Architectural and ornament drawings

From about 1900 to 1960 American museums collected at the fastest rate and with the widest interests that the world has ever seen. This sweepstake ingurgitation has now pumped the sources dry and has sent prices skyrocketing for what remains, just at a time when American museum funds are falling behind the rate of general inflation. But the result is not entirely disastrous, for it forces us to take stock of what we raked together bi...

Icons of American Architecture

What turns a building into an icon? What is it about some structures that makes their history and legend even more important than their original intended use, making them a part of American, and world, popular culture? Twenty four buildings and structures, including the Brooklyn Bridge, the White House, the Hotel del Coronado, and the Washington Monument are presented here, along with their roles in fiction, film, music, and the imag...

Traditional Buildings

Traditional Buildings: A Global Survey of Structural Forms and Cultural Functions/by Allen G. Noble (Author) .Based on a lifelong professional and personal interest, Traditional Buildings presents a unique survey of vernacular architecture across the globe. The reader is taken on a fascinating tour of traditional building around the world, which includes the loess cave homes of central China, the stilt houses on the shores of Dahomey...

Urban Park Landscapes

Urbanization around the world is happening at unprecedented levels. Urban parks are a precious natural environment within our urban setting. Designing them well, to accommodate both the life and development demands of the present while also looking forward to the needs of our future generations and landscapes, requires a comprehensive look at creating healthy ecosystems and prosperous mega cities and how the two can coexist in the tw...

Splendors of the East

In this lavishly illustrated book are depicted some of the finest examples of the architecture and decorative arts of all Asia. The tiled opulence of Isfahan, ancient capital of Persia, the fantastic exuberance of the Great Hindu Temple of Madura in South India, the gleaming white geometry of the Taj Mahal — all are witness to the vigorous, proud civilizations that built them. Whole cities are described, as well as individual buildin...

Integrated Buildings: The Systems Basis of Architecture

An "anatomical" study of building systems integration with guidelines for practical applications Through a systems approach to buildings, Integrated Buildings: The Systems Basis of Architecture details the practice of integration to bridge the gap between the design intentions and technical demands of building projects. Analytic methods are introduced that illustrate the value, benefit, and application of systems integration, as well...

Ernst Neyfert, "Les Elements de Projets de Construction", 7éme ed.

Plus de cinquante ans après la parution de sa première édition en Allemagne, le livre Les Eléments des projets de construction, plus connu sous le nom de " NEUFERT ", du nom de son auteur, est le classique obligé des étudiants et des professionnels du bâtiment. Il fournit les bases méthodologiques et un recueil extrêmement riche d'exemples et de mesures pour tous les problèmes qui peuvent être posés au concepteur, de l'aménagement d'...

Organic Materials for Sustainable Civil Engineering

This book provides an inventory of organic materials and products, the major components of all civil engineering projects, in terms of their scientific and technical background, including the regulations that cover their use and their predicted useful life. Such materials include: bitumen on the roads; geotextiles for retaining walls; membranes for bridges; tunnel and reservoir waterproofing; paint binders to protect metallic and con...

Natural Ventilation in the Urban Environment: Assessment and Design

Throughout the world, there is an increasing interest in ecological design of buildings, and natural ventilation has proved to be the most efficient low-energy cooling technique. Its practical application, however, is hindered by the lack of information on the complex relationship between the building and its urban environment. In this book, a team of experts provide first-hand information and tools on the efficient use of natural ve...