Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers (4th Edition)

Good reference book for civil engineering materials. The content is very in depth and informative. It is not the most exciting to read, but what do you expect from an engineering textbook. The book arrived brand new and quickly as stated. I have already recommended this book to several students. You cannot beat the price!

Code Check Building

Excellent knowledge base for the DIY and pro. This series of books will show you everything you need to know to do it right the first time and pass those crucial inspections. This is great "refresher" material on the job-site. It is VERY short on length. Sixteen sheets of plastically laminated paper (spill-proof) that increase in size...basically they are self-tabbed by the major topic areas. So the first page is about half the physi...

Building Access : Universal Design and the Politics of Disability

"Aimi Hamraie gifts us with a rare kind of book, one that skillfully weaves critical disability studies together with technology studies and architectural history to unpack the American project of designing and making built environments purportedly usable by all. They ask us to think harder about who counts as the everyone of Universal Design, and how knowledge of body variability is created. Crucially, the book probes the ways disab...

Town Planning Towards City Development

Ray Bromley is Director of the Globalization Studies Program and Professor in the Department of Geography and Planning at the State University of New York at Albany, USA. (Studies in International Planning History)

Shaping Portland : Anatomy of a Healthy City

Portland is a young city founded on a river bank in a virgin forest less than 200 years ago. Shaping Portland: Anatomy of a Healthy City is about the values engendered by the place, and how those values have influenced the growing city. It examines how and why the public realm supports or obstructs the health-forward lifestyles of those who choose to live there. This book explores the values and dynamics that shaped a healthy city to...

Lost Vanguard:

The Lost Vanguard documents the work of modernist architects in the Soviet Union during the years following the 1917 revolution and civil war. In little more than a decade, some of the most radical buildings of the twentieth century were completed by a small group of architects who developed a new architectural language in support of new social goals of communal life. Rarely published and virtually inaccessible until the collapse of ...

Building Lean, Building BIM

Building Lean, Building BIM is the essential guide for any construction company that wants to implement Lean Construction and Building Information Modelling (BIM) to gain a strategic edge over their competition. The first of its kind, the book outlines the principles of Lean, the functionality of BIM, and the interactions between the two, illustrating them through the story of how Tidhar Construction has implemented Lean Construction...

Japanese Gardens

In this reissued title, the author identifies the common motif underlying five major epochs in Japanese gardening, which is the recurrent attempt to unite natural beauty and human perceptions of beauty to achieve an aesthetic symbiosis.

Mastering Autodesk 3ds Max 2013

Get professional training in 3ds Max from this Autodesk Official Training Guide Extremely popular with video game designers as well as architects, 3ds Max offers integrated 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing tools designed to streamline production. If you already have a working knowledge of 3ds Max basics, this official guide will take your skills to the next level. Detailed tutorials cover all the latest features of ...