Retrying Galileo, 1633–1992

"This is must reading for historians of science and a delight for the interested public. From his access to many primary sources in the Vatican Library and from his broad knowledge of the history of the 17th century, Finocchiaro acquaints readers in an interesting manner with the historical facts of Galileo's trial, its aftermath, and its repercussions. Unlike many other works which present predetermined and, at times, prejudiced jud...

Les trous noirs : A la poursuite de l'invisible

Les trous noirs. Derrière ce nom qui nourrit l'imaginaire collectif se cachent des astres à la fois conceptuellement très simples mais très difficiles à étudier. Simples de par leur définition : ce sont tout simplement des objets capables de piéger la lumière en leur sein. Difficile, parce que d'une part ils sont le siège de phénomènes gravitationnels si extrêmes que notre intuition est peu à même de les appréhender, et d'autre part ...

Understanding the Universe (The Visual Guides)

Accurate, detailed visual information is all defined in lay language to make it readily accessible to the non-expert. Definitions to scientific terms are given either in the explanation itself, or in the comprehensive glossary.

One Hundred Years Of General Relativity

The aim of the book is to give a comprehensive review of one hundred years of development of general relativity and its scientific influences. The book focuses on five aspects of the theory: Genesis, Solutions and Energy Empirical Foundations Gravitational Waves Cosmology Quantum Gravity This unique book provides a broad introduction and review to the fascinating and profound subject of general relativity, its historical development,...

Introduction to Environmental Toxicology: (4th edition)

This is a fantastic book, and I used it for reference outside of class all the time. New in the Fourth Edition: New author, Dr. Ruth M. Sofield 8-page color insert New chapter on fate and transport of contaminants Emphasis on the use of all types of models in understanding how nature works Revised sections on synergy and atrazine toxicity Updated coverage of the analysis of impacts to populations, communities and ecosystems Enlarged ...

Portals to the Universe

The astronomy science centers established by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to serve as the interfaces between astronomy missions and the community of scientists who utilize the data have been enormously successful in enabling space-based astronomy missions to achieve their scientific potential. These centers have transformed the conduct of much of astronomical research, established a new paradigm for the us...

L'Univers dévoilé

Notre conception actuelle de l'Univers n'a plus guère à voir avec celle que l'on en avait il y a cent ans. Bien qu'il n'existe pas encore de réponse à certaines questions fondamentales, comme la nature de la matière noire ou l'existence de la vie ailleurs que sur la Terre, les progrès récents de l'astronomie ont été si spectaculaires que l'essentiel de l'Univers nous est aujourd'hui dévoilé. Ce sont l'histoire et les moyens de ces pr...

Introduction to Polymer Compounding: Raw Materials, Volume 1

Polymer compounding comprises a complex heterogeneous system of polymers and other ingredients and, in many ways, the preparation of these materials is still very much an art. It is a powerful tool that will eventually be required as one of the basics of polymer processing. This book provides the reader with a wide array of state-of-the-art strategies to develop their knowledge about compounding and the use of polymers while minimisi...

Practical Statistics for Astronomers

Wall and Jenkins have produced an excellent introduction to astrostatistics, the discipline that is foremost interested in the statistical analysis of astronomical data. The book is clearly written for astronomers and for students in astronomy. However, it is also of good value to statisticians who already understand the statistics, but not necessarily the appropriate application of various statistical analyses to astronomical and co...