Deconstructing the High Line

"Friends of the High Line has also been trying to make up for lost time, launching arts and jobs initiatives with residents of nearby public housing. Danya Sherman, former director of public programs, education, and community engagement for Friends of the High Line, details these efforts in her contribution to Deconstructing the High Line, a series of essays by academics, architects, and those involved in the making of the elevated p...

A Companion to Roman Architecture

The Companion is an important study that opens up new avenues for discussion and consideration, challenges what is currently perceived to be the approved wisdom on Roman architecture and encourages a new approach to understanding the material culture of a society that remains evident and influential in our own. Roman architecture is arguably the most enduring physical legacy of the classical world. A Companion to Roman Architecture p...

The New Localism: How Cities Can Thrive in the Age of Populism

A beautiful and timely book - clear, visionary, and action-oriented! I see Bruce and Jeremy’s book as an inspiration for a long overdue Regional Plan for Metropolitan Washington. The new localism ideas and policies, set in a regional context, could benefit this fascinating region, with lots of "hidden assets". The authors rightfully emphasize the critical issue of metropolitan governance – where government fragmentation works against...

Architecture and Politics in Republican Rome

This book provides an authoritative account of the relationship between the architecture of Republican Rome and its politics. It covers the early Republic, the plebeians' struggle for equality, the years of Mediterranean expansion, and the gradual unraveling of senatorial control. The book closes with the dictatorship of Caesar, the first Republican to propose large-scale city planning. 'Davies provides what amounts to a definitive a...

Architect's Pocket Book, 4th edition

View the dedicated microsite for free sample chapters and videos - architecturalpress.com/architects-pocket-book This handy pocket book brings together a wealth of useful information that architects need on a daily basis - on site or in the studio. The book provides guidance on a range of tasks, from complying with the Building Regulations, including the recent revisions to Part L, to helping with planning, use of materials and detai...

Compiling Algorithms for Heterogeneous Systems

Most emerging applications in imaging and machine learning must perform immense amounts of computation while holding to strict limits on energy and power. To meet these goals, architects are building increasingly specialized compute engines tailored for these specific tasks. The resulting computer systems are heterogeneous, containing multiple processing cores with wildly different execution models. Unfortunately, the cost of produci...

Space, Place and Territory : A Critical Review on Spatialities

"In this book Fabio Duarte makes a novel and important contribution to the understanding of the core concepts of space, place and territory in urban studies. The core problematic USPT addresses is the distinctive uniqueness of each concept whilst simultaneously exploring the complex interdependencies between them. Creatively empirical analyses of sensing, mapping, conceiving and contesting the city USPT builds and populates the metap...

Architecture Now! Volume 6

This sixth installment of Architecture Now!, featuring buildings ranging in size from Terunobu Fujimori s tiny (6.07 square meters) Teahouse Tetsu to Norman Foster s gigantic Crystal Island project in Moscow (1.1 million square meters), provides an overview of what is happening right now in architecture, be it of traditional inspiration, or at the very edge of current thinking. What is the spirit of this moment, and how does architec...

Outside In

Bringing the pleasure of a never ending summer inside your home is without a doubt a very powerful interior design element. It changes the perception and the ambience of a space not only in the way it looks, but also in how it affects your mood. From indoor pools to winter gardens, roof gardens to indoor golf, Outside In! showcases different ways of combining the elements of nature, sport, and leisure inside your home. This richly il...

Tooling (Pamphlet Architecture 27)

"In Tooling, the pair outlines seven unnaturally occurring geometries--flocking, weaving, and packing, for instance--then unravels the logic behind the patterns and works them into algorithms that can be used to design structures. Though Aranda and Lasche break complexity down into formulas, they use the algorithms to arrive at results that are anything but formulaic." --Seed