Places of Pain and Shame: Dealing with 'Difficult Heritage'

“This is an interesting and courageous book that explores a challenging and fascinating subject through many significant political and cultural sites. It makes an important contribution to, what is at least in Australia, a modest body of literature that critically engages with and examines heritage theory and practice and connects it with the constant work of communities and nations in trying to imagine, define and cohere identity.” ...

Art, Awakening, and Modernity in the Middle East: The Arab Nude

This examines what little there is of bare body art in the Arab world. Artists are profiled and some B/W images appear. Insightful. Can be requested from library. This edited scholarly volume offers a perspective on the history of the genre of the nude in the Middle East and includes contributions written by scholars from several disciplines (art history, history, anthropology). Each chapter provides a distinct perspective on the ear...

Garcilaso de la Vega and the Material Culture of Renaissance Europe

‘This book is an articulate and well-informed view of the poems that defined Garcilaso… Barnard’s sophisticated interpretations make an important contribution to our understanding of an author not coincidentally dubbed ‘principe de los peotas españoles.’ “Garcilaso de la Vega was highly attuned to the material presence of things, and in his Neapolitan poems he wrote on a variety of items such as tapestries, paintings, urns, statues, ...

Playing with Sketches: 50 Creative Exercises for Designers and Artists

I love this book, full of practical ideas. But notice they are not all about sketches. They are general art/drawing practicing ideas. I borrowed a copy of this book from a library and immediately decided that I need a copy of my own. That's how impressive this book is to me! I am an art graduate and author but I am always looking for new books to encourage and progress my drawing. I really liked this book because it provided a range ...

Archiveology: Walter Benjamin and Archival Film Practices

"Archiveology offers insightful analyses enlightened by Benjamin's legacy. . . . Catherine Russell adds authority to a new model of cultural intelligibility that we can use to rescue voices relegated to oblivion." "Showing how Benjamin's insights remain especially timely and relevant for early twenty-first-century archival film practices, Archiveology makes an important contribution to critical and feminist film theory while offering...

Dress and Society: contributions from archaeology

“The discussions highlight the difficulties of studying identity and past societies, but more importantly they raise plenty of questions and show new ways of thinking about some familiar but often overlooked objects, leading the way for future research in the field.” (LM)

Designing Disability: Symbols, Space, And Society

I was pleasantly surprised to read this captivating discussion of disability history in an erudite book that is unexpectedly accessible. Not only is this extraordinarily well researched and highly readable, but it's fascinating for anyone who wants to learn more about activism and controversies in achieving handicapped rights. Don't miss "The Selma of Handicapped Rights." I bought this book after reading a fascinating Op-Ed piece in ...

Highlights: An Illustrated History of Art

This book is designed specifically as a supplementary text for courses in art history and criticism. Although clearly useful for the survey course, the book, should be useful as well for period courses. In addition, one should like to think that the book as a whole tells a pictorial story worth following for its own sake.

Curious and Modern Inventions

“This is an excellent book. Cypess’s understanding of seventeenth-century cultural nuances is remarkable, and I very much admire how she grounds so many of her historical-cultural insights in specific musical analyses. Elegant and readable by both specialists and nonspecialists, Curious and Modern Inventions will be considered groundbreaking by enthusiasts of early modern music and of broader early modern culture alike.”