Einstein's Jury: The Race to Test Relativity

Einstein's Jury is the dramatic story of how astronomers in Germany, England, and America competed to test Einstein's developing theory of relativity. Weaving a rich narrative based on extensive archival research, Jeffrey Crelinsten shows how these early scientific debates shaped cultural attitudes we hold today. The book examines Einstein's theory of general relativity through the eyes of astronomers, many of whom were not convinced...

No God, No Science: Theology, Cosmology, Biology

No God, No Science: Theology, Cosmology, Biology presents a work of philosophical theology that retrieves the Christian doctrine of creation from the distortions imposed upon it by positivist science and the Darwinian tradition of evolutionary biology. Argues that the doctrine of creation is integral to the intelligibility of the world Brings the metaphysics of the Christian doctrine of creation to bear on the nature of science Offer...

The Exo-Weather Report: Exploring Diverse Atmospheric Phenomena Around the Universe

David Stevenson’s new book links the meteorology of the Earth to that of other planets, stars, and clusters of galaxies, showing the similarities and differences between terrestrial weather and that of weather on other worlds. Because Earth is not unique in having weather, there is much to learn from other planets with atmospheres that show the movement of energy from hotter to colder areas. The weather seen on Earth and other known ...

The Immune System in Space: Are we prepared?

This book gives insight into the mechanism of the immune system and the influence of the environment on earth. Further, the book explains the changes that occur in our immune system in the absence of gravity and their fundamental consequences. Several limiting factors for human health and performance in microgravity have been clearly identified as an unacceptable risk for long-term and interplanetary flights. Serious concerns arose w...

Gravitationswellen: Einblicke in Theorie, Vorhersage und Entdeckung

100 Jahre nach Einsteins Arbeit zur Relativitätstheorie ist der Beweis für die Existenz von Gravitationswellen eine Sensation. Die angesehenen Wissenschaftler Domenico Giulini und Claus Kiefer geben in diesem essential einen kompakten Überblick über dieses Phänomen der theoretischen Physik und über die indirekten und die kürzlich gelungenen direkten Nachweise von Gravitationswellen. Vorhergesagt durch die Allgemeine Relativitätstheor...

L'esplorazione dell'universo. La rivoluzione che sta svelando il cosmo

Negli ultimi 100 anni l'interpretazione dell'universo ha subito una rivoluzione radicale. Nel 1914 pensavamo ancora che la nostra galassia, la Via Lattea, costituisse l'intero universo. Unico, immobile e circoscritto. Sono stati il trionfo della teoria della relatività generale, una rinnovata ricerca cosmologica e la fisica moderna a spostare completamente la comprensione dello spazio e del tempo. Oggi vediamo l'universo come un luog...

Reviews in Modern Astronomy, From Cosmological Structures to the Milky Way

Volume 18 continues the Reviews in Modern Astronomy with twelve invited reviews and highlight contributions which were presented during the International Scientific Conference of the Astronomical Society on the topic "From Cosmological Structures to the Milky Way", held in Prague, Czech Republic, September 20 to 25, 2004. The contributions to the meeting published in this volume discuss, among other subjects, X-ray astronomy, cosmolo...

The Omniverse: Transdimensional Intelligence, Time Travel, the Afterlife, and the Secret Colony on Mars

A tour through the new science of the Omniverse, its spiritual and physical dimensions, and its incalculable intelligent civilizations • Reveals the key travel and communication technologies of the Omniverse: time travel, teleportation, and telepathy • Unveils newly disclosed state secrets about these technologies, about the findings of the NASA Mars rover missions, and about a secret colony and life on Mars • Explains through scienc...

Explorations: Introduction to Astronomy, 8 edition

The eighth edition of Explorations: An Introduction to Astronomy strives to share with students a sense of wonder about the universe and the dynamic, ever-changing science of astronomy. Written for students of various educational backgrounds, Explorations emphasizes current information, a visually exciting art package, accessible writing, and accuracy. The new edition also features the most complete technology support package offered...

Schaum's Outline of Astronomy

Tough Test Questions? Missed Lectures? Not Enough Time? Fortunately for you, there's Schaum's Outlines. More than 40 million students have trusted Schaum's to help them succeed in the classroom and on exams. Schaum's is the key to faster learning and higher grades in every subject. Each Outline presents all the essential course information in an easy-to-follow, topic-by-topic format. You also get hundreds of examples, solved problems...