The Multifaceted Skyrmion, Second Edition

This book presents, in the form of reviews by world's leading physicists in wide-ranging fields in theoretical physics, the influence and prescience of Skyrme's daring idea of 1960, originally conceived for nuclear physics, that fermions can arise from bosons via topological solitons, pervasively playing a powerful role in wide-ranging areas of physics, from nuclear/astrophysics, to particle physics, to string theory and to condensed...

Compact Stars: The Quest For New States Of Sense Matter

Space observations are currently providing a glimpse of various new states of matter possibly present in compact stars, with terrestrial laboratories producing compelling evidence in support. The aim of this book is to facilitate the exchange of ideas — both established and emergent, both theoretical and experimental — in the areas of the physics of neutrinos, dense hadronic matter and compact stars.The proceedings have been selected...