Architectonics of Theatricality

Theatre Performance in a Semiotic Perspective

5a0af2d768d03.jpg Author Ivaylo Alexandroff
Isbn 9783631666845
File size 1.6MB
Year 2015
Pages 173
Language English
File format PDF
Category Art

Book Description:

The cultural discourse of theatrical performance defines the theatre sign interaction as an active semiosis. This, in turn, specifies the main objective of the study – the formulation of the basic parameters of this architectonics as a fundament of théâtralité. Since the time of Antiquity the theatre has always been discussing general aesthetic, philosophical, ethical and social issues in the context of a visual image of the specific objects of an intellectual discourse. The book takes a close look at this process of signification, formation of meanings, presentation and interpretation on stage: a theatre performance is a product of an intense sign environment and a major symbol of theatricality.



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