Ricin! The Inside Story of the Terror Plot That Never Was

This is the story of the plot that never was. It is a salutary tale of the way in which 9/11 scared  our police and security establishment into crediting  what at worst were the dangerous fantasies of a handful of muddle-headed refugees. On the basis of some recipes for poison  scribbled on a piece of paper  by one Kamel Bourgass, six other Algerians in addition to Bourgass were charged with conspiracy to murder.   A lengthy trial in...


"A monumental book written by a leading authority in particle physics and cosmology. Since publication of Weinberg's famous book Gravitation and Cosmology 35 years ago, there has been a real revolution both in cosmological theory and observations. A major effort of a great expert has been required to summarize the main developments in one book, and to make this presentation both highly accurate and accessible. This book will be great...

Turn Left at Orion , 4th edition

"This is quite possibly the most inviting guidebook ever written to help people with binoculars and small telescopes find, view, understand, and, most of all, enjoy everything in the night sky from the Moon and planets to distant star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. And if you think it's only for beginners, think again--every telescope owner should have a copy." Dennis di Cicco, Senior Editor, Sky & Telescope "Since it first app...

Campbell Biology (10th edition)

First of all, why are all of these reviews based on the service of the item? A customer review is supposed to be based SOLELY on the product itself, not its condition, not the seller, not the rental service. Amazon's review guidelines clearly state that "feedback about the seller, your shipment experience, or packaging is not a product review and should" not be a part of your product review. There are other venues for that. Here is a...

UFOs, Chemtrails, and Aliens : What Science Says

With their book’s brisk pace and energetic writing, Prothero and Callahan offer entertainment as well as wisdom for everyone who’s ever wondered what’s behind so many conspiracy theories and paranormal phenomena. (Publishers Weekly (starred review))

2005: Past Meets Present in Astronomy And Astrophysics

This volume considers recent theoretical and observational developments in astronomy and astrophysics with contributions on solar system bodies, extrasolar planets, star formation, galaxy evolution and cosmology. A special section is dedicated to the history of astronomy including papers on the history of the Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon, time service and legal time, the 1870 solar eclipse expedition, and a comparison between M...

Turn Left at Orion

A superb guidebook described in Bookwatch as 'the home astronomer's "bible"', Turn Left at Orion provides all the information beginning amateur astronomers need to observe the Moon, the planets and a whole host of celestial objects. Large format diagrams show these objects exactly as they appear in a small telescope and for each object there is information on the current state of our astronomical knowledge. Revised and updated, this ...

Stargazing Basics: Getting Started in Recreational Astronomy

How do I get started in Astronomy? Should I buy binoculars or a telescope? What can I expect to see? This wonderful informal guide has all the answers for an absolute beginner to get started observing the night sky. It begins with advice on how to choose appropriate and affordable equipment and accessories, and covers basic stargazing techniques, from observing with the naked eye to binoculars and telescopes. It then takes you on a t...

Conception et construction de télescopes et astrographes amateurs

Pour les amateurs débutants… Dans cet ouvrage, les auteurs détaillent, étape par étape, la réalisation de téléscopes de voyage et d'astrographes. Depuis la conception jusqu'à la construction, ils expliquent l'élaboration des machines à tailler et polir les miroirs, la bonne manière de les tester à l'aide d'un interféromètre facile à réaliser, et la construction d'instruments spécialisés dans l'étude et l'observation du soleil. L'amat...

Catastrophes, Chaos & Convolutions

James P. Hogan stands among the foremost writers of science fiction today, and is renowned for his ability to combine accurate science from the cutting edge of present-day research with living, breathing characters in fast-paced, suspenseful stories. Catastrophes, Chaos & Convolutions gives Hogan's thousands of avid readers both a solid-chunk of high-quality science fiction and a look behind the scenes, as Hogan describes how his...