Architecture Of Integrated Information Systems: Foundations Of Enterprise Modelling

The ARIS architecture developed here is described in concrete terms as an information model within the entity-relationship approach. This information model, in turn, serves as the basis for the systematic and rational application of methods in the development of information systems. Furthermore, it provides the basis for storing the enterprise's application-specific data, organization and function models. The ARIS architecture consti...

Sex And Buildings: Modern Architecture And The Sexual Revolution

Williams observes in Sex and Buildings that, on the whole, sexual experimentation and research burgeoned during the twentieth century. He examines how architecture, modern or otherwise, reflected and/or shaped this new behavior. Architects rarely have discussed how their buildings accommodate or promote sexual activity. To measure architecture’s potential to suggest or trigger erotic impulses, the author considers a diverse range of ...

150 Best New Bathroom Ideas

Featuring hundreds of photographs, 150 Best New Bathroom Ideas explores the diversity of current trends and is an excellent source of ideas for homeowners, designers, interior decorators, and architects. From the glamorous and roomy bath-spa to the small but smart powder room, bathrooms can make a big statement with creative ideas that are as stylish as they are useful. For homeowners and architects alike, an irresistible collection ...

Public Square Landscapes

This title focus on the great projects of the landscape design round the public square all over the world. You could find the concept you need in the book.

2050: Designing Our Tomorrow

What are we collectively imagining, and how might it shape our future? Each of the world’s most iconic and celebrated structures was once merely the unexpressed idea of a fateful dreamer, a vision to elevate the present environment into something greater. Architects and planners over the centuries have put a stamp upon the planet through the physical manifestations of their belief structures. When we walk through the streets of Paris...

The Empire State Building (Building America: Then and Now)

It was to be a structure like no other - the largest and tallest skyscraper in the world. Initial plans for the Empire State Building called for an Art Deco masterwork to rise 1,000 feet, with 80 stories of rental space. The high-rise was to completely fill the 84,000-square-foot site of the former Waldorf-Astoria, then New York's most opulent hotel. The Empire State Building would, hopefully, accelerate Midtown's stride toward comme...

Early Art And Architecture Of Africa (oxford History Of Art)

This book is a very well rounded and well written review of the art and architecture of Africa. It is very eye opening about the artistic abilities of these ancient people. It even goes beyond what we know about their construction. You find that awe-inspiring palaces were not confined to Egypt and the rest of North Africa, but advanced societies had flourished apart from the rest of the world. I really don't want to give away any of ...

The Architecture Of Change: Buildig A Better World

A fantastic and totally unique book with insight into worlds that only someone with the inner knowledge, amazing sensitivity and deep talent could share. The keen insight into the social, artistic, and political elements are profound and rare to come by. The care, artistry, and intelligence that went into this is apparent. The beautiful spirit, profound insight, and appreciation of the subject matter, so wonderfully and painstakenly ...

Urban Coding And Planning

Urban codes have a profound influence on urban form, affecting the design and placement of buildings, streets and public spaces. Historically, their use has helped create some of our best-loved urban environments, while recent advances in coding have been a growing focus of attention, particularly in Britain and North America. However, the full potential for the role of codes has yet to be realized.   In Urban Coding and Plannin...