Our Fritz: Emperor Frederick III and the Political Culture of Imperial Germany

A gripping biographical study of a fascinating and important figure. Müller presents a number of bracingly revisionist arguments in a thorough, rigorous, and compelling way, anchored in a witty and humane portrayal of the central actors. My enthusiasm for this book is not only for its historical acuity, breadth of compass, and evidentiary depth, but for the memorable portrait it paints of a gifted, privileged, melancholy, and doomed ...

The Anthropological Treatises of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, Late Professor at Göttingen and Court Physician to the King of Gr

Excerpt from The Anthropological Treatises of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, Late Professor at Göttingen and Court Physician to the King of Great Britain: With Memoirs of Him by Marx and Flourens, and an Account of His Anthropological Museum by Professor R. Wagner; And the Inaugural Dissertation of John Hunter, M.D., On the Varieties of ManBlumenbach has related in the little autobiographical frag ment, which has been incorporated by M...

Sherwood Anderson: A Writer in America

“This will surely be the definitive biography of Anderson for beyond the foreseeable future. A perusal of the endnotes shows that some of Rideout’s interviews and research go back 50 years. It is difficult to believe that anyone else will put this much labor into Anderson’s life. Indeed, this book is not just praiseworthy as a superb portrayal of its subject. It is a testament—even a throwback—to the sort of dedicated, painstaking li...

Jurji Zaidan and the Foundations of Arab Nationalism

While Philipp’s analysis and selection of articles may not provide original material to scholars familiar with fin-de-siècle intellectual, literary, and cultural history of the Arab world, it serves as a helpful resource for teaching al-nah?ah (in English) at the undergraduate and graduate level. Likewise, it provides a lucid and descriptive introduction to Zaydan’s theories of language, history, and society, while providing soundly ...

A Matter of Conscience: Sir Ronald Wilson

Orphaned early in life and brought up by a housekeeper, Sir Ronald Wilson left school at 14 to earn a living as a messenger in the local Geraldton courthouse before subsequently enjoying a meteoric rise in the legal profession to become a justice in the highest court in Australia. Best known for Bringing Them Home - his moving and controversial 1997 report on the 'Stolen Generations' of Aboriginal children - Sir Ronald was also Crown...

Harry Truman (Great American Presidents)

This rendition of the Harry Truman story is both historically accurate and provocative; a no holds barred story about the trials and immensely difficult decisions that formed the person that was the 33rd President of our United States. At points I thought I was reading a suspense novel, at other times I was reaching for a box of tissues. For any respectable American historian, this book is a must read. Kudos to author Michael Foley a...

Autobiography and Literary Essays: I. Autobiography and Literary Essays

The Collected Works of John Stuart Mill took thirty years to complete and is acknowledged as the definitive edition of J.S. Mill and as one of the finest works editions ever completed. Mill's contributions to philosophy, economics, and history, and in the roles of scholar, politician and journalist can hardly be overstated and this edition remains the only reliable version of the full range of Mill's writings. Each volume contains ex...

Al Que en Buen Hora Nacio

The essays in this volume are dedicated to the distinguished scholar Colin Smith by colleagues, pupils and friends from Britain, Spain and the USA. The contributions focus on the Spanish epic and ballad, two fields in which Professor Smith has had an influence as an editor and critic.

Das Leben der Brontës. Eine Biographie

Wer kennt nicht die Romane der Schwestern Brontë - Emilys »Sturmhöhe«, »Jane Eyre« von Charlotte, »Agnes Grey« von Anne - mit denen sie sich auf einen Schlag in den Kanon der Weltliteratur schrieben. Doch »ihren dauernden Ruhm begründen nicht nur ihre Bücher«, schreibt Elsemarie Maletzke, und fährt fort: »Das Leben der Brontës selbst, so sonderbar und so schmerzlich, erscheint wie ein Stück Dichtung. Auf engstem Raum, in einem Pfarrh...

Modern Ireland and Revolution : Ernie O'Malley in Context

In 1922, following a decade of political ferment and open bloodshed, the Irish Free State was established, became stabilised, and developed along conservative lines. During these years the prevailing impulse was to reprove the actions of republicans who had rejected the Anglo-Irish Treaty, leaving many great revolutionary voices left unheard. One mind, more agile than that of his contemporaries, belonged to Ernie O'Malley. It was thr...