Architecture in Context: Designing in the Middle East

004f5b5d_medium Author Hassan Radoine
Isbn 9781118719886
File size 41.7MB
Year 2017
Pages 256
Language English
File format PDF
Category Architecture

Book Description:

Architecture in Context: Designing in the Middle East provides a foundation for understanding thecritical context of architecture and design in this region. It does this by:

  • presenting a practical overview of architectural know-how in the Middle East, and its potential for cultivating a sense of place
  • introducing local architectural vocabularies and styles, and how they can still be reactivated in contemporary design
  • exploring the cultural and contextual meaning of forms as references that may influence contemporary architecture
  • discussing important discourses and trends in architecture that allow a rethinking of the current global/local dichotomy.

Highly illustrated, the book covers architecture and design in North Africa, the Levant, the Gulf, and Turkey, Iran and Iraq.



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