Extracting Physics from Gravitational Waves

Tjonnie Li's thesis covers two applications of Gravitational Wave astronomy: tests of General Relativity in the strong-field regime and cosmological measurements. The first part of the thesis focuses on the so-called TIGER, i.e. Test Infrastructure for General Relativity, an innovative Bayesian framework for performing hypothesis tests of modified gravity using ground-based GW data. After developing the framework, Li simulates a vari...

Astronomy: A Physical Perspective (2nd edition)

This fully revised and updated text is a comprehensive introduction to astronomical objects and phenomena. By applying some basic physical principles to a variety of situations, students will learn how to relate everyday physics to the astronomical world. Starting with the simplest objects, the text contains explanations of how and why astronomical phenomena occur, and how astronomers collect and interpret information about stars, ga...

The Many Scales in the Universe

All branches of astrophysics are encompassed in this book, from the largest scales and cosmology to the solar system and the Sun, through the galaxies and the stars, including a section on astronomical instrumentation. Experts from across the world ‘speak’ in a single book about the most recent, exciting results from their fields. A CD-ROM accompanies the book opening a panorama of astrophysics today.

Le Mystère de Mars

Mars est sans aucun doute la planète qui a exercé le plus de fascination sur les hommes. Loin de dissiper le mystère, les clichés pris par les dernières missions spatiales ont en effet fait apparaître une planète à l'histoire tourmentée : une planète "assassinée", coupée en deux par une gigantesque faille, pourvue d'un hémisphère dépecé, et d'un autre marqué par de nets cratères d'impact. Sans parler des reliefs de la plaine de Cydon...

Protection of Materials and Structures from Space Environment: ICPMSE-6 (Space Technology Proceedings)

This publication presents the proceedings of ICPMSE-6, the sixth international conference on Protection of Materials and Structures from Space Environment, held in Toronto May 1-3, 2002. The ICPMSE series of meetings became an important part of the LEO space community since it was started in 1991. Since then, the meeting has grown steadily, attracting a large number of engineers, researchers, managers, and scientists from industrial ...

Plasma Research at the Limit

This book looks behind the scenes at the Plasma Crystal laboratory on the International Space Station (ISS) to see how science and research is carried out on the first physical science laboratory in space. As well as the background story of the ISS and the many scientific discoveries that were made, it focuses on the ups and downs on the route to success, and the people involved: the scientists, engineers, agency representatives, and...

Applied Geostatistics

This volume demonstrates how simple statistical methods can be used to analyse earth science data, and explains how various forms of the estimation method called kriging can be employed for specific problems. A case study of a simulated deposit is the focus for the book. This model helps the student develop an understanding of how statistical tools work, serving as a tutorial to guide readers through their first independent geostatis...

Rockets (Frontiers in Space)

From the fire arrows of ancient China to the ballistic missiles developed during World War II to the rockets of the 20th century, the development of modern launch vehicles have forever changed the destiny of humankind. These sophisticated propulsion machines harness the action-reaction principle of physics and allow humans to enter a world that was previously denied them: outer space. In an eye-opening volume on this technological ev...