Georg Simmel: Rembrandt: An Essay in the Philosophy of Art

First published in 1916 in German, this important work has never been translated into English–until now. Simmel attacks such questions as "What do we see in a work of Art?" and "What do Rembrandt's portraits tell us about human nature?" This is a major work by a major thinker concerning one of the world's most important painters.

Topicality and Representation

This book focuses on the importance of topical reading in understanding Islamic figures and themes, and applies this approach to two landmark Elizabethan plays: George Peele's Battle of Alcazar and William Percy's Mahomet and his Heaven. The former is the first English play to present a Moor as a major character, while the latter is the first English play to be based on Quranic material and feature the Prophet of Islam as a major cha...

A History of the Jana Natya Manch: Plays for the People

A History of the Jana Natya Manch chronicles the birth and growth of the Jana Natya Manch (Janam), a Delhi-based radical theater group which has been active since 1973. Beginning in the early 1970s, when a group of young students in Delhi sought to continue the legacy of the Indian Peoples' Theatre Association, the book takes a close but critical look at the various phases in the four decades of the theatre collective. The author has...

Broad Strokes: 15 Women Who Made Art and Made History (in That Order)

Historically, major women artists have been excluded from the mainstream art canon. Aligned with the resurgence of feminism in pop culture, Broad Strokes offers an entertaining corrective to that omission. Art historian Bridget Quinn delves into the lives and careers of 15 brilliant female artists in text that's smart, feisty, educational, and an enjoyable read. Replete with beautiful reproductions of the artists' works and contempor...

The The Theoretical-Practical Elements of Music, Parts III and IV

A virtuoso violinist, conductor, composer, and a professor of mathematics and botany, Francesco Galeazzi (1758-1819) firmly believed that musical education should be clear, demonstrable, and practical. In 1791 and 1796, he published the two volumes of his Elementi teorico-practici di musica, a treatise that demonstrated both his thorough grounding in the work of earlier theorists and his own approach to musical study.

The Actors Studio and Hollywood in the 1950s: A History of Theatrical Realism

Theatrical Realism is an American film movement of the 1950s noted for its high aspirations to create a significant art cinema. Ironically, the films that comprise this movement are virtually forgotten today. Theatrical Realism is Hollywood s continuation of the Italian Neo-Realist movement. It was a direct result of the confluence of Method Acting as taught by Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio, the screen adaptations of plays by Te...

Dance in Ireland: Steps, Stages and Stories

In Dance in Ireland: Steps, Stages and Stories, Sharon Phelan provides an in-depth view of dance in Ireland during the colonial and post-colonial eras. She presents dance as an integral part of Irish life and as a signifier of cultural change. Central themes are documented and analysed. They include cross-cultural influences, the dance master and pantomimic dance traditions, dance during the Gaelic Revival, dichotomies in dance, and ...

Perpetual Carnival: Essays on Film and Literature

Upholding literature and film together as academically interwoven, Perpetual Carnival underscores the everlasting coexistence of realism and modernism, eschewing the popularly accepted view that the latter is itself a rejection of the former. Mining examples from both film and literature, Colin MacCabe asserts that the relationship between film and literature springs to life a wealth of beloved modernist art, from Jean-Luc Godard's P...

Film is Like a Battleground: Sam Fuller's War Movies

Film is Like a Battleground: Sam Fuller's War Movies is the first book to focus on the genre that best defined the American director's career: the war film. It draws on previously unexplored archival materials, such as Fuller's Federal Bureau of Investigation files and WWII-era 16mm films, to explore the director's lifelong interest in making challenging, thought-provoking, and often politically dangerous movies about war. After esta...

Art Explained: The World's Greatest Paintings Explored and Explained

Taking an original photographic approach to look in detail at certain topics, these four fascinating books provide deeper understanding and richer enjoyment of the worlds of architecture, art, famous artists, and myths and legends. AUTHOR BIO: Robert Cumming has been the chairman of Christie's Education, London, studied art history at Cambridge University, and his books have won several international awards and include Just Look, Jus...