New Art Deco Style

When decoration becomes a main approach of interior design and we have a higher demand for mental enjoyment of interior spaces, which therefore have gone beyond pure functionality and comfort, the New Art Deco is ready to prevail in interior design. It quickly becomes the foremost avant-garde style of modern interior design.

An Introduction to Architectural Theory: 1968 to the Present

A sharp and lively text that covers issues in depth but not to the point that they become inaccessible to beginning students, An Introduction to Architectural Theory is the first narrative history of this period, charting the veritable revolution in architectural thinking that has taken place, as well as the implications of this intellectual upheaval. The first comprehensive and critical history of architectural theory over the last ...

Australia's Best Houses

As a follow on from the successful book Best Australian Architecture, this new installment walks the reader through some of Australia's finest houses. An inspirational book filled with what is now in Australian architecture and design. Inside the reader will be instructed on how they can achieve a result that says 'wow'. We will also introduce the readers to the firms that are producing the work. People within the architectural and d...

4dsocial: Interactive Design Environments

A new breed of public interactive installations is taking root that overturns the traditional approach to artistic experience. Architects, artists and designers are now creating real-time interactive projects at very different scales and in many different guises. Some dominate public squares or transform a building’s façade – others are more intimate, like wearable computing. All, though, share in common the ability to draw in users ...

The New Structuralism: Design, Engineering and Architectural Technologies

Today the convergence of design, engineering and architectural technologies are breeding a new material practice in experimental architecture. In this pioneering publication, this important shift is fully defined as a highly dynamic synthesis of emerging principles of spatial, structural and material ordering integrated through the application of materialization and fabrication technologies. Providing the foundations for a new theory...

Architectural Design in Steel

Steelwork offers the opportunity for architectural expression, as well as being structurally versatile and adaptable material. Good detailing is vital because it affects structural performance, costs, buildability and, perhaps most importantly, appearance. Whilst the choice of the structural form is often the province of the structural engineer, architects should have a broad appreciation of the factors leading to the selection of th...

EcoRedux: Design Remedies for an Ailing Planet

This issue of AD explores the remarkable resurgence of ecological strategies in architectural imagination. As a symptom of a new sociopolitical reality inundated with environmental catastrophes, sudden climatic changes, garbage-packed metropolises and para-economies of non-recyclable e-waste, environmental consciousness and the image of the earth re-emerges, after the 1960s, as an inevitable cultural armature for architects; now face...

Chinese Gardens

The book is an attempt to introduce Chinese gardens in various cities from unique professional perspectives, demonstrating the exquisiteness of traditional gardens in an effort to present the skilful and elaborate designs. The Chinese gardens presented here are classified in three categories: Traditional Chinese private gardens, Historic Chinese gardens in modern time, and Newly-built Chinese gardens. Traditional Chinese private gard...

Grandios gescheitert: Misslungene Projekte der Menschheitsgeschichte

Atlantropa, Hitlers Breitspurbahn oder Esperanto - immer wieder schwingt sich die Menschheit zu Großem auf und greift mit ehrgeizigen Projekten nach den Sternen. Doch nicht alles führte zum Erfolg. Bernd Ingmar Gutberlet versammelt die spektakulärsten Geschichten des Scheiterns und zeigt die aberwitzigsten Großvorhaben aus Architektur, Technik und Kultur. Die Vorhaben sind jedes für sich genommen einzigartig, manche bewunderungswürdi...

Construction Techniques In South And Southeast Asia: A History

Carefully following their historical development, this volume describes the various construction techniques in southern Asia. Readers get acquainted successively with the techniques of carpentry layout, the setting of bricks, stone-cutting and stereotomy, as well as binders and plasterwork. With the help of drawings and photographs it is illustrated how the various difficulties subsequently encountered were met. The combination of th...