In Detail: Building Simply

In a time of loud gestures and ostentation unpretentious buildings, which have been reduced to the essentials with no superfluous decoration, are soothing in their purity. This new volume in the series In Detail demonstrates the breadth and complexity of the issues involved in building simply, from functional and economic demands, through ecological and energy-related aspects, to design and construction requirements. "Building Simply...

In Detail: Housing for People of All Ages

Communal living, intergenerational living, living for families, handicap-accessible living, living and working, living and leisure time the wide variety of current demands is shaping future concepts in housing, which will have to do justice to the needs of our increasingly multilayered society. The examples in this new volume in the In Detail series are correspondingly diverse. From the demand for stroller- and wheelchairaccessible h...

Best of Detail: Fassaden/Facades

The facade serves as the building's public face, allowing rapid assessment of its architecture. The book gathers highlights on this issue from various Detail publications. Best of Detail: Facades explores this topic with theoretical discussions and an in-depth look at a range of selected projects, which, besides showcasing suitable materials and designs, give the reader a detailed look behind the scenes.

Best of Detail: Beton/Concrete

Best of DETAIL: Beton bundelt die Highlights aus der Zeitschrift Detail der letzten Jahre zu diesem ausdrucksstarken Baustoff. Neben interessanten Fachbeitragen liefert die Publikation in einem umfangreichen Projektbeispielteil vom Bahnhof bis zum Einfamilienhaus und zur Kirche jede Menge Inspirationen fur die eigene Praxis.  

Best of Detail: Holz / Wood

Thanks to its diverse application potential, the traditional construction material of wood is increasingly becoming the 'go-to' material for innovative future projects. The trusted material, with its sensuous charm, is equally popular with both builders and architects. Best of DETAIL: Wood offers theoretical fundamentals as well as abundant inspiration and examples of successful architectural design using wood.

best of Detail: Sanierung/Refurbishment

"Best of Detail: Refurbishment" presents a broad range of highlights from detail on the topics of renovation, extension, restoration, refurbishment and conversion. In addition to theoretical contributions, the publication features an extensive section with examples of projects. From small-scale measures, such as the redecoration of single rooms, to the super sized category at the urban renewal level, it offers abundant inspiration to...

In Detail: Building Skins

This volume focuses on the wide-ranging aspects of facade design, from the selection and use of materials to the advanced technical possibilities now open to the architect. A wide array of carefully selected international examples show the theory in the practice.