Ken Smith Landscape Architects/Urban Projects: A Source Book in Landscape Architecture

Ken Smith is unquestionably one of the most interesting voices in landscape architecture; his works reflect the intensity and energy of their surroundings and challenge the distinction between landscape and art form. Ken Smith Landscape Architects/Urban Projects focuses on three prominent works in New York City: his East River Project; his work for P.S. 19; and his MoMA rooftop garden. Through Smith's colorful, playful drawings and p...

Living with Kids: Solutions for Family-Friendly Interiors

From the mudroom to the bathroom and beyond, children are of the the center of the household, and your home needs to accommodate the wear and tear that goes along with family living. That's where Living with Kids comes into play. With this practical and inspirational guide, you'll learn how to create a home that is both functional and beautiful. There's no need to sacrifice style while raising a family—and designing a home with child...

Passive House Details: Solutions for High-Performance Design

I am very pleased with this book. It includes a great number of large scale color architectural details describing different foundation, floor, wall, and roof conditions for designing energy efficient buildings. If you are an architect or builder interested in learning how to build state-of-the-art energy conserving homes or buildings, this is a fantastic resource for you. Besides the illustrations there is plenty of text explaining ...

Green Architecture: Advanced Technolgies and Materials

The Definitive Guide to Green Architecture Written by an architect specializing in green materials and methods, this GreensSource book presents all of the information you need to design efficient, environmentally friendly, economical, and sustainable buildings. Green Architecture surveys new developments, innovative techniques, and emerging technologies that support environmentally responsive architecture. Residential, commercial, an...

Houser: The Life and Work of Catherine Bauer

Houser is part biography and part intellectual history of the early days of idealsm and activism in the housing movement. Oberlander and Newbrun are effective in using a sensitive telling of the life of Catherine Bauer to evoke a sense in which housing policy today has lost its way despite the foundations laid by Ms.Bauer and her colleagues. This book is a must read for those interested in reviving American housing policies.

Robin Boyd: Spatial Continuity

Australian architect Robin Boyd (1919–1971) advocated tirelessly for the voice of Australian architects so that there could be an architecture that might speak to Australian conditions and sensibilities.His legacy continues in the work of contemporary Australian architects yet also prompts a way forward for architecture particularly in relationship to the landscapes they inhabit through a quality of continuous space found in his work...

Carrelage de sol et mural

Revêtement sain, durable et naturel, le carrelage est notamment apprécié pour sa facilité d'entretien. Toutes les teintes, toutes les fantaisies mais aussi une infinité de textures sont aujourd'hui disponibles, que ce soit pour la cuisine, la salle de bains, les pièces à vivre et, bien sûr, l'extérieur. En plus de la céramique ou de la terre cuite, le carrelage peut être en pierre naturelle, en émaux ou encore en pâte de verre. De ce...

Practical Straw Bale Building

The book has answered most of my questions about proceeding to build with straw bales. BUT the additional information appendices that it provides as online resources do not exist. All the detailed info on using lime products, making a limecrete floor and building rammed earth foundations are missing. This book is written by an English author so not all the information is relevant for the US. It is a lot harder to find lime plaster ex...

Chicago's Fabulous Fountains

“Is it possible that Chicagoans—residents of a river town with a glorious lakefront—are particularly drawn to water? As this book demonstrates, we certainly have a love affair with fountains. And this is the book fountain lovers have been waiting for. In his other books, Greg Borzo has demonstrated his obsession with digging for the telling details of the story, revealing fascinating facts about the Chicago ‘L,’ neighborhood lore bes...

New Financial Strategies for Sustainable Buildings

Built environment professionals considering whether to embark on the design and construction or retrofit of a fully ‘sustainable’ or ‘green’ build need to know the financial implications of their decisions. What are their financial options? What are the risks? This book offers practical guidance on how sustainable building projects are financed, designed and built. All too often sustainable building is undertaken without proper consi...