Recreational Fisheries in the U.S.

Recreational fishing is a traditional American pastime integral to social, cultural, and economic life in coastal communities across the nation. This time-honored activity allows millions access to America’s great outdoors each year, while generating billions of dollars in economic activity. Traditionally shaped by commercial forces, demographic, market, and ecological shifts are changing the nature of U.S. fisheries. Our nation’s ex...

Safe Handling and Restraint of Animals

Provides all you need to know about the safe and humane handling and restraint of animals. Safe Handling and Restraint of Animals takes a holistic approach to the handling of a wide variety of animal species. This comprehensive resource offers a thorough overview of how to safely handle and restrain a number of commonly encountered species including dogs, cats, small mammals, exotic pets, horses and farm animals. Each chapter discuss...

Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry

Animal biotechnology is a broad umbrella encompassing the polarities of fundamental and applied research including molecular modelling, molecular and quantitative genetics, gene manipulation, development of diagnostics and vaccines and manipulation of tissue or digestion metabolism by growth promoters. Although animal biotechnology in the broadest sense is not new, what is new is the level of complexity and precision involved in scie...

Mon chat et moi on se régale !

Dans son ouvrage précédent, Mon chat et moi, on se soigne, le Dr Gauchet a bien décrit les liens - jeux, conversations, caresses - et les sentiments qui unissent le chat à toute la famille. Il en résulte un "bénéfice santé" réciproque et incontestable, désormais reconnu par le corps médical. Dans ce nouvel ouvrage, c'est toute l'alimentation du chat qui est réexpliquée à partir de ses besoins réels, des rythmes et des pathologies du ...

Inspection and Control of Mediterranean Fishery Products and Live Bivalve Mollusks

The fishery products and bivalve mollusks sector is certainly one of the most complex in term of sanitary and commercial topics, considering the high number of species that require a precise identification. For all these reasons, the knowledge and the skills in this field remain prerogative of a few experts on the subject and operators who, in time and for various reasons, have acquired specific knowledge and skills. On the other han...

La naturopathie pour mon chat et mon chien

De plus en plus de gens cherchent à prendre soin de leur chien ou de leur chat de manière naturelle, afin de rester en harmonie avec ses besoins biologiques. Ce livre vous propose une approche saine et holistique, tant au niveau de l'alimentation que du traitement des maladies, lorsque le pronostic vital n'est pas engagé, bien entendu. Vous y trouverez des remèdes naturels soigneusement sélectionnés, ainsi que leur posologie, pour tr...

Achieving Sustainable Production of Milk Volume 3

Drawing on an international range of expertise, this book reviews research addressing the welfare, nutrition and health of dairy cattle. Part 1 begins by discussing key issues in welfare followed by topics such as genetic selection and welfare, housing and transportation. Part 2 looks at nutrition with chapters on rumen microbiology, feed evaluation and formulation, feed supplements and feed safety. The final part of the book covers ...

Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons

Mauritius, the green and mountainous island in the Indian Ocean, once the home of the ill-fated dod, by the 1970s still had many unique but seriously endangered species. To rescue some of them from extinction, Gerald Durrell passed uncomfortable nights in the jungle looking for bats and pink pigeons, spending his spare time exploring the enchanted worlds of the coral reefs. By the end of his trip, he had an extraordinary collection o...

The North American Whistling-Ducks, Pochards, and Stifftails

The 12 species described in this volume are not closely related, but they provide an instructive example of adaptive evolutionary radiation within the much larger waterfowl lineage as to their divergent morphologies, life histories, and social behaviors. The whistling-ducks (Dendrocygna), with three known North American species, are notable for their permanent pair-bonds, extended biparental family care, and strong social cohesion. I...