Witchcraft Through the Ages: The Story of Haxan, the World's Strangest Film, and the Man Who Made It
Witchcraft Through the Ages

Was Häxan, The Witch, the first and most perverse exploitation film, replete with Satanic debauchery, or the original classic of documentary cinema? Benjamin Christensen’s macabre 1922 masterpiece is the first true film maudit and the world’s first cult movie. This taboo-shattering work occupies an exclusive niche in the annals of horror cinema. Greeted by angry protests upon release, it was censored, banned and condemned everywhere....

The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today: Volume 2

The Worlds Greatest Erotic Art of TodayVol. 2 is the second annual publication from the Erotic Signature's yearly juried international art competition. It showcases an unsurpassable collection of contemporary erotic artworks. Stylishly produced, this lavish and desirable art book promises a plethora of graphically induced sensual delights. This book makes a great companion to curl up in bed with, or a wonderful addition on any coffee...

Looking for Trouble: Recognizing and Meeting Threats in Chess

This book is written to address an underemphasized area of chess training and study, the identification of and reaction to--threats. For beginner and intermediate-level players, the study of tactics is paramount. Almost all tactics books take the approach of providing a position where there is a forced win, checkmate or draw. However, Looking for Trouble takes a different tack. This book helps players to recognize threats by providin...