Suburban Remix: Creating the Next Generation of Urban Places

The suburban dream of a single-family house with a white picket fence no longer describes how most North Americans want to live. The dynamics that powered sprawl have all but disappeared. Instead, new forces are transforming real estate markets, reinforced by new ideas of what constitutes healthy and environmentally responsible living. Investment has flooded back to cities because dense, walkable, mixed-use urban environments offer c...

Nondestructive Techniques for the Assessment and Preservation of Historic Structures

New technologies play an increasingly important role in the analysis, monitoring, restoration, and preservation of historic structures. These technological systems continue to get more advanced and complex, for example: 3D digital construction and documentation programming, 3D imaging data (including laser scanning and photogrammetry), multispectral and thermographic imaging, geophysical data, etc. This book will present the latest n...

Automatismen und Architektur

Der Autor geht der Entwicklung technischer Innovationen in der Architektur des 20. Jahrhunderts anhand der Ikonen des technischen Fortschritts nach. Beginnend bei Le Corbusier und dem Maschinenkult, dehnt er seine Beobachtungen u. a. bis zu Werner Sobeks weltbekannten Projekten aus. Automation, ein Schlüsselwort für die moderne Planung, ist im Bereich der energetischen Versorgung unserer Häuser schon nicht mehr wegzudenken. Der Blick...

Good Green Homes

Green. It conjures images of a meadow in spring for some, and the color of money for others. What does "green" have to do with our homes? In essence, green building-or sustainable building-means being smart about how we use energy, water, and building materials so that we can live well without needlessly damaging the environment. Creating a good green home isn't just about conservation, about using less or saving more-although that's...

La photographie urbaine

Thème inépuisable et accessible à tous, la photographie urbaine et d'architecture offre mille sujets aux photographes débutants comme expérimentés. Cet ouvrage propose les conseils d'un expert de la photographie d'architecture depuis le choix du matériel et la maîtrise des notions d'angle de vue, de volume, de composition, et de lumière, jusqu'aux corrections de perspective et d'exposition apportées lors du post-traitement afin de bi...

Structural Applications of Steel Cables for Buildings (ASCE/SEI 19-10)

Structural Applications of Steel Cables for Buildings, ASCE/SEI 19-10, is a complete update of ASCE Standard 19-96. It provides requirements for the structural design, construction contract documents, fabrication, and installation of cables for use as structural elements for the support and bracing of buildings and other cable-supported structures not subject to vehicle loads, excepting guyed electrical transmission towers. This new ...

Recommendations for Seismic Design of Hybrid Coupled Wall Systems

Hybrid Coupled Wall (HCW) systems are lateral-force-resisting systems composed of reinforced concrete walls coupled by steel beams. Extensive research has shown that HCW systems possess the necessary combination of stiffness, strength, and toughness for application in regions of moderate to high seismicity. ""Recommendations for Seismic Design of Hybrid Coupled Wall Systems"" synthesizes the existing information into helpful recommen...

Hydraulic Design of Labyrinth Weirs

A labyrinth weir is a series of duckbill spillways for controlling the flow of water over a dam or channel. This slim volume compares the crest shapes used on weirs, identifies considerations for designing downstream chutes and dealing with sedimentation, explores general guidelines for parameter selection, and offers an Excel spreadsheet for performing calculations. The advanced level of the book makes it most appropriate for practi...

"Construire soi-même sa piscine"

Construire soi-même sa piscine ? C'est possible ! Mais quels produits choisir, quelles solutions adopter ? Quelles techniques mettre en oeuvre, pour quel budget et quel planning ? Et, surtout, une fois ces choix réalisés, comment les appliquer ? L'auteur de cet ouvrage Jean-Philippe Foray a décidé de mettre à profit ses compétences de bricoleurs en réalisant sa propre piscine. Après s'être lui-même lancé dans cette aventure d'autocon...

Computing the Environment

Computing the Environment presents practical workflows and guidance for designers to get feedback on their design using digital design tools on environmental performance. Starting with an extensive state-of-the-art survey of what top international offices are currently using in their design projects, this book presents detailed descriptions of the tools, algorithms, and workflows used and discusses the theories that underlie these me...