The Lost Constellations: A History of Obsolete, Extinct, or Forgotten Star Lore

Casual stargazers are familiar with many classical figures and asterisms composed of bright stars (e.g., Orion and the Plough), but this book reveals not just the constellations of today but those of yesteryear. The history of the human identification of constellations among the stars is explored through the stories of some influential celestial cartographers whose works determined whether new inventions survived. The history of how ...

Structure of Matter: An Introductory Course with Problems and Solutions

This is the second edition of this textbook, the original of which was published in 2007. Initial undergraduate studies in physics are usually in an organized format devoted to elementary aspects, which is then followed by advanced programmes in specialized fields. A difficult task is to provide a formative introduction in the early period, suitable as a base for courses more complex, thus bridging the wide gap between elementary phy...

Lunar and Planetary Cartography in Russia

This book is the first to document in depth the history of lunar and planetary cartography in Russia. The first map of the far side of the Moon was made with the participation of Lomonosov Moscow University (Sternberg Astronomical Institute, MSU) in 1960. The developed mapping technologies were then used in preparing the “Complete Map of the Moon” in 1967 as well as other maps and globes. Over the years, various maps of Mars have eme...

The International Atlas of Mars Exploration: The First Five Decades (Volume 1, 1953 to 2003)

Covering the first five decades of the exploration of Mars, this atlas is the most detailed visual reference available. It brings together, for the first time, a wealth of information from diverse sources, featuring annotated maps, photographs, tables, and detailed descriptions of every Mars mission in chronological order, from the dawn of the space age to Mars Express. Special attention is given to landing site selection, including ...

Breakthrough!: 100 Astronomical Images That Changed Our World View

This unique volume by two renowned astrophotographers unveils the science and history behind 100 of the most significant astronomical images of all time. The authors have carefully selected their list of images from across time and technology to bring to the reader the most relevant photographic images spanning all eras of modern astronomical history. Based on scientific evidence today we have a basic notion of how Earth and the univ...

Aide-mémoire Génie climatique

Cet aide-mémoire, qui traite de façon synthétique et illustrée des principaux domaines de la climatisation, détaille : • Les outils nécessaires à la maîtrise de la climatisation : bilans thermiques, psychrométrie, hydraulique, aéraulique ; • Les principaux systèmes de climatisation : détente directe, systèmes tout air, systèmes tout eau, etc. ; • Les différents moyens permettant l’optimisation énergétique et les énergies nouvelles : ...

Das Relativitätsprinzip: Eine Sammlung von Abhandlungen

Das vorliegende Buch bietet eine klassische, immer noch aktuelle Einführung in die Probleme und die Entwicklung der Relativitätstheorie anhand von Originalarbeiten. Der 100. Geburtstag der Allgemeinen Relativitätstheorie im November 2015 dient nun als Anlass zur  Herausgabe der um neun weitere Artikel ergänzten Neuauflage dieses Klassikers. Das Werk  „Das Relativitätsprinzip“ wurde erstmals 1913 von dem Mathematiker Otto Blumenthal h...

The Local Group as an Astrophysical Laboratory

The Local Group of galaxies consists of the Milky Way and all of its neighbors. The proximity of these galaxies allows for detailed studies of the processes that have led to their formation, structures, and evolution. In particular, studies of the Local Group can test predictions of structure formation that are based on dark energy and cold dark matter. This book presents a collection of review papers, written by world experts, on so...

The Magnetodiscs and Aurorae of Giant Planets

Readers will find grouped together here the most recent observations, current theoretical models and present understanding of the coupled atmosphere, magnetosphere and solar wind system. The book begins with a general discussion of mass, energy and momentum transport in magnetodiscs. The physics of partially ionized plasmas of the giant planet magnetodiscs is of general interest throughout the field of space physics, heliophysics and...

Beating the Odds: The Life and Times of E A Milne

E A Milne was one of the giants of 20th century astrophysics and cosmology. His bold ideas, underpinned by his Christianity, sparked controversy -- he believed two time scales operate in the universe. Struggling against poverty, Milne won five scholarships to Cambridge, but he never finished his degree. In World War I he was invited to develop Horace Darwin's device for anti-aircraft gunnery and after the Armistice his prowess in bal...