Magill's Encyclopedia of Science Animal Life

This four-volume set of encyclopaedias offers accessible information on the animal kingdom. Entries focus on non-humans from the animal kingdom, from insects to reptiles to mammals. Early humans are addressed in an evolutionary context, and modern humans are included only for interspecies comparison or for their efforts to coexist with other species. The encyclopaedia's also contain species overviews which discuss notable anatomy and...

Fantasy Novelists (critical Survey (salem Press))

Gr 8 Up-Reproducing selections from its massive 10-volume Critical Survey of Literature, 4th ed. (2010), Salem has repackaged them into 24 paperbacks on various themes. Each volume features an introductory essay and approximately 22 entries on individual writers. Entries open with a brief discussion of "other literary forms" the author employed, followed by a discussion of "achievements," and then a one to two-page biography. The mai...

Introduction To Literary Context: American Post-modernist Novels

Postmodernism is a term that defies simple definition. Generally, it is understood to refer to changes in social and economic structures that have resulted in no one set of standards, be they moral, aesthetic, or political, having general applicability and validity. Postmodern literature, therefore, is characterized by its rejection of traditional narrative viewpoints and structural forms in favor of a variety of values and technique...