Anne Hooper's Sexual Intimacy

5a1f475d4a058.jpg Author
Isbn 0789410591
File size 155MB
Year 1996
Pages 160
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sexuality

Book Description:

Anne Hooper's Sexual Intimacy is based on the premise that great sex takes more than great technique. A great relationship is the key to lovemaking that grows more intense and fulfilling with every encounter. This fully illustrated guide by best-selling author and noted sex therapist, Anne Hooper, helps individuals gain insight into their attitudes and emotions, as well as those of their partners, and explains how to use cooperation rather than confrontation as the key to strengthening the bonds of emotional and sexual intimacy. Through her signature approach of question-and-answers, real-life case histories, practical help, and full-color illustrations, the author demonstrates how each person can create a lasting and fulfilling relationship.



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