Canonical Gravity and Applications

Providing mathematical foundations as well as physical applications, this is the first systematic explanation of canonical methods in gravity. Ideal for both graduate students and researchers, this book provides a link between standard introductions to general relativity and advanced expositions of black hole physics, theoretical cosmology or quantum gravity.

The Geology of Mars: Evidence from Earth-Based Analogs

Interpretations of the geological processes operating on Mars are based on our knowledge of processes occurring on Earth. This 2007 book presents contributions from leading planetary geologists to demonstrate the parallels and differences between these two planets, and will therefore be a key reference for students and researchers of planetary science.

Turn Left at Orion (5th Edition)

This unique and best-selling guidebook to the night sky shows amateur astronomers how to observe a host of celestial wonders. Its distinct format of object-by-object spreads illustrates how deep-sky objects and planets will actually look in a small telescope, with large pages and spiral binding for ease of use outside.

The Joyous Cosmology

This book blows The Doors of Perception away. Watts is so much better than Huxley at giving a first-hand account of his experiences under the influence of mind-altering drugs. The way Watts talks about it, it's like you're actually there with him, experiencing it for yourself. Watt's gift with using prose to translate perceptions and truths is simply unparalelled. I wish I had started reading Watts 30 years ago--my life would have be...

Religion and Science in Context: A Guide to the Debates

'Religion and Science in Context is a superb introduction to the relationship between science and religion. It is learned without being condescending, informed without being dogmatic, gentle without being soft. It will be required reading for those who want to engage in this important topic.' - Michael Ruse, Florida State University, USA

Earth (Early Bird Astronomy)

Presents information about the Earth, covering its structure, atmosphere, weather, the other planets surrounding it, and its satellite, the Moon, along with photographs of its appearance as seen from outer space.

Functional Polymers by Reversible Deactivation Radical Polymerisation

The synthesis of tailor-made functional polymers with controlled architecture is very challenging. The functional groups present in the monomer often either prevent polymerisation or lead to several side reactions. In this regard, reversible deactivation radical polymerisation (RDRP) techniques are useful tools to prepare macromolecular architectures with controlled molecular weight, architecture and narrow dispersity. This book desc...

Chemical Principles of Textile Conservation

The combination of a chemist and a conservator provides the perfect authorial team. It ensures a unique dual function of the text that provides textile conservators with vital chemical knowledge and gives scientists an understanding of textile conservation necessary to direct their research. The many practical examples and case studies illustrate the utility of the relatively large chemical introduction and the essential chemical inf...

The Skywatcher's Handbook

This illustrated reference book provides all one needs to interpret the skies of the Northern Hemisphere by day and by night. 24 full-color and 176 two-color photographs.

Universe in Creation

“The universe could not have dreamt up a better press agent for its story than Roy Gould. From what connects katydids and elephants, through the natural evolution of RNAs, to exoplanets and the Mandelbrot set―the author’s sense of wonder at what is around us is absolutely infectious. Gould’s explanation of how order is naturally created by using disorder at all scales is the best I have seen, making sense of purposefulness without pu...