Pretty: Film and the Decorative Image (Film and Culture Series)

Remarkably wide-ranging and engagingly intricate. Rosalind Galt's argument is bold, its mode of argumentation sure and convincing. This very original take on culturally received and culturally determining ideas and emotions surrounding visual pleasure is long overdue. Galt's book is a necessary contribution to the study of the image in film and visuality studies. (Brigitte Peucker, author of The Material Image: Art and the Real in Fi...

The Art of Football: The Early Game in the Golden Age of Illustration

Mr. Oriard has done it again! He has produced by far, the most researched series of books on the cultural history of American football. "Reading Footbal" is my favorite book, but like "The Art of Football", any reader, football fan or not, will learn how the game, despite the many calls for its abolishment, grew to become so deeply important to Americans. "The Art of Football" images provides a unique lens through which we can see a ...

Decentring France: Multilingualism and power in contemporary French cinema

‘Starting off with a brief overview of French cinema from the silent period to the present, King then focuses on eight films that are both multicultural and multilingual, and examines how the use of Kurdish, Tamil, Arabic and other languages within these films empowers the cultures they represent as well as the languages themselves. King argues that by refusing to “center” the French language in contemporary French cinema, these film...

Haunting Realities: Naturalist Gothic and American Realism

"This wide-ranging, thoughtfully curated collection of essays examines late-19th-century American writing in the naturalist mode that contains gothic elements. It features well-known authors such as Stephen Crane, Charles Chesnutt, Frank Norris, Jack London, Edith Wharton, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Pauline Hopkins, and W. E. B. Du Bois, along with the less-studied Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, Alice Cary, and Elizabeth Stoddard, among oth...

The Cut of Women's Clothes 1600-1930

Each period in the history of costume has produced its own characteristic line and silhouette, derived from a cut and construction which varies considerably from age to age. Here are patterns taken from actual dresses, many of them rare museum specimens, illustrated by sketches of the dresses. There are notes on the production of women's dress, with references to early technical books and journals, together with diagrams from some of...

Eakins Revealed: The Secret Life of an American Artist

For generations, Thomas Eakins--whose famous paintings include "The Gross Clinic" and "The Champion Single Sculls"--has been regarded as a 19th-century American hero. In Eakins Revealed: The Secret Life of an American Artist, art historian Henry Adams offers a radically different view that allows us to better understand "the intensity and emotional desperation of Eakins' art." Eakins' brush with scandal--he was dismissed from his tea...

The cut of Men's Clothes 1600-1900

"Most works dealing with costumes discuss the actual styles of dress and. . . the basic cut and shape--the real foundation of any costume--is not always considered. This book does much to remedy this deficiency . . . The great importance of this work is in the many detailed cutting diagrams and tailors' patterns . . . There is also a list of artists, engraves, and illustrators for costume reference. A definitive work in its field, th...

Visions of Japanese Modernity

"In this landmark study, Aaron Gerow richly demonstrates the vibrancy of Japanese film culture as no book has done before. Visions of Japanese Modernity is centered on the contentious Pure Film Movement, and the transformations it helped provoke in performance, screenwriting, censorship, film style, and benshi oratory. With virtually no extant films to work with, Gerow strategically turns to a multitude of other sources, including fa...