The Surface of Mars

Our knowledge of Mars has grown enormously over the last decade as a result of the Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey, Mars Express, and the two Mars Rover missions. This book is a systematic summary of what we have learnt about the geological evolution of Mars as a result of these missions. It describes the diverse Martian surface features and summarizes current ideas as to how, when, and under what conditions they formed, and explo...

Tragedy and Triumph in Orbit: The Eighties and Early Nineties

April 12, 2011 is the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s pioneering journey into space. To commemorate this momentous achievement, Springer-Praxis is producing a mini series of books that reveals how humanity’s knowledge of flying, working, and living in space has grown in the last half century. “Tragedy and Triumph” focuses on the 1980s and early 1990s, a time when relations between the United States and the Soviet Union swung like ...

3-D Atlas of Stars and Galaxies

This astronomical atlas features not only conventional star and galaxy maps, but also spectacular three-dimensional stereographs (glasses provided). The book contains three sets of comprehensive full-sky maps that cover local space, regional space, and distant space -- with over 20,000 galaxies. All the stereographs have been derived from the most accurate data available, including results from the Hipparcos satellite, and can be use...

A Spectroscopic Atlas of Bright Stars: A Pocket Field Guide

A Spectroscopic Atlas of the Stars: A Pocket Field Guide is a standard reference book for all amateur astronomers interested in practical spectroscopy or spectrography. For the first time in one place, it identifies more than 70 (northern hemisphere) bright stars that are suitable observational targets for both amateurs and astronomy students. Finder charts are provided for locating these sometimes-familiar stars. Data for each star ...

Handbook of CCD Astronomy

Charge-Coupled Devices (CCDs) are the state-of-the-art detector in many fields of observational science. Updated to include all of the latest developments in CCDs, this second edition of the Handbook of CCD Astronomy is a concise and accessible reference on all practical aspects of using CCDs. Starting with their electronic workings, it discusses their basic characteristics and then gives methods and examples of how to determine thes...

Gravity, Black Holes, and the Very Early Universe

Here it is, in a nutshell: the history of one genius’s most crucial work – discoveries that were to change the face of modern physics. In the early 1900s, Albert Einstein formulated two theories that would forever change the landscape of physics: the Special Theory of Relativity and the General Theory of Relativity. Respected American academic Professor Tai Chow tells us the story of these discoveries. He details the basic ideas of E...

Handbook of Pulsar Astronomy

Radio pulsars are rapidly rotating, highly magnetized neutron stars. This comprehensive book brings together key observational techniques, background information and a review of the latest results, including the recent discovery of a double pulsar system. Useful software tools are provided to analyze example data, made available on a related website. The work will be of great value to graduate students and researchers wishing to carr...

The Chemistry of Cosmic Dust

It has been firmly established over the last quarter century that cosmic dust plays important roles in astrochemistry. The consequences of these roles affect the formation of planets, stars and even galaxies. Cosmic dust has been a controversial topic but there is now a considerable measure of agreement as to its nature and roles in astronomy, and its initiation of astrobiology. The subject has stimulated an enormous research effort,...

Otto Sterns Veröffentlichungen - Band 5: Veröffentlichungen Mitarbeiter von 1929 bis 1935

In diesem fünfbändigen Werk finden sich alle Veröffentlichungen des bedeutenden Physikers und Nobelpreisträgers Otto Stern. Mit seinen genialen Experimentierverfahren war Otto Stern einer der Entdecker des Stern-Gerlach-Experiments und leistete somit einen Meilenstein für die Entwicklung der modernen Quantenphysik. Mit seinen Publikationen, welche unter anderem die innere Struktur von Elementarteilchen, die Bestimmung der de Broglie-...

Sedona UFO Connection and Planetary Ascension Guide

Sedona UFO Connection and Planetary Ascension Guide is a guide to understanding our connection to the stars. It traces human involvement with aliens from ancient times of Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations to the present. The guide helps with distinguishing between positive and negative alien life forms.