Thatched Roofs And Open Sides: The Architecture Of Chickees And Their Changing Role In Seminole Society

“Takes us on a journey to the heart and soul of Seminole life—the chickee. Dilley ably navigates archaeology, architecture, and oral history to tell the story of the Seminole house, from its origins, through its persistence in the face of modernization, and ending with a glimpse into the future.”—Ryan Wheeler, director, Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology “Here we have as close as we can get to an inside view of life in a chickee...

The Cottage Under The Big Pines: Memories And Details From Foxglove Spires

Susan Southam allows readers to look through the window of 'Foxgloves Spires' - her former home of 30 years, located in rural Australia - and into the lushly romantic and soul-filled interior within. The Cottage Under the Big Pines tells the nostalgic love story between Southam and her restored century - old timber cottage in a collection of essay - like chapters, themed around seasons and colours and supported by an abundance of pho...

How To Read A Building: Interpret A Building’s Character And Style

Designed for novices to the field, this is a complete and informative introduction to the study of architecture. The primary characteristics of the main architectural styles are all addressed as are the differences between them. Images of a variety of public and private buildings—including homes, museums, and monuments—are included to illustrate the key traits of various schools. Additionally, the general history of architecture is c...

50 Awarded Architecture

With fifty distinctive award-winning projects carefully selected, the book covers seven categories of architecture: commercial, office, culture, religious, sports, science and technology, and industrial. Each featured project is shown with plenty of images, plans, drawings, diagrams, and an explicit description. The book looks into the current situation faced by international architects and inquires into the possibility of architectu...

Urban Intensities: Contemporary Housing Types And Territories

This book combines the architectural and urban scales to demonstrate that urban intensity determines the success of housing. The authors provide a typology of housing according to the ways in which diversity and density are created. Comparisons with historical models and critical appraisals based on the authors' unique standing give information on the pros and cons of major types of housing, their pitfalls and successful examples.

The Return Of Nature: Sustaining Architecture In The Face Of Sustainability

A great combination of essays that explain architectures recent return to nature. An excellent read for those interested in, how our concerns for the health of the planet are translated into neo-primitive and ecological architecture. The Return of Nature asks you to critique your conception of nature and your approach to architectural sustainability and green design. What do the terms mean? Are they de facto design requirements? Or a...

The Architecture Reference & Specification Book: Everything Architects Need To Know Every Day

Most architectural standards references contain thousands of pages of details—overwhelmingly more than architects need to know to know on any given day. The Architecture Reference & Specification Book contains vital information that's essential to planning and executing architectural projects of all shapes and sizes, in a format that is small enough to carry anywhere. It distills the data provided in standard architectural volume...

Residential Landscape

This book is mainly devoted to featured residential landscape projects of the Hocker Design Group. These projects respond to unique design challenges with a commitment to providing responsible and innovative solutions. The focus of their design is to solidify the landscape as a cohesive link to the architecture and site. As landscape design is getting more and more popular, the book offers a timely green glimpse into residence design.

Fassaden: Prinzipien Der Konstruktion

Dieses Buch zeigt die Prinzipien des Fassadenaufbaus auf: Die wichtigsten Typen wie Pfosten-Riegel-Fassade, Vorhangfassade, Elementfassade, Doppel- und Komponentenfassade werden vorgestellt und ihre Anforderungen an Entwurf und Konstruktion verdeutlicht. Zeichnungen erläutern die Prinzipien der einzelnen Fassadentypen und veranschaulichen diese am gebauten Beispiel.

Experimentalist Governance In The European Union: Towards A New Architecture

Experimentalist Governance in the European Union advances a novel interpretation of Eu governance. Its central claim is that the Eu's regulatory successes within-and increasingly beyond-its borders rest on the emergence of a recursive process of framework rule making and revision by European and national actors across a wide range of policy domains. In this architecture, framework goals and measures for gauging their achievement are ...