The Last Grand Duchess

When she died in exile in 1960, Olga Alexandrovna was the last Grand Duchess of Russia, the favorite sister of Czar Nicholas II who was executed with his wife and five children during the Revolution. Born in splendor difficult to imagine today, she endured a lifetime of relentless tragedy with courage and exceptional powers of adjustment. The Last Grand Duchess is a valuable account of the final decades of the house of Romanov as see...

Revolution of the Mind: The Life of André Breton

When Aube (Breton's only child) was very young, Breton told her that someday he will tell and teach her anything she wants to know about "life, love and revolution". Indeed these can be described as the essence of Breton's colorful, and dramatic life. Plozzotti has not only told us aboiut the history of Surrealism, but also told us about how Breton started, and eventually controlled every aspect of this movement. Excellent book. High...

Captain Jack Helm : A Victim of Texas Reconstruction Violence

This book provides an important piece of history in the puzzle of understanding post-Civil War Texas. When Texas withdrew from the union, lawlessness was the order of the day, especially in border areas, such as the frontier and near Indian territory and Mexico. People who were willing to stand firm in the middle of violence were necessary to keep the peace, what was left of it. Jack Helm was one of those individuals. Author Parsons ...

Thomas Jefferson: Early America

This inviting biography explores the life of Thomas Jefferson. Readers will discover the impact he made on early America as he took roles as governor, vice president, and President of the United States. The detailed images, fascinating facts, and easy-to-read text reveal that Jefferson played a major part in many early American events such as the Second Continental Congress, the Committees of Correspondence, and the Declaration of In...

Founder, Fighter, Saxon Queen: Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians

In Founder, Fighter, Saxon Queen, Margaret C. Jones labors mightily to flesh out a life of Aethelflaed, eldest child of Alfred the Great, "Lady of the Mercians" after her husband Aethelred's death, and most recently known to many as a character in Bernard Cornwell's book and TV series about Anglo-Saxon England at and after the time of Alfred. She is successful only to a degree, mainly because there is so little known about even men o...

Understanding Sam Shepard

"Written with great lucidity and wearing its considerable erudition lightly, Understanding Sam Shepard is the perfect introduction to Shepard for both beginning and advanced students of American drama. Because of its subtlety and depth of textual analysis, the book is equally valuable for the scholar. James A. Crank unearths Shepard's buried children and their cursed families in all their complexity and mystery, making a compelling c...


In this memoir-like collection, Anzaldúa's powerful voice speaks clearly and passionately. She recounts her life, explains many aspects of her thought, and explores the intersections between her writings and postcolonial theory. For readers engaged in postcoloniality, feminist theory, ethnic studies, or queer identity, Interviews/Entrevistas will be a key contemporary document.

Managing conflict of interest in the public sector : a toolkit.

Conflicts of interest in both the public and private sectors have become a major matter of public concern worldwide. The OECD Guidelines define a conflict of interest as occurring when a public official has private-capacity interests that could improperly influence the performance of his or her official duties and responsibilities. However, identifying a specific conflict of interest in practice can be difficult. Resolving the confli...

Madame Chiang Kai-shek: China's Eternal First Lady

To admirers, the wife of the Nationalist dictator of China and later Taiwan was a symbol of resistance to Communist tyranny; to detractors, she was a crafty "Dragon Lady" or a quisling of American imperialism. In this absorbing biography, Li, a former Taiwan correspondent for the Financial Times, manages a balanced portrait that situates Madame Chiang in an uneasy borderland between East and West. In her charm offensives to the Unite...

Kleist. Eine Biographie

Rudolf Loch zeichnet ein bewegendes Bild des vergeblichen Ringens Kleists um Daseinsbewältigung und vermittelt damit einen Begriff von der Modernität dieses Autors. Sein Werk wird als Versuch beschrieben, neuartige Erfahrungen, Charaktere und Konflikte gestalterisch zu fassen. Kenntnisreich, detailliert, eng verwoben mit Dokumenten, (Selbst-)Zeugnissen und den Ergebnissen der biografischen und literaturwissenschaftlichen Forschung un...