Astrophysical Techniques, Sixth Edition

  Long used in undergraduate and introductory graduate courses, Astrophysical Techniques, Sixth Edition provides a comprehensive account of the instruments, detectors, and techniques employed in astronomy and astrophysics. Emphasizing the underlying unity of all astronomical observations, this popular text provides a coherent state-of-the-art account of the instruments and techniques used in current astronomy and astrophysics. &...

Planets To Cosmology: Essential Science In The Final Years Of The Hubble Space Telescope

This 2006 book acknowledges the importance of identifying the most crucial science to be performed by the superb Hubble Telescope. With this goal in mind, the book presents a review of some of the most important open questions in astronomy. World experts examine topics ranging from extrasolar planets and star formation to supermassive black holes and the reionization of the universe. Special emphasis is placed on what astronomical ob...

Space Exploration In A Changing International Environment

This CSIS Report examines the strategic implications of manned space exploration. The current phase of exploration is coming to an end, and nations are seeking the next step. The decisions of the United States and its partners on the future of space exploration will determine the strategic situation in space. There are difficult issues to consider in moving ahead: the target of exploration beyond LEO, the balance between manned and u...

Christophe Galfard, L’univers À Portée De Main

Vous êtes à quelques milliers de kilomètres au-dessus de la surface du Soleil. Sa puissance est à couper le souffle. D'énormes boules magnétiques gonflent et se percent, éjectant vers l?espace des milliards de tonnes de matière brûlante qui transpercent votre corps éthéré. Le spectacle est extraordinaire et vous vous demandez soudain, avec une légère jalousie, ce qui rend le Soleil si spécial par rapport à la Terre. Imaginez que vous...

Mass Supply And Flows In The Solar Corona: The 2nd Soho Workshop By Bernhard Fleck

nd The 2 SORO Workshop on "Mass Supply and Flows in the Solar Corona" was held in Marciana Mariana on the island of Elba, Italy, in the week September 27 to October 1, 1993, as part of a series of workshops planned by the Solar Corona and Particles Working Group of the SOHO Science Working Team (SWT). The purpose of this workshop series is to acquaint the solar community with the capabilities of SORO, and prepare scientific projects ...

Spacewalker: My Journey In Space And Faith As Nasa’s Record-setting Frequent Flyer

  An insider’s account of the U.S. Space Shuttle program, from before its first launch through the final landing, and the building of the International         Space Station. ·       A firsthand account of life in space from the first human to fly seven missions.       ·       An inspirational story of a personal journey from rural Indiana to outer space, powered by a deep Christian faith.

Anleitung Zur Schwerelosigkeit: Was Wir Im All Fürs Leben Lernen Können

Millionen haben das Video gesehen, in dem der Astronaut Chris Hadfield singend und Gitarre spielend durch die Raumstation ISS schwebt. Fasziniert schauen die Menschen seither nach oben: Wie verändert der Blick aus 400 km Höhe die Sicht auf unser Leben? Chris Hadfield nimmt uns mit in schwindelerregende Sphären: Er erzählt von riskanten Manövern und von der Kunst, stets auf das Schlimmste vorbereitet zu sein und zugleich an das Unmögl...

Our Sun: Biography Of A Star By Christopher Cooper

Our sun is one star among 50 billion in the galaxy. Our galaxy is only one among 50 billion in the universe. With a vastness this incomprehensible, it is easy to feel like we are mere specks of sand on an endless shore. But our sun is special. Though roughly 150 million kilometers separate us, we could not be more connected. Literally, everything you see comes from the sun. The words you are reading now are really photons that left t...

The Universe: A Biography

The Universe: A Biography makes cosmology accessible to everyone. John Gribbin navigates the latest frontiers of scientific discovery to tell us what we really know about the history of the universe. Along the way, he describes how the universe began; what the early universe looked like; how its structure developed; and what emerged to hold it all together. He describes where the elements came from; how stars and galaxies formed; and...

Solar System! A Kids Book About The Solar System – Fun Facts & Pictures About Space, Planets & More

Solar System! Planets! Space!Do you love exploring space and the stars?Written by Alexander G. Michaels and published by eBook Kids, "Solar System! A Kids Book About the Solar System - Fun Facts & Pictures About Space, Planets & More" is a nonfiction journey through our Solar System that's filled with wonderful, bright photographs that look show up great on Kindles, iPads, tablets and PCs. This children's ebook will make lear...