Digital Archetypes: Adaptations of Early Temple Architecture in South and Southeast Asia

'Datta and Beynon demonstrate the substantial benefits that digital methods can bring to the analysis of architectural and cultural history. Asian scholars will particularly welcome their new insights into old questions about the historical connections between the various South and Southeast Asian polities and the processes of "Indianisation" that are thought to have shaped Southeast Asian cultures.' William Logan, Deakin University,...

John Hawkwood

"This is much more than a biography in the ordinary sense of the word... An excellent contribution to our understanding of both the mercenary phenomenon and the history of Italy in the late fourteenth century." Every few years I read a book that is transformative; a book that unlocks or explains history in a way that is both exciting and aesthetic, like reading a great novel. William Cafferro's book on Hawkwood and 14th century Italy...

Understanding Buildings a Multidisciplinary Approach

This book meets the needs for a basic, yet comprehensive and up-to-date, introductory text to building technology for students in architecture and the other disciplines in building design. The wide coverage is organised under the chapter headings: structure, enclosure, climate services, utility services, lighting, acoustics, fire safety, the future? The treatment in each case is concentrated on the close relationship between good des...

Research in Landscape Architecture : Methods and Methodology

As a practice-led discipline, landscape architecture faces a challenge when trying to impose methodology on a somewhat theory-resistant subject. This new book presents cases of landscape architecture research in their methodical context. We learn how landscape architecture research questions are formulated and how evidence for answering them can be found. We live in an era of ever increasing complexity on the one hand and strong spec...

Earthquake Engineering

This multi-contributor book provides comprehensive coverage of earthquake engineering problems, an overview of traditional methods, and the scientific background on recent developments. It discusses computer methods on structural analysis and provides access to the recent design methodologies and serves as a reference for both professionals and researchers involved in earthquake engineering. With an entire chapter dedicated to seismi...

Shigeru Ban: Humanitarian Architecture

The most thorough book available on Ban’s emergency shelters. His work in emergency response design and development is such a core part of his oeuvre, it would be difficult to understand or appreciate his more high-profile projects without it. (Andrew Michler Inhabitat) By focusing on Ban’s designs for those who “haven’t had the voice to ask for them,” Humanitarian Architecture provides inspiration for those who believe that thoughtf...

Skins, Envelopes, and Enclosures

"A great text on building enclosures providing historical context and connection between the spatial and technical requirements. The images of construction along with relevant portions from drawings are a great resource. This is a welcome addition to anyone learning about enclosures either on a course or in a studio."

Finland. Modern Architectures in History

Buildings speak volumes, not just about their occupants or owners, but about the countries in which they exist. From colonnades to paving stones, the architecture of any building does more than simply date the structure—it celebrates the spirit of a people and a nation. Roger Connah's latest book, Finland, explores the culture and democratic spirit of a country whose buildings carry the indelible markings of Finland's political and p...

Enduring Pastoral: Recycling the Middle Landscape Ideal in the Tennessee Valley

Has the pastoral vision, so central to American history and culture, survived the twentieth century? Enduring Pastoral traces and analyzes the development of the middle landscape by examining the historical construction of a variety of private and public places in the Tennessee Valley. Moving from the aesthetically sculpted grounds of the Biltmore Estate and the environmental transformation undertaken by the Tennessee Valley Authorit...