The Lithic Garden

"The Lithic Garden is an important addition to recent scholarship that sees Gothic churches as dynamic entities, activated by physical movement and energized by ritual and mnemonic practices-and to larger scholarly currents that explore the relation of medieval art, observation, and the natural world. By positing that the foliate friezes of canonical Gothic buildings such as Cluny III and Amiens Cathedral had their conceptual origins...

Imagined Utopias in the Built Environment

Beginning with the early history of Londons Vauxhall pleasure gardens, this volume surveys visionary architecture and urban planning from the 18th century to the present. The recurrence of themes of technology, individual agency and communal living in the work of Le Corbusier, Eileen Gray, Charles and Ray Eames and Constant Nieuwenhuys, testifies to the continued search for an ideal personal and public space. Inspired by works of fic...

The Virtual and the Real in Planning and Urban Design

The Virtual and the Real in Planning and Urban Design: Perspectives, Practices and Applications explores the merging relationship between physical and virtual spaces in planning and urban design. Technological advances such as smart sensors, interactive screens, locative media and evolving computation software have impacted the ways in which people experience, explore, interact with and create these complex spaces. This book draws to...

Growing Compact : Urban Form, Density and Sustainability

'Each of the chapters in this volume provide "lenses" to view the challenges of compact and dense cities. How does one build to high density and raise standards of public health and safety and well-being? This book is replete with insights and provocations that set forth a new horizon for urban design research and practice and thus provides a hopeful vision for a resilient future.' 'This book tackles one of the most important challen...

Concrete and Masonry Databook

Concise answers to all your questions about concrete and masonry It's all here: the concrete and masonry information you need to work more efficiently, avoid costly problems and mistakes, minimize risk, reduce waste...and maximize profits! Industry experts Christine Beall and Rochelle Jaffe save you countless hours of searching through dozens of manuals or esoteric pamphlets, presenting the data in a quick-find, straightforward, heav...

Landscape Analysis

A key aspect of town planning, landscape planning and landscape architecture is to identify and then use the distinctive features and characteristics of space, place and landscape to achieve environmental quality. Landscape Analysis provides an introduction to the field both in theory and in practice. A wide range of methods and techniques for landscape analysisis illustrated by urban and rural examples from many countries. Analysing...

Study Guide for The Codes Guidebook for Interiors, 6th Edition

I'm an interior design student and have to keep up on the latest in building codes for my education. As such, I have purchased the last three iterations of this book and it has served me well and is one of the most used books in my library. The fifth edition even uses the most recent ADA standards that will be taking effect in 2012. However, DO NOT PURCHASE THE KINDLE EDITION!!! I thought it would be convenient to have the digital (s...

North American Tunneling 2010 Proceedings

North American Tunneling 2010 underscores the important role that the tunneling industry plays worldwide in the development of underground space, transportation systems, conveyance systems, and other forms of sustainable infrastructure. The proceedings describe the evolving nature of underground work, methods, and technology. This book documents the challenges faced and the lessons learned while advancing projects in support of a sus...

Wind-Induced Motion of Tall Buildings: Designing for Habitability

Tall and super-tall buildings are going up all over the world, notably in east and south Asia, the Pacific Rim and the Middle East. Advances in materials, structural design, and wind enginerring ensure that these buildings meet strength and safety requirements. But wind-induced building motion can cause structures to creak and groan, elevator cables to clash, horizons to "swing," and human occupants to feel dizzy, nausea, or highly a...