Earth and Its Moon

Long age, Earth was the subject of great speculation. Ancient astronomers such as Ptolemy thought that Earth was the center of the universe. Likewise, there have been all sorts of assumptions about Earth's satellite, the Moon. One of the most interesting beliefs was that moonlight was capable of driving a person crazy. Using a telescope, Galileo Galilei went on the show that the Sun was actually the center of the universe. And while ...

Pluto: New Horizons For A Lost Horizon: Astronomy, Astrology, And Mythology

This richly and diversely celebratory collection gives us back Pluto, previously and sadly consigned to historical triviality by a one-dimensional science mind that reclassifies it as not even a planet but a dwarf, mere sky fuzz. Grossinger’s assemblage and introductory remarks show us how and why we never consented to let it go, in fact could not dispense with it, given the profound place it holds in individual and collective mind. ...

Beyond: Our Future In Space

Beyond dares to imagine a fantastic future for humans in space―and then reminds us that we’re already there. Human exploration has been an unceasing engine of technological progress, from the first homo sapiens to leave our African cradle to a future in which mankind promises to settle another world. Beyond tells the epic story of humanity leaving home―and how humans will soon thrive in the vast universe beyond the earth. A dazzling ...

All About Space – Book Of The Solar System 2nd Revised Edition

The more we know about the planetary system we live in, the closer we are to answering the conundrum of whether Earth – and humankind – are unique. The newly revised Book of the Solar System tours the essentials, with in-depth guides accompanied by amazing images and illustrations. You will soon feel at home with even our most hostile planetary neighbours!

How It Works Book Of 101 Amazing Facts You Need To Know Volume 2

What causes earthquakes? Why is Magna Carta so important? Why do we love chocolate? What is the V1 star? For the answers to these questions and many more, look no further than this new collection of conundrums and curiosities from six subject areas. Covering the environment, technology, science, space, transport and history, each section is packed with amazing facts to satisfy even the hungriest of minds.

All About Space Tour Of The Universe 2nd Revised Edition

Interplanetary tourism is still, unfortunately, not possible in our time. However, All About Space Tour of the Universe offers the next best thing – an intellectual journey through our universe based on the latest research and most advanced technology. Discover everything humans have discovered about space, taking you from our own Solar System all the way to distant ghosts of space, such as the shadowy galaxies whose existence is onl...

Star Maps: History, Artistry, and Cartography, 2nd edition

Until the publication of the first edition of 'Star Maps,' books were either general histories of astronomy using examples of antiquarian celestial maps as illustrations, or catalogs of celestial atlases that failed to trace the flow of sky map development over time. The second edition focuses on the development of contemporary views of the heavens and advances in map-making. It captures the beauty and awe of the heavens through imag...

Earthrise: My Adventures As An Apollo 14 Astronaut

On February 5, 1971, Edgar Mitchell jumped off the last rungs of a ladder connecting him to NASA’s Antares spacecraft and landed with two feet on the Moon. Following the disastrous Apollo 13 mission, Mitchell was one of three astronauts to successfully complete the Apollo 14 journey to the Moon, though it wasn’t without its own alarming moments. In Earthrise, Edgar recalls his spectacular trip to the Moon and the life experiences tha...

Nasa’s Contributions To Aeronautics (volumes 1 And 2)

Since its creation, NASA has steadily advanced flight within the atmosphere, repeatedly influencing aviation's evolution by extending the rich legacy of its predecessor, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics or NACA. The first volume in a two-volume set includes case studies and essays on NACA-NASA research for contributions such as high-speed wing design, the area rule, rotary-wing aerodynamics research, sonic boom mitigat...

Twenty – Five Astronomical Observations That Changed the World: And How To Make Them Yourself

"Twenty-Five Astronomical Observations That Changed the World" takes twenty-five journeys through space, back in time and into human history. We begin with the simplest sight of the Tycho Crater on the Moon, through a repeat of Galileo's observations of Jupiter's moons, and then move out towards the nebulae, stars, and galaxies. The astronomical observations repeat the original groundbreaking discoveries that have changed our underst...