Katherine Dunham: Dance and the African Diaspora

One of the most important dance artists of the twentieth century, dancer and choreographer Katherine Dunham (1909-2006) created works that thrilled audiences the world over. As an African American woman, she broke barriers of race and gender, most notably as the founder of an important dance company that toured the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australia for several decades. Through both her company and her schools,...

Biographical Dictionary of Modern World Leaders, Volumes 1 and 2, 1900 to 1991 and 1992 to the Present

Bringing together biographical information on world leaders from 1900 to the present, the two-volume "Biographical Dictionary of Modern World Leaders" provides an ideal introduction to the lives and work of the most influential and powerful people on the world stage. Political leaders of every stripe - from the Ayatollah Khomeini to Kofi Annan - can be found in this accessible A-to-Z reference set. Approximately 800 detailed biograph...

Black Eagle Child: The Facepaint Narratives (Singular Lives)

A candid, poetic account of childhood and young manhood through the eyes of a Native American, this vivid narrative is destined to become a central moral text for our time. Through the persona of Edgar BearchildOCoa member of the Black Eagle Child SettlementOCoRay A. Young Bear takes readers on an unforgettable OC journey of wordsOCO as he documents grief and anguish countered by an abundance of humor, pride, and insight."

Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty: His Life, Times, And Legacy

Looking at the life and legacy of Emperor Yang (569-618) of the brief Sui dynasty in a new light, this book presents a compelling case for his importance to Chinese history. Author Victor Cunrui Xiong utilizes traditional scholarship and secondary literature from China, Japan, and the West to go beyond the common perception of Emperor Yang as merely a profligate tyrant. Xiong accepts neither the traditional verdict against Emperor Ya...

Gulag Letters (Yale-Hoover Series on Authoritarian Regimes)

A poignant collection of letters written by the Latvian poet, novelist, and newspaper editor Arsenii Formakov while interned in Soviet labor camps Emily Johnson has translated and edited a fascinating collection of letters written by Arsenii Formakov, a Latvian Russian poet, novelist, and journalist, during two terms in Soviet labor camps, 1940 to 1947 in Kraslag and 1949 to 1955 in Kamyshlag and Ozerlag. This correspondence, which F...

Rabbi Akiva : Sage of the Talmud

A compelling and lucid account of the life and teachings of a founder of rabbinic Judaism and one of the most beloved heroes of Jewish history Born in the Land of Israel around the year 50 C.E., Rabbi Akiva was the greatest rabbi of his time and one of the most important influences on Judaism as we know it today. Traditional sources tell how he was raised in poverty and unschooled in religious tradition but began to learn the Torah a...

Georg Simmel and the Disciplinary Imaginary

An internationally famous philosopher and best-selling author during his lifetime, Georg Simmel has been marginalized in contemporary intellectual and cultural history. This neglect belies his pathbreaking role in revealing the theoretical significance of phenomena―including money, gender, urban life, and technology―that subsequently became established arenas of inquiry in cultural theory. It further ignores his philosophical impact ...

Knocking the Hustle: Against the Neoliberal Turn in Black Politics

Over the past several years scholars, activists, and analysts have begun to examine the growing divide between the wealthy and the rest of us, suggesting that the divide can be traced to the neoliberal turn. “I’m not a business man; I’m a business, man.” Perhaps no better statement gets at the heart of this turn. Increasingly we’re being forced to think of ourselves in entrepreneurial terms, forced to take more and more responsibilit...

The Oxford Handbook of Hume

The Scottish philosopher David Hume (1711-1776) is widely regarded as the greatest and most significant English-speaking philosopher and often seen as having had the most influence on the way philosophy is practiced today in the West. His reputation is based not only on the quality of his philosophical thought but also on the breadth and scope of his writings, which ranged over metaphysics, epistemology, morals, politics, religion, a...

American Woman: How I lost my Heimat und found my Zuhause

„Sonderklasse!“ Der Spiegel Seit über 25 Jahren baut Gayle Tufts eine Brücke zwischen ihrer alten und ihrer neuen Heimat, ein völkerverbindender Spagat. Frech und funny, intelligent, informativ und im Moment wichtiger denn je. Wer sind die Menschen im Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten? Lebt er noch, der American Dream? Was hat Frischluft mit der Tagesschau zu tun? Ist Lässigkeit eine Tugend? Und who puts the fire in the Feierabend?...