Cidermaster Of Rio Oscuro

This is a wonderful book, beautifully written and immensely touching. The author interweaves vivid descriptions of his farm and its inhabitants -- both past and present -- with his observations on cider-making, the care of apple orchards, his wife's art, and his memories of his late, much-loved daughter. He doesn't gloss over the irony that, after he spent years working on nuclear testing, his daughter should contract breast cancer; ...

Joseph Stalin : Images of War

Joseph Stalin was a monster. He sacrificed his friends and allies in pursuit of power, murdered thousands with sadistic brutality to maintain it and callously obliterated millions more of his own people over a quarter century of his leadership. Yet almost as frightening as the horrendous crimes he committed is the idolatry that allowed this ogre to flourish. Just like fellow monster of the twentieth century Adolf Hitler, Stalin saw h...

You Haven't Taught Until They Have Learned

I used this book in my college coaching philosophy class. It was a great book about one of the greatest coaches of all time. It is geared for teachers and give a lot of advice to educators from a sport perspective. My students also liked the book because it has pictures of John Wooden's life and career as well as stories from past players. It goes without saying that John Wooden is one of the greatest coaches of all-time. It was fasc...

The Path of Cinnabar

gives one a very good overview of evola;s work, very objective, he talks about his writings from his earliest to this one, seems there is a bit to be translated also [ from the few he speaks of that i was unaware of ] This is one of those IT books, a redactic autobiography that is more to do with Evola's activities than an ordinary autobiography, it was only meant to be published posthumously, which it is now. Talks about his world v...

From Passio Perpetuae to Acta Perpetuae

"Kitzler's aims are admirably realised in this slim volume: it would form an excellent introduction to the Passio Perpetuae for someone new to this text, and the extensive footnotes are a comprehensive guide to current scholarship and directions for further reading. For the scholar already familiar with the text, the valuable aspect of this work is the reading of its reception history and the demonstration of the ongoing power of its...

Steering the Course: A Memoir

"Of great interest not only to lawyers but also to journalists. historians, public servants, and, indeed, to the general public." Barbara M. Wilson, retired archivist

Josefina Niggli, Mexican American Writer: A Critical Biography

This is the story of a remarkable woman whose artistic mission was to relate Mexican cultural history to English-language readers. A world-renowned playwright in the 1930s and best-selling novelist in the 1940s, Josefina Niggli published at a time when Chicana/o literature was not yet recognized as such. Her works revealed Mexico from an insider's point of view, although she found herself struggling with publishers who wanted an Amer...

La Trobe : the making of a governor

Charles Joseph La Trobe was Superintendent of the Port Phillip District of New South Wales and Victoria's first Lieutenant-Governor (1851–54). His administration, which coincided with the turbulent challenges of the Victorian gold rushes, was highly controversial. He departed from office a disappointed man whose contribution to the development of the colony was not immediately recognised. His was a vision of a cultured, economically ...