Concrete, 2nd Edition

This book presents a unified view of concrete behavior in light of a body of chemical and physical principles. It provides the most up-to-date information available on new concrete materials. The most up-to-date information on new concrete materials. SI units used as primary system, keeping readers current to the unit system being adopted in the United States. Latest ASTM specifications are included. Exercises at the end of each chap...

Fundamental Building Materials

Written by an architect with many years' experience in practice and teaching, this book is a well-illustrated introduction to the great range of materials used in much of the world's building and construction. It is the only book of its type on the market, and suitable for anyone teaching or studying for building trades, architecture, building, landscape design, structural engineering, and allied disciplines. When first published, a ...

Introduction to Google SketchUp

The 2nd edition of Chopra's Google SketchUp provides key pedagogical elements, which help prepare readers for the workforce. The content provides real-world and applied material including better PowerPoint presentations and how-to animations. Additional features include updated content to reflect software upgrades and market use; new pedagogy elements and interior design; and more robust resources that will are appropriate for differ...

Civil Engineering Design and Construct

This publication is a guide to best practice in managing the project process in civil engineering design and construct (D&C) projects. It discusses the issues to be addressed when managing design and explains the attitudes and practices that are recommended to enable projects to succeed. It is intended to increase awareness and understanding of the issues involved, identifying what decisions need to be made, when and why. Differe...

Architectural Graphics, 2nd Edition

Architectural Graphics By Francis D.K. Ching "Graphics is an inseparable part of the design process," says Francis D.K. Ching, "an important tool that provides the designer with the means not only of presenting a design proposal, but also of communicating with oneself and others in the design studio." In his newly revised and expanded Third Edition of Architectural Graphics, Mr. Ching shows the student how to use graphic tools and dr...

Ossatures métalliques : Maisons individuelles, bâtiments résidentiels, locaux industriels et bureaux

Avec la collection Guide Pratique, le CSTB offre aux professionnels du bâtiment une lecture plus facile des règles techniques de construction. Recueils de détails d'exécution présentant un large éventail de situations possibles de mise en oeuvre, ces guides ne remplacent pas les textes de référence, qu'ils soient réglementaires (lois, décrets, arrêtés…), normatifs)normes, OTU ou règles de calcul) ou codificatifs (Avis Techniques, CPT...

Blast Effects on Buildings

This guide explains the approach to the design of buildings to optimise their resistance and to provide simple techniques for maximising the potential of a building to give protection against explosive effects. It incorporates the following key features: design objectives concerning the protection of people and equipment, and the minimising of damage to buildings; basic guidelines for enhancing the resilience of buildings to blast lo...

One Great George Street: The Headquarters Building of the Institution of Civil Engineers

The most thorough study available on the Great George Street building Reveals many previously undisclosed facets of the building Highly illustrated with photographs from Edwardian times to the present day This book is the most thorough study yet undertaken of the headquarters building of the Institution of Civil Engineers in Great George Street, London, SW1. It considers how the building visually represents the authority of the profe...

Forty Ways to Think About Architecture: Architectural History and Theory Today

How do we think about architecture historically and theoretically? Forty Ways to Think about Architecture provides an introduction to some of the wide-ranging ways in which architectural history and theory are being approached today. The inspiration for this project is the work of Adrian Forty, Professor of Architectural History at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (UCL), who has been internationally reno...

La thermique du bâtiment en 37 fiches-outils

Cet ouvrage présente les différents aspects technologiques et fonctionnels des équipements en thermique du bâtiment. Il permet d’acquérir et de mettre en pratique les connaissances indispensables dans le domaine : • Chauffage calcul des déperditions, estimation des besoins, installation de plancher chauffant… • Climatisation calcul des charges, installation de systèmes à débit constant ou variable, à deux conduits d’air, à eau pulsée...