since I read Ms. Howie's book. We were good before, but now we're on our way to becoming a true team who is truly in tune with each other. My dog is SO HAPPY that I r...

Equine Dentistry: A Practical Guide

Designed for the practitioner in the field or the clinic, this quick reference manual provides medical and surgical guidance in a practical, concise manner. Procedural in its approach, this text contains many tables, charts and lists, and step-by-step procedures, diagnostic evaluation, and medical and surgical management of all dental problems in the horse.

Canine Infectious Diseases: Self-Assessment Color Review

The cases in Canine Infectious Diseases provide multiple real-life examples that provide students with details of clinical history, physical examination and gross pathology, as well as images and explanations of the pinnacle histopathology that underpins the majority of second year content. Although the authors have described this book as being predominantly for working vets and students on fourth-year rotations, it is evident that t...

Calgary: City of Animals (Calgary Institute for the Humanities)

The usefulness of the work is to place scholarly interventions in conversation with activists working with wildlife rehabilitation and habitat conservation, as well as artists and a museum curator who explore the importance of animals as inspiration and fellow creatures. The book challenges the neat distinctions one might draw among disciplines or among artists, activists, and scholars. It shows not only that animals, human and non-h...

Molt in Neotropical Birds: Life History and Aging Criteria

Molt is an important avian life history event in which feathers are shed and replaced. The timing, duration, seasonality, extent and pattern of molt follows certain strategies and this book reviews and describes these strategies for nearly 190 species based on information gathered from a 30-year study of Central Amazonian birds. Most species accounts are illustrated with several color photos focusing on wing and tail feather molt, mo...

Stream Fish Community Dynamics: A Critical Synthesis

"This book is at once a memoir and love letter to a couple of brilliant research careers, and essential reading for those early-career scientists and others entering the stream fish community ecology topic now, who need to catch up. In both regards, the book is a real pleasure to read. For agency scientists involved in biomonitoring using fishes, and stream restoration, this book should be considered a primer in just how much we do, ...

Animals, Race, And Multiculturalism

This book focuses on multiculturalism, racism and the interests of nonhuman animals. Each are, in their own right, rapidly growing and controversial fields of enquiry, but how do multiculturalism and racism intersect with the debate concerning animals and their interests? This a deceptively simple question but on that is becoming ever more pressing as we examine our societal practices in a pluralistic world. Collating the work of a d...