Bible And Cinema: An Introduction

568cfda976417.jpg Author Adele Reinhartz
Isbn 978-0415779487
File size 6.8 MB
Year 2013
Pages 305
Language English
File format PDF
Category Cinema

Book Description:

Reinhartz deftly shows how cinematic representations of the Bible always reflect the values of the times in which the films are made, as she examines how gender, race, class, and other ideological constructs influence the adaptation of the Bible onto the screen. Through a wide range of examples from biblical epics to modern comedies, her analysis suggests that these films tell us more about contemporary society than about biblical times, as we see how films have used the Bible to validate American exceptionalism, and to structure modern ideas about redemption, morality, apocalyptic, and transcendence.

Topics covered include:

how filmmakers make use of scripture to address and reflect their own time and place.
the Bible as a vehicle through which films can address social and political issues, reflect human experiences and emotions, explore existential issues such as evil and death, and express themes such as destruction and redemption.
the role of the Bible as a source of ethics and morality, and how this connection is both perpetuated and undermined in a range of contemporary Hollywood films.
films that create an experience of transcendence, and the ways in which the Bible figures in that experience.
Reinhartz offers insightful analysis of numerous films including The Ten Commandments and The Shawshank Redemption, paying attention to visual and aural elements as well as plot, character, and dialogue. Students will find this an invaluable guide to a growing field.



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