The Athlete’s Fix: A Program For Finding Your Best Foods For Performance And Health

5625065091b44.jpg Author Pip Taylor
Isbn 978-1937715335
File size 10.6 MB
Year 2015
Pages 256
Language English
File format EPUB, AZW3
Category Healthcare

Book Description:

In The Athlete’s Fix, registered dietitian Pip Taylor will help you find your problem foods―and the foods that make you feel and perform your best. The Athlete's Fix offers a sensible, 3-step program to identify food intolerances, navigate popular special diets, and develop your own customized clean diet that will support better health and performance.

Endurance sports stress the body, often worsening mild food sensitivities and causing symptoms like GI distress, food cravings, and headaches. Many athletes aggressively eliminate foods as a one-size-fits-all solution. These restrictive diets sometimes bring short-term improvements, but they are difficult to maintain and often leave athletes undernourished and underperforming.

The Athlete’s Fix offers a smarter, fine-tuned approach. Taylor will show how you will benefit most from a diet full of a wide variety of foods. You’ll improve your daily diet, cut out common irritants, then add back foods until you feel great enjoying your own personalized clean diet. To help with this transition, The Athlete’s Fix offers 50 recipes using easily tolerated foods that support a base functional diet.
Food cravings, gut issues, stubborn body fat, chronic headaches, and brain fog are problems athletes face every day. While you might be inclined to push through pain and discomfort, you could be overlooking symptoms of food intolerance.

Popular diets that eliminate specific food groups may yield short-term results, but for most people they are overly restrictive and fail to identify the real food culprits. In The Athlete’s Fix, sports nutritionist and pro triathlete Pip Taylor helps you find the foods that make you feel and perform your best, with a sensible, step-by-step program.



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