Architectural Invention in Renaissance Rome

Villa Madama, Raphael's late masterwork of architecture, landscape, and decoration for the Medici popes, is a paradigm of the Renaissance villa. The creation of this important, unfinished complex provides a remarkable case study for the nature of architectural invention. Drawing on little known poetry describing the villa while it was on the drawing board, as well as ground plans, letters, and antiquities once installed there, Yvonne...

Portuguese Style and Luso-African Identity

In this detailed history of domestic architecture in West Africa, Peter Mark shows how building styles are closely associated with social status and ethnic identity. Mark documents the ways in which local architecture was transformed by long-distance trade and complex social and cultural interactions between local Africans, African traders from the interior, and the Portuguese explorers and traders who settled in the Senegambia regio...

Building Envelope and Interior Finishes Databook

A one-stop resource for residential or commercial construction projects, Construction Building Envelope and Interior Finishes Databook gives you instant access to hundreds of tables, specifications, charts, diagrams, and illustrations covering materials and components most frequently used on a typical job. In easy-to-understand language, construction pro Sidney M. Levy covers: *Interior metal stud specifications, design data and typi...

Anna Anguissola - Intimità a Pompei. Riservatezza, condivisione e prestigio negli ambienti ad alcova di Pompei

This book revolves around the shaping of Roman domestic space and the cultural issues of privacy and representativeness. At the core is a set of lavish rooms where layout, architecture and dècor bespeak the presence of one or two beds suitable for sleep or daytime rest. For such issues the city of Pompeii provides a rare case in point, due to the extraordinary concentration and nuanced readability of contextual archaeological data. C...

Histories of the Immediate Present

How the different narratives of four historians of architectural modernism―Emil Kaufmann, Colin Rowe, Reyner Banham, and Manfredo Tafuri―advanced specific versions of modernism. Architecture, at least since the beginning of the twentieth century, has suspended historical references in favor of universalized abstraction. In the decades after the Second World War, when architectural historians began to assess the legacy of the avant-ga...

Universal Design

Universal Design is Selwyn Goldsmith's new authoritative design manual, the successor to his internationally acclaimed Designing for the Disabled. A clear and concise design guide for practising and student architects, it describes and illustrates the differences there are between universal design and 'for the disabled' design Universal Design presents detailed design guidance for architects in an easily referenced form. Covering bot...

The Bluebeam Guidebook

Expert tips for the last piece in the paperless puzzle The Bluebeam Guidebook offers comprehensive coverage of the industry’s leading PDF tool to help AEC professionals adopt a more efficient digital workflow. With desktop, mobile, and server-based products, Bluebeam makes collaboration and document coordination seamless, and provides a perfect complement to BIM software. This book shows you how to push the boundaries and discover th...

Der Ring des Nibelungen

Der "Ring des Nibelungen", dieser kühne Zyklus von vier abendfüllenden Musikdramen, beschäftigte den Textdichter und Komponisten von den ersten Plänen bis zur Vollendung über zwanzig Jahre lang. Neu an diesem Zyklus sind die Wortschöpfungen und Alliterationen bzw. Stabreime und auch das kompositorische Verfahren der Leitmotivik. Dieses Buch enthält das vollständige Textbuch des Rings mit den Leitmotiven für jedes der vier Werke. Zusä...

City Design : Modernist, Traditional, Green and Systems Perspectives, Second Edition

City Design describes the history and current practice of the four most widely accepted approaches to city design: the Modernist city of towers and highways that, beginning in the 1920s, has come to dominate urban development worldwide but is criticized as mechanical and soul-less; the Traditional organization of cities as streets and public places, scorned by the modernists, but being revived today for its human scale; Green city de...

Green Streets, Highways, and Development 2013

Proceedings of the Second Conference on Green Streets, Highways, and Development, held in Austin, Texas, November 3-6, 2013. This collection contains 35 peer-reviewed papers covering the current expertise in sustainable roadway and street planning and site design. Green Streets and Highways highlights best practices and successes with real-world design approaches, planning methodologies, operations and maintenance strategies, progres...