In Celebration of K. C. Hines

This book presents a comprehensive review of a diverse range of subjects in physics written by physicists who have all been taught by or are associated with K C Hines. Ken Hines was a great mentor with far-reaching influence on his students who later went on to make outstanding contributions to physics in their careers. The papers provide significant insights into statistical physics, plasma physics from fluorescent lighting to quant...

The Ordinary Spaceman: From Boyhood Dreams to Astronaut

What’s it like to travel at more than 850 MPH, riding in a supersonic T-38 twin turbojet engine airplane? What happens when the space station toilet breaks? How do astronauts “take out the trash” on a spacewalk, tightly encapsulated in a space suit with just a few layers of fabric and Kevlar between them and the unforgiving vacuum of outer space? The Ordinary Spaceman puts you in the flight suit of U.S. astronaut Clayton C. Anderson ...

The Facts on File Dictionary of Astronomy (5th edition)

"The Facts On File Dictionary of Astronomy, Fifth Edition" is a new edition in the "Dictionary Science" series. This volume uses clear descriptions of different celestial bodies, observational techniques and instruments, and scientific and mathematical theories by which other dictionaries in this discipline have been measured. Now in its fifth edition, this book has been thoroughly updated and expanded with more than 3,700 cross-refe...

A Practical Guide to Geostatistical Mapping of Environmental Variables

The main purpose of this guide is to assist you in using geostatistical tools with your own data. The book assists you in obtaining the software and making the first steps, warn what might be the bottlenecks and what you should avoid doing, and provide the most crucial tricks’n’tips on how to build scripts and organize the data processing. The guide consists of four chapters. The first chapter is an introductory chapter to the practi...

Introduction to Space Physics

Designed as a text for upper-level undergraduate and first-year graduate students, this volume attempts to establish the curriculum for the modern student entering the fledgling field of space physics. The book provides a broad, yet selective, treatment of the subject, covering virtually all aspects of space plasmas in the solar system.

Entering Space: Creating a Spacefaring Civilization

The author of the international bestseller The Case for Mars, called "ingenious" by The New York Times Book Review, brings us to the very brink of human exploration. Using nuts-and-bolts engineering and a unique grasp of human history, the man celebrated as "the Christopher Columbus of Mars" brings us to the not-very-distant future, when our global society will branch out into the universe. From the current-day prospect of lunar base...

L'astronomie : La géométrie de l'univers

Depuis vingt-cinq siècles déjà, le regard plongé dans la voûte céleste, l'Homme cherche à percer le secret de l'Univers. Guidé par Ptolémée ou Galilée, Newton ou Einstein, il lui faut sans cesse repenser le temps, l'espace, le mouvement des objets célestes, mais aussi sa place dans ce ballet gigantesque. Assoiffé de découverte, il construit des instruments capables de voir au plus profond du cosmos. Jamais las d'observer, il veut aus...

Digital SLR Astrophotography

In the last few years, digital SLR cameras have taken the astrophotography world by storm. It is now easier to photograph the stars than ever before! They are compact and portable, flexible to adapt with different lenses and for telescope use, and above all DSLR cameras are easy and enjoyable to use. In this concise guide, experienced astrophotography expert Michael Covington outlines the simple, enduring basics that will enable you ...

The Sun

This lively and informative book introduces beginning readers to the Sun, which is the center of our solar system and the system's largest object. As a star, it has tremendous energy, which draws the planets into regular orbits, influences their weather systems, and provides the conditions for life on Earth.