Flight Craft 10: MIL' MI-6/-26: Heavy Lift Helicopters

Developed in the early 1950s to meet a Soviet Army requirement and first flown in June 1957, the Mi-6 was the largest-yet helicopter created in the Soviet Union. Its notable features included a power-plant consisting of two turbo-shaft engines (for the first time on a Soviet helicopter) and stub wings offloading the main rotor in forward flight; the cabin was big enough to accommodate artillery systems and tactical ballistic missiles...

Antonov's Turboprop Twins: An-24, An-26, An-30, An-32 (Red Star Vol. 12)

The An-24 was designed in the late 1950s as the Soviet counterpart of the Fokker F.27 in both appearance and capabilities. The twin-turboprop An-24 was produced by three Soviet aircraft factories; many remain in operation. The Soviet Air Force needed a modern turboprop tactical transport with paradropping capability. Thus the airliner evolved first into the 'quick-fix' An-24T and then into the An-26, which introduced a unique sliding...

Flight Craft 6: Il'yushin/Beriyev A-50 : The 'Soviet Sentry'

Yefim Gordan once again offers Soviet/Russian aircraft affionados a first rate volume on a a contempory Russian military aircraft, the A-50. The volume is complete with full developmental coverage, color side-views of the aircraft in various schemes, and much else. The A-50 is Russia's AWACS, its equilivent to the U.S.'s Boeing-built AWACS force.  

Flight Craft 5: Sukhoi Su-15: The 'Boeing Killer'

In the late 1950s, the Sukhoi Design Bureau, already an established fighter maker, started work on a successor to its Su-9 and Su-11 single-engined interceptors for the national Air defense Force. Similar to its predecessors, the new aircraft designated Su-15 had delta wings; unlike the Su-9/Su-11, however, it had twin engines and lateral air intakes freeing up the nose for a powerful fire control radar. First flown in May 1962, the ...

Soviet and Russian Testbed Aircraft

Absolutely worth the money. Very professional writing, good photos and really tech views. If you are like I am, passionate about military aircraft definitively worth having. This book gives us a well documented and researched look into an area of aviation that is often overlooked. The authors know their subject and do a good job conveying that knowledge! This book would be a good addition to the shelf of the aviation historian, Sovie...