Metal Nanoparticles for Catalysis

Catalysis is a central topic in chemical transformation and energy conversion. Thanks to the spectacular achievements of colloidal chemistry and the synthesis of nanomaterials over the last two decades, there have also been significant advances in nanoparticle catalysis. Catalysis on different metal nanostructures with well-defined structures and composition has been extensively studied. Metal nanocrystals synthesized with colloidal ...

Self-cleaning Coatings: Structure, Fabrication and Application

Recent years have seen fast development in the field of self-cleaning coatings towards varied applications, such as solar cells, flat display panels, smart cellular phones, building windows, oil pipelines, vehicle coatings and optical devices. The field has been rapidly gaining attention, not only from research and teaching scientists, but also from a growing population of college and graduate students. Self-cleaning coatings describ...