Ultrasonic Synthesis of Functional Materials

This book begins by giving a summary of sonochemistry and explains how a chemical reaction can be induced by the interaction of sound waves and gas bubbles in liquids. The work outlines how primary and secondary radicals combined with the physical effects generated during acoustic cavitation are active in the ultrasonic synthesis of a variety of functional materials. The brief covers hot topics that include ultrasonic synthesis of va...

Cavitation: A Novel Energy-Efficient Technique for the Generation of Nanomaterials

As nanomaterials and their end products occupy the pinnacle position of consumer markets, it becomes vital to analyze their generation processes. One of the green chemistry principles underlines the need for unusual energy sources to generate them. Utilizing the extreme energy from the collapse of cavitation bubbles, generated by either ultrasound or hydrodynamic forces, for the generation of nanomaterials is a merit to consider in t...