Lipoproteins: Role in Health and Diseases

This volume will help new investigators in the field to get acquainted with the general topic of lipoprotein research and will guide scientists interested in this area to emerging new fields. By typing into databases such as Medline or PubMed the word "lipoprotein" one gets more than 100.000 hits that highlight the common interest in this topic. It is actually impossible to cover all aspects of lipoprotein structure, function, metabo...

Lipoproteins: From Bench To Bedside Ed.

This issue does not raise the claim to give a comprehensive picture of the current knowledge, but rather focuses on specific questions related to animal models in lipoprotein research as well as features of the most atherogenic lipoprotein, Lp(a). Lipoprotein research is a wide field comprising basic science, analytical methods and clinical investigations. In mammalian blood plasma there exist some 6 major lipoprotein classes. Under ...