Beyond Kung Fu: Breaking an Opponent's Power Through Relaxed Tension

5a6d29951c871.jpg Author Leo T. Fong
Isbn 9780897501798
File size 3.28MB
Year 2012
Pages 150
Language English
File format PDF
Category Martial Arts

Book Description:

Instead of facing an opponent while physically tense and adrenaline-pumped, this book teaches how to use the subtle power of nonresistance to break an opponent. Featuring detailed, step-by-step photo sequences that juxtapose relaxed-tension techniques with those used in a street fight or competition, this guide to using nonresistant force illustrates and defines the concepts used in traditional kung fu and details the similarities and differences of modern nonresistance combat. With specific grappling, hitting, and kicking attacks and a practical explanation of chi, the methods demonstrate how to use an opponent's own movements against them, while weight and conditioning exercises and meditation further develop these subtle skills.



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