Advances in Animal Science and Zoology, Volume 10

Chapter One reviews the ninety year period from 1925 to 2015 of working on cingulates cytogenetics, showing the importance of chromosomal analysis for the systematic identification of species and in making decisions about reproductive crosses in captive animals. In Chapter Two, the authors present an overview of the biology, economic impact, behavior, major outbreaks and possible prediction of attacks by the Moroccan locust Dociostau...

Wolves and the Wolf Myth in American Literature

“This book offers a paradigm of ecocriticism that is based on thorough knowledge of its subject (both the literature and the animal that inspired it), and that draws on science and at every step considers the implications that our stories have on our relationship with the actual world—or in this case, with real wolves.” -- Ian Marshall, author of Peak Experiences: Walking Meditations on Literature, Nature, and Need

Trees, Knots, and Outriggers (Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobiology)

“A rare and formidable work. This is a wholly distinctive contribution to multi-species ethnography, of environments made as people tie living materials to one another. It is also a wholly original account of the research process: had Damon not recorded the patchiness of knowledge – locally, regionally -- he would not have understood how people draw things together and keep them moving at the same time. String figures, he was told, u...

Curious Encounters with the Natural World From Grumpy Spiders to Hidden Tigers

"Sitting down with this collection of tales is setting off on a series of adventures in which the reader is enticed to share vicariously one exceptional experience after another. The experiences are presented in succinct, entertaining essays and striking images--some poignant, some humorous, some bordering on the incredible, and all informative. Susan Post and Michael Jeffords speak from decades of professional experience and a lifel...

Animal Oppression and Capitalism

"This collection of essays from an international community of stellar scholar-activists in Critical Animal Studies is nothing less than a shock to our present ways of being with animals. Each chapter reveals, with extraordinary clarity and force, new, unbearable insights into how capitalism works through animal and human bodies, with disastrous effects on both. Collectively, the contributions show that the congruency between capitali...

Beautifully Grotesque Fish of the American West (Outdoor Lives)

"We highly recommend Beautifully Grotesque Fish of the American West to scientists, conservation biologists, and all who consider themselves fish enthusiasts. . . . Those who believe there is beauty in the interesting and unique ecology of all fish species will find a strong connection with the theme of this book. Importantly, this general theme provides a solid framework and conversation ethic toward a group of animals that do not g...

Wicked Bugs: The Meanest, Deadliest, Grossest Bugs on Earth

This book is a good source, it covers a lot of information in an entertaining fashion, and the illustrations are great. It is useful for anyone. Bought this for my bug obsessed (and I mean obsessed) 5 year old grandson, and he LOVES it. It is really meant for someone older, and has some frightening stories, but for him it is fabulous. The bugs can't get too poisonous, biting, harmful, scary for him!!!! Might scare some younger childr...

Elephant Don: The Politics of a Pachyderm Posse

“Elephant Don is truly a winner in many different ways. The best way to learn about the magnificent animals with whom we share Earth—or with whom we are supposed to peacefully coexist— is to meet them up close and personal, by name, by social relationships, and by their daily and sometimes hourly ups and downs. By reading the autobiographies detailing the roller coaster of emotions of a pachyderm posse we experience their own and oth...

The Lives of Hawai'i's Dolphins and Whales: Natural History and Conservation

This is a deeply informed, gorgeously illustrated, delightfully readable book that should be in the library of anyone who cares about the ocean, and the natural world at large. Baird is the ultimate guide through the mysterious world of oceanic dolphins--some of the most elusive and fascinating creatures on earth. I admire this book, and even better, I loved reading it. I've been following the Hawaiian field studies done annually by ...

Beaked Whales : A Complete Guide to Their Biology and Conservation

"The book is both a comprehensive guide to beaked whale biology and conservation and an entertaining read that could be of interest to a broad audience regardless of its scientific background." "Beaked Whales: a Complete Guide to their Biology and Conservation is an excellent overview of an elusive family of cetaceans that blends two disciplines – natural art and natural history – to achieve ambitious objectives. It is a book for tho...