Beautiful Beach Portraits

I really like the style of the quick lessons series, it can get you up and running pretty quickly. I am familiar with the work of the Authors and am glad to see them do a book. The lesson show you the finished photographs along with lighting diagrams. But what is important are the tips thru out the book. Any photographer can take their receipe and duplicate it with success. Now lets say ok I am not near a beach. Well neither am I, bu...

Singing Jeremiah: Music and Meaning in Holy Week

Written in careful musical detail and with an admirable comprehension of the environment in which the music developed, Kenrick’s book will be a reliable source for both musicians and liturgical scholars for many years to come. (Antiphon)   This groundbreaking study brings together fascinating facts and materials, varied discussions, and a layered organization of its material in condensed, scholarly, and sophisticated language. I...

In the Beginning: Illustrated Stories from the Old Testament

“A scriptural tour de force. Frederic Boyer sets 35 biblical tales in a wry, trenchant, postmodern landscape using language that captures the power of the ancient Hebrew while utilizing contemporary expressions and deep wit to make the stories (and his assessments of them) accessible to a wide range of readers.… Accompanying these playful translations are Serge Bloch’s entrancing illustrations.… Intelligent and challenging in word an...

Art Masterpieces to Color

Love this book! The dark areas are few, the lines vary throughout in width and you can really stretch your imagination. The artwork is detailed without being overwhelming, and in some areas, especially where the original art is simply colored background, there has been a little detail added to aid the person using. Hoping that this company has produced other books, as I'd like to have more.

Roy Stuart: Volume 1

There were actually FOUR very different versions of this same book printed, this is the third version - find the first one. When this was first published in 1998, Taschen had no idea they'd do an entire series, so the first printing was simply called "Roy Stuart" and it is BY FAR the biggest and best edition of this book. The same book, this version is the third version printed in 2007 as "Roy Stuart Volume I" and it's smaller and wi...

Heiner Müller's Democratic Theater (Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture)

Michael Wood's monograph provides an excellent investigation of Heiner Mueller's pursuit of effective political theater. . . . By directing readers' attention to the social basis of human character and shifting boundaries of collective experience and action, Wood's monograph proves particularly timely as it reminds readers that the production and reception of art can and should have social and political consequences. GERMAN STUDIES R...

Music and Historical Critique: Selected Essays

Music and Historical Critique provides a definitive collection of Gary Tomlinson's influential studies on critical musicology, with the watchword throughout being history. This collection gathers his most innovative essays and lectures, some of them published here for the first time, along with an introduction outlining the context of the contributions and commenting on their aims and significance. Music and Historical Critique provi...

Critical Craft: Technology, Globalization, and Capitalism

“Critical Craft is an effective contribution to the anthropology of craft, of work, and of 'thing' or objects. It clearly demonstrates that there is more to crafts of all sorts than 'tradition,' expertise, and 'authenticity.' Anthropologists and others must be wary of assumptions about who does what kind of work or possesses what kind of knowledge, and we must be, like the authors of these quality essays, aware of the (unequal) agenc...

Local Glories: Opera Houses on Main Street, Where Art and Community Meet

"Before YouTube there was television, and before that there was radio, and before everything there was the town opera house. Ann Satterthwaite's study of this rich and intricate building type is nothing less than the story of the emergence of mass culture in America." "A century ago, opera houses played a huge role in the vitality of small communities across the country. Now, as Ann Satterthwaite makes clear in her important new book...

Beethoven for a Later Age

“Dusinberre brilliantly spans Beethoven’s life, works, and the real issues of music making for his contemporaries into our time—via the working process of a great modern quartet living with Beethoven's creations in the twenty-first century. We are given intimate insight into the almost impossible-to-describe musical process of rehearsal and performance, the artistic and human interaction that links these modern musicians with their f...