Shotokan Transcendence

This is another great book by Sensei Yokota. There is a wealth of information here, and I recommend it highly. It is a valuable addition to my martial arts library, and after more than 50 years with Shotokan karate, I am still learning a great deal from Sensei Yokota's books. I reread them from time to time, and learn something new each time! Along with Yokota Sensei's previous two works, "Shotokan Myths", and "Shotokan Mysteries", t...

Shotokan Mysteries

Shotokan Mysteries communicates Kousaku Yokota’s work and research into the great, deep golden chest of our continued rediscovery of Shotokan karate in a positive and reflective approach. This book reaches out, openly guiding the reader into recognizing karate as a whole thing itself, paving the way to allow for questions and the subsequent answers to run side by side in a noncritical way, and transcending any misinterpretation or mi...