Barcode Killers: The Slipknot Story in Words and Pictures

5aa214884e05a.jpg Author Mark Crampton
Isbn 1842401262
File size 29.2MB
Year 2002
Pages 100
Language English
File format PDF
Category Music

Book Description:

Slithering mercilessly from the bowels of the planet comes an eighteen-legged, nine-headed metal monster, intent on spreading its disease to the four corners of the earth. Known to its prey as Slipknot, this terrifying beast is achieving its aim at a fearful pace. Barcode Killers charts the rise of this dark sinister animal and recreates, in words and pictures, its strategic attempts to infect all those who come into close contact.
With 100 pages of in-depth research and horrific full-colour photographs, many never previously seen, the only complete listing of its vile, contagious calling cards, and the haunting details of what’s coming next, this book tells you all you need to know about the virus that is Slipknot.



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