Contemporary Architecture in China - School Buildings

Contemporary Architecture in China is a book series aiming to introduce outstanding Chinese architecture to the world. This volume covers projects of school buildings. Many of them are masterpieces that have received high praises internationally. We are honoured to present them to the world, not only for architecture profession, but also for cultural communication.

Simplified Engineering for Architects and Builders, 12th Edition

The bestselling structural design reference, fully updated and revised Simplified Engineering for Architects and Builders is the go-to reference on structural design, giving architects and designers a concise introduction to the structures commonly used for typical buildings. The clear, accessible presentation is designed to give you the essential engineering information you need without getting bogged down in excess math, making thi...

Building Information Modeling: Applications and Practices

Sponsored by the Computing and Information Technology Division of ASCE Building information modeling (BIM) has become a significant area of endeavor in the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) industry. The models generated from BIM are being used for analysis and design of buildings and other infrastructure. The ability to integrate schedule and cost data with the analysis and design process makes BIM a ver...

The EcoNest Home: Designing and Building a Light Straw Clay House

An EcoNest is not just a home—it is a breathtakingly beautiful structure that nurtures health and embraces ecology. This unique approach to construction combines light clay straw, timber framing, earthen floors, natural plasters, and other natural techniques with the principles of Building Biology to create a handcrafted living sanctuary. By bringing together time-honored traditions and modern innovations, owners of EcoNests enjoy li...

Practical Golf Course Maintenance: The Magic of Greenkeeping, 3 edition

The revised, bestselling resource of practical, nontechnical advice for maintaining and operating a golf course Practical Golf Course Maintenance, Third Edition presents the latest information and techniques for providing first-rate upkeep and management operations for any golf course. This book's, clear, step-by-step coverage, unencumbered by technical language, includes critical advice on maintaining consistent bunkers, sand top-dr...

Graphic Standards Field Guide to Home Inspections

Quick, reliable answers to your most common on-site questions When you're in the field, you never know what you'll come across. The Wiley Graphic Standards Field Guide to Home Inspections gives you fast access to the information you need when you're on-site and under pressure. Presented in a highly visual and easily portable format, the Graphic Standards Field Guide to Home Inspections is organized according to CSI's Masterformat sta...

Stoneview: How to Build an Eco-Friendly Little Guesthouse

Stoneview is an octagonal, cordwood masonry timber-framed guesthouse with a living roof located in upstate New York, fully constructed and finished for just $6,000. In response to the enormous interest in this unique little home, author and builder Rob Roy has written Stoneview. Over 130 clear line drawings and step-by-step images provide the reader with all the information needed to build this three hundred-square-foot cabin from st...

Site Engineering for Landscape Architects, 6th Edition

The Leading Guide To Site Design And Engineering— Revised And Updated Site Engineering for Landscape Architects is the top choice for site engineering, planning, and construction courses as well as for practitioners in the field, with easy-to-understand coverage of the principles and techniques of basic site engineering for grading, drainage, earthwork, and road alignment. The Sixth Edition has been revised to address the latest deve...

Interior Graphic Standards (2nd edition)

The new student edition of the definitive reference on architectural interiors Interior Graphic Standards, Student Edition is a carefully edited treatment of the authoritative Interior Graphic Standards Professional Edition. Designed and organized to give students the specific information they require, this is an essential reference for anyone studying architectural interiors. New topics include accessible design basics, computing te...