Michael Graves: Design for Life

One of the most prominent and prolific designers and architects of the late twentieth century, Michael Graves is best known for his popular product designs, including the world-famous Alessi whistling-bird teakettle, and controversial buildings, such as the Portland Building in Oregon, Humana Building in Kentucky, and Dolphin and Swan Hotels at Walt Disney World, Florida. Graves was widely seen as the leading voice of postmodernist a...

Saper leggere l'architettura

L'architettura prima di diventare opera concreta prende forma attraverso il disegno: dagli schizzi di ideazione e raffinando via via la forma, l'architetto visualizza e mette alla prova il proprio progetto fino a giungere a quello definitivo. Dunque, solo a partire dal disegno l'opera può essere compresa e attraverso l'analisi puntuale dei suoi elementi costitutivi è possibile scioglierne la complessità e mettere in evidenza le relaz...

Noir Urbanisms: Dystopic Images of the Modern City

Dystopic imagery has figured prominently in modern depictions of the urban landscape. The city is often portrayed as a terrifying world of darkness, crisis, and catastrophe. Noir Urbanisms traces the history of the modern city through its critical representations in art, cinema, print journalism, literature, sociology, and architecture. It focuses on visual forms of dystopic representation–because the history of the modern city is in...

Architectural Programming and Predesign Manager

Programming is the first step in any architectural project, consisting of identifying problems posed by a project and proposing design solutions. This book explains the stages of the programming process and examines variations suitable for smaller projects, while the CD includes useful checklists. * First book to explain programming–the first step in the design process–in depth * Shows how to accurately assess the client's needs, tas...

Building Maintenance Processes and Practices

This book is designed to be an inclusive for the best practice approach to building maintenance management, where the processes, procedures and operational systems meet a high standard of professional and academic competence. It offers a different perspective on building maintenance management by presenting the schematic building maintenance value chain model and it’s implementation in Malaysian university buildings. The findings sho...

AA Words One: Supercritical: Peter Eisenman Meets Rem Koolhaas

In January 2006 Peter Eisenman joined Rem Koolhaas at the Architectural Association for an evening of conversation about architecture, ideology, and the city. Their dialogue forms the basis for the first volume of AA Words, a series emphasizing the written word as the basis for critical debate by contemporary architects and theorists. Each architect states his views about the terms of architecture, including its theories and relation...

Building the Inclusive City: Theory and Practice for Confronting Urban Segregation

Urban segregation is one of the main challenges facing urban development around the globe. The usual outcome of many urban development patterns is an unequal social geography, with the urban poor living in large clusters that are remote, isolated, dangerous or unhealthy. The result is inequality in a number of dimensions of urban life, from deficient urban access, services or infrastructure to social isolation, neighbourhood violence...

The Patterns of Architecture: Architectural Design

Pattern-making is ubiquitous in both the natural and manmade world. The human propensity for pattern recognition and fabrication is innate. Encompassing the historical, vernacular and parametric, this title explores the creation, materialisation and theorisation of some of the world's most significant and spectacularly patterned spaces. It investigates how interiors, buildings, cities and landscapes are patterned through design, prod...

The Permaculture Promise

Permaculture is a sustainability buzzword, but many people wonder what it actually means and why it is relevant. Originally coined by combining the words permanent and agriculture, permaculture has evolved into an optimistic approach connecting all the systems of human life: gardening, housing, transportation, energy, and how we structure our communities. The Permaculture Promise explains in simple terms why permaculture may be the k...