The Architecture Of Change: Buildig A Better World

56245c8ba85c0.jpg Author Jerilou Hammett and Maggie Wrigley
Isbn 978-0826353856
File size 100.3 MB
Year 2013
Pages 328
Language English
File format PDF
Category Architecture

Book Description:

A fantastic and totally unique book with insight into worlds that only someone with the inner knowledge, amazing sensitivity and deep talent could share. The keen insight into the social, artistic, and political elements are profound and rare to come by. The care, artistry, and intelligence that went into this is apparent. The beautiful spirit, profound insight, and appreciation of the subject matter, so wonderfully and painstakenly assembled, captures a world that should not be overlooked. A MUST READ!
Breaking down the stereotypes surrounding "socially engaged architecture," this book shows who can actually impact the lives of communities. Like Bernard Rudofsky's seminal Architecture Without Architects, it explores communal architecture produced not by specialists but by people, drawing on their common lives and experiences, who have a unique insight into their particular needs and environments. These unsung heroes are teachers and artists, immigrants and activists, grandmothers in the projects, students and planners, architects and residents of some of our poorest places. Running through their stories is a constant theme of social justice as an underlying principle of the built environment. This book is about opening one's eyes to new ways of interpreting the world, and how to go about changing it.



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