Talking Machine West

“Michael Amundson has filled a gap in the history of western American music by illuminating the era before sound recordings, live performances, and motion pictures converged with the new medium of radio broadcasting. Talking Machine West examines cowboy and cowgirl songs, tunes written about western Native Americans, and commemorative recordings, all produced and sold for mass consumption between 1902 and 1918.”

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Literature but Were Afraid to Ask Žižek

Challenging the widely-held assumption that Slavoj Žižek's work is far more germane to film and cultural studies than to literary studies, this volume demonstrates the importance of Žižek to literary criticism and theory. The contributors show how Žižek's practice of reading theory and literature through one another allows him to critique, complicate, and advance the understanding of Lacanian psychoanalysis and German Idealism, there...

The Russian Avant-Garde and Radical Modernism: An Introductory Reader

A remarkable volume, The Russian Avant-Garde and Radical Modernism brings together the most significant movements and figures in Russian experimental art, cinema, and literature of the early twentieth century (both pre-Soviet and Soviet) and presents them in commentary by leading scholars in the field. The result is a vibrant introduction to Russian aesthetic thought of the last century, as well as to cutting-edge assessments of its ...

Domenico Brucciani and the Formatori of 19th-Century Britain

“Until now Domenico Brucciani, though known to some for his plaster casts for the V&A, has been a somewhat shadowy figure in the Victorian art world and the history of nineteenth-century sculpture. Despite the renewed interest in plaster casts and their role in nineteenth-century Britain, there has been no full or systematic study of the person who played a central role. Rebecca Wade now gives us just what has long been needed in...

J.C. Bach (The Late Eighteenth-Century Composers)

This volume of essays brings together the best of recent scholarship on Johann Christian Bach, the youngest son of J.S. Bach and a friend and mentor of Mozart. J.C. Bach had a cosmopolitan career, beginning in Berlin as a pupil of his half-brother, C.P.E. Bach, then a sojourn to Italy where he studied with Padre Martini in Bologna; after making his successful debut with operas for Turin and Naples he moved to London, where he became ...

The Politics of Performance: Radical Theatre as Cultural Intervention

The Politics of Performance^ addresses fundamental questions about the social and political purposes of performance through an investigation into post-war alternative and community theatre. It proposes a theory of performace as ideological transaction, cultural intervention and community action, which is used to illuminate the potential social and political effects of radical performance practice. It raises issues about the nature of...

Norwegian Sweater Techniques for Today's Knitter

I've read All the classics on stranded colorwork knitting techniques and I have to say I found this to be the very best I've read. For Fair Isle knitting, the BEST is the one by Alice Starmore. This is an interesting knitting book. If you are looking for a book that is chock-filled with traditional Norwegian knitting patterns, this is not the one to buy. However, if you are interested in techniques commonly used when knitting a Norwe...

Totalitarianism on Screen

"This is a thoughtful and original collection that addresses topics largely neglected in American and Western scholarly writing and the mass media. The close analyses of this remarkable film provide penetrating information and insight not only about the German Democratic Republic but also more generally about communist totalitarianism and its transformation in the post-Stalin decades."―Paul Hollander, author of The End of Commitment:...

Breakthrough Moments in Arts-Based Psychotherapy

"The purpose of Aileen Webber's book is to reflect deeply on important breakthrough moments in arts-based psychotherapy. In this she draws on a wide pool of knowledge in the neurological and psychical sciences, as well as her extensive practical experience. As a theoretical physicist, I am extremely impressed with how accurately and appropriately she uses illuminating mechanisms and analogies to understand these pivotal moments. Her ...

Delirium and Resistance

''Sholette is representative of a new artist type that emerged after Conceptualism in that his work as a critic, theorist, and curator is central to his practice as an artist. No-one else has come up with a category that rivals 'dark matter' as a hermeneutic for analysing the current political economy of art and the economic situation of artists, in all their variety. No-one else has quite the long-term commitment to collective pract...