Theoretical Astrophysics: Volume 3, Galaxies And Cosmology

This timely volume provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of cosmology and extragalactic astronomy at an advanced level. Beginning with an overview of the key observational results and necessary terminology, it covers important topics: the theory of galactic structure and galactic dynamics, structure formation, cosmic microwave background radiation, formation of luminous galaxies in the universe, intergalactic medium and acti...

Multivariate Data Analysis

Interest in statistical methodology is increasing so rapidly in the astronomical community that accessible introductory material in this area is long overdue. This book fills the gap by providing a presentation of the most useful techniques in multivariate statistics. A wide-ranging annotated set of general and astronomical bibliographic references follows each chapter, providing valuable entry-points for research workers in all astr...

States Of Denial: The Tuskar Rock Incident And Other Mysteries

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, which fly in the face of the laws of physics, intrude upon all aspects of aviation around the globe. These conundrums seem like tangible proof that the universe is a much stranger place than humanity, with its ‘consensus reality’, is willing to accept. Among the cases discussed by the authors, one particular event was instrumental in directing their research into aerial phenomena: the mysterious demise ...

The Vixen Star Book User Guide

This book is for anyone who owns, or is thinking of owning, a Vixen Star Book Ten telescope mount or its predecessor. A revolution in amateur astronomy has occurred in the past decade with the wide availability of high tech, computer-driven, Go-To telescopes.  Vixen Optics is leading the way by offering the Star Book Ten system, with its unique star map graphics software.  The Star Book Ten is the latest version of computer telescope...

A Guide To Hubble Space Telescope Objects: Their Selection, Location, And Significance

From the authors of "How to Find the Apollo Landing Sites," this is a guide to connecting the view above with the history of recent scientific discoveries from the Hubble Space Telescope. Each selected HST photo is shown with a sky map and a photograph or drawing to illustrate where to find it and how it should appear from a backyard telescope. Here is the casual observer's chance to locate the deep space objects visually, and apprec...

Galileos Tochter: Eine Geschichte Von Der Wissenschaft, Den Sternen Und Der Liebe

Celeste ging bereits als junges Mädchen ins Kloster. Über hundert Briefe an den Vater sind erhalten und zeigen einen Galileo, wie wir ihn nicht kennen: voller Mut, die Wahrheiten, auf die er stieß, zu erklären. Sobel versteht es meisterlich, die Stimmen von Galileo und seiner Tochter in ihre Erzählung einzuweben. Und sie führt uns die wohl dramatischste Konfrontation von Kirche und Wissenschaft vor Augen, die es in der Geschichte geg...

The Universe In Your Hand: A Journey Through Space, Time And Beyond

Christophe Galfard holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Cambridge University, where he was Professor Stephen Hawking's graduate student from 2000 to 2006, researching the so-called black hole information paradox. He is the author of three novels and was co-author with Stephen Hawking and his daughter of their first YA novel, which has now been sold in more than 45 territories. Christophe now devotes his time to spreading modern ...

Plotinus’ Cosmology

Wilberding's study is a fine example of contemporary scholarship on Plotinus. It contains the Greek text with full critical apparatus...and an English translation, which strikes a fine balance between accuracy and readability.... The book also includes a substantial introduction...a line-by-line commentary..., a comprehensive bibliography, and index locorum, and indexes of names and subjects. In Ennead II.1 (40) Plotinus is primarily...

Engineering Challenges To The Long-term Operation Of The International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) is truly an international undertaking. The project is being led by the United States, with the participation of Japan, the European Space Agency, Canada, Italy, Russia, and Brazil. Russia is participating in full partnership with the United States in the fabrication of ISS modules, the assembly of ISS elements on orbit, and, after assembly has been completed, the day-to-day operation of the stati...