George Cartwright's The Labrador Companion

New manuscripts directly related to Canada’s history rarely come to light. The Labrador Companion, written in 1810 by Captain George Cartwright (1739-1819), and discovered in 2013, is a fascinating and unusual find because of its level of detail, its setting in a hardly studied part of Britain’s fur-trade empire, and because it is a personal account rather than a trade outfit ledger or government document. This annotated edition tran...

Mapping My Return: A Palestinian Memoir

"In a life lived intensely, with unflagging curiosity and vocal outrage at the injustices that have beleaguered his people, Salman Abu Sitta is to be celebrated for his tenacity, intelligence and ability not to lose heart despite all the odds. This accessible and informative book describes all that he has lived through as a Palestinian, both on his own land and as a refugee. It also presents very clearly the fundamental need for the ...

The Naive and the Sentimental Novelist

There is a good reason that Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. He is a brilliant writer and is also a keen observer of the work of other writers. In this non-fiction work, Pamuk uses as a springboard Friedrich Schiller's famous distinction between "naive poets and sentimental poets." A naive writer is one who produces work spontaneously, serenely, and unselfconsciously. A sentimental writer i...

Boss Lady : How Three Women Entrepreneurs Built Successful Big Businesses in the Mid-Twentieth Century

Tillie Lewis, Olive Ann Beech, and Margaret Rudkin were members of what has often been called 'The Greatest Generation,' but in that appellation, while so much is conveyed, so much is also left out. Sparks provides a smart and engaging way for us to enter into the compelling life stories of a group of women from that generation as they navigated work, family, wartime, and mid-twentieth century-definitions of gender."—Jennifer Scanlon...

Osama bin Laden: A Biography

This concise biography of the world's most notorious terrorist tells the fascinating story of the evolution of a wealthy businesman's son to the 9/11 mastermind who declared war on America. • A chronology of major events in the life of Osama bin Laden • 12 photographs of bin Laden at various stages of his life

Der Briefwechsel zwischen Goethe und Zelter

This study interprets the correspondence between Goethe and Zelter in the period 1799 to 1832 as an autobiographical and anthropological text. From the first letters exchanged to the final years in which posthumous publication of the correspondence is envisaged, the two highly dissimilar partners in this dialogue handle the exchange of letters as a form of its own right. In the author's resistance to the experience of old age and dea...

Saving the World: Chen Hongmou and Elite Consciousness in Eighteenth-Century China

In this blockbuster book, William T. Rowe uses Chen's life to examine the culture of the 18th-century bureaucracy, encompassing nearly all the classic problems of Chinese society, past and present. "Rowe's new work can be said to be a model of painstaking and exhaustive research. It is also quite possibly the best single study ever written anywhere of the life, thought and career of a pre-1800 Chinese scholar-official . . . .This is ...

Democracy in Exile: Hans Speier and the Rise of the Defense Intellectual

"This biography of Hans Speier is of unusual interest. Daniel Bessner illuminates the problems and projects of an entire generation of ‘defense intellectuals’ from World War Two to the post-Vietnam era. Bessner argues incisively for the role of ideas in foreign affairs and resists the conclusion that Speier was a creature of American Cold War politics. Highly recommended." "Democracy in Exile is a fascinating and deeply researched ac...

Collectif, "Michel Déon"

On peut encore apprendre plein de choses sur Déon quand on a lu et relu ses récits et ses textes autobiographiques, grâce à ce numéro des cahiers de l'Herne, par ailleurs agréablement illustré. L'homme est pudique, mais il a tant de choses à dires sur un des plus grands écrivains français vivant!

Tracing Nicholas of Cusa's Early Development (Philosophes Medievaux)

The history of philosophy has painted two differing, if not contradictory, images of Nicholas of Cusa. He was hitherto considered either as a mystical theologian or as a political philsopher. This book is a comparative study of the two great works that have generated these divergent representations of the 15th century German thinker, namely De concordantia catholica and De docta ignorantia. The study yields an understanding of the co...