Helen Chadwick: Constructing Identities Between Art and Architecture

'Shifting from early institutional and architectural critique to personal, poetic installations, photography projects and sculptures, British artist Helen Chadwick (1953-1996) produced a wide-ranging body of work in an assortment of media. In this book, Stephen Walker looks beyond the apparent variety of this work and identifies a consistent range of issues and enduring interests. Critical of the impact that limiting political, philo...

Details in Contemporary Architecture

Curious about how Alsop Architects managed to construct that flying, translucent rectangle at the Ontario College of Art and Design? Wonder about the sustainability of the Genzyme Building? The saying "the truth is in the details" reveals an essential quality of architectural design. How a staircase curves, a roof seemingly floats, or a concrete wall illuminates are critical questions for architects looking at or creating new work. Y...

Perspectives on Research Assessment in Architecture, Music and the Arts : Discussing Doctorateness

Research in the creative fields of architecture, design, music and the arts has experienced dynamic development for over two decades. The research in these practice- and arts-based fields has become increasingly mature but has also led to various discussions on what constitutes doctoral proficiency in these fields. The term ‘doctorateness’ is often used when referring to the assessment of the production of doctoral research and the r...

I AM A MONUMENT: On Learning from Las Vegas (MIT Press)

Learning from Las Vegas, originally published by the MIT Press in 1972, was one of the most influential and controversial architectural books of its era. Forty years later, it remains a perennial bestseller and a definitive theoretical text. Its authors -- architects Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, and Steven Izenour -- famously used the Las Vegas Strip to argue the virtues of the "ordinary and ugly" above the "heroic and origina...

Die Kunst der Architekturfotografie - Individualität und Innovation

Dieses Buch ist eine Verbindung von handwerklichen Basics, kompositorischen Kriterien, Sehpsychologie und fotorelevanten Überlegungen zur Bau- und Baufotografie-Geschichte. Der Text schließt philosophische Betrachtungen sowie Impulse für neue Sichtweisen und eine eigene Bildsprache ein und hebt somit den künstlerischen Aspekt, nämlich individuell gültige, persönliche, authentische und glaubwürdige Aussagen am gebauten Objekt zu mache...

Theatricality in Early Modern Art and Architecture

Theatricality in Early Modern Art and Architecture offers the first systematic investigation of exchanges between the arts, architecture and the theatre. The authors present many new instances of the interaction between the arts, providing a theoretical and historiographical context for these interactions. Offers the first systematic investigation of exchanges between the arts, architecture and the theatre, not simply the influence o...

Sustainable and Resilient Communities

The ultimate step-by-step action plan guidebook for making communities resilient, resourceful, and healthy. Many of today's communities face an unprecedented struggle to adapt and maintain their environmental, economic, and social well-being in an era beleaguered by fiscal constraints, uncertainty about energy prices and supplies, rapid demographic shifts, and accelerated climate impacts. This step-by-step guidebook for urban planner...

Design/Build with Jersey Devil: A Handbook for Education and Practice

Steve Badanes, Jim Adamson, and John Ringel believe an architect's job does not stop at designing a building, but that it extends to constructing it as well. Now working into their fifth decade, Jersey Devil, the loose-knit group they founded in 1972, bands together under this design/build ethos that an architect's place is just as much on the job site as it is at the drawing board. The trio pioneered design/build practice and their ...

Handbook of Biophilic City Planning & Design

What if, even in the heart of a densely developed city, people could have meaningful encounters with nature? While parks, street trees, and green roofs are increasingly appreciated for their technical services like stormwater reduction, from a biophilic viewpoint, they also facilitate experiences that contribute to better physical and mental health: natural elements in play areas can lessen children's symptoms of ADHD, and adults who...

Merchant Houses of Mocha: Trade and Architecture in an Indian Ocean Port

Gaining prominence as a seaport under the Ottomans in the mid-1500s, the city of Mocha on the Red Sea coast of Yemen pulsed with maritime commerce. Its very name became synonymous with Yemen's most important revenue-producing crop – coffee. After the imams of the Qasimi dynasty ousted the Ottomans in 1635, Mocha's trade turned eastward toward the Indian Ocean and coastal India. Merchants and shipowners from Asian, African, and Europe...