Tiger Woods: Athlete

A critically acclaimed biography series of history's most notable African Americans includes straightforward and objective writing combined with important memorabilia and photographs.

Aunt Arie: A Foxfire Portrait

Aunt Airie was, in simple words, a woman to took a liking to the Foxfire Book students and teachers and so let them into her life. She shared with them all her decades of skills doing the things that young people never learn nowadays. She didn't have to do the interviews but she knew that without them the students and those they taught in turn would be smaller in soul and more stupid. She never had a smart phone, never traveled to Ca...

Riviera Dreaming: Love and War on the Côte D'Azur

"A compelling account of life on the French Riviera from 1920 onwards, Riviera Dreaming charts the work of renowned architect of the Art Deco era, Barry Dierks. This well-written book is packed with history and glamorous insider stories of the rich and famous, contrasted with the hardships of local residents living under German occupation during WWII. Meticulously researched by long-term resident Maureen Emerson it makes a riveting r...

The History of the Life and Adventures of Mr. Anderson

“The History of the Life and Adventures of Mr. Anderson presents a fascinating glimpse into English perceptions of North America in the mid-eighteenth century. As Matthew and Nicholas Mason point out in their astute and accessible introduction, Edward Kimber’s long-forgotten novel also reminds us that the eighteenth-century novel emerged in the transatlantic sphere. The appendices richly situate the novel in the context of other Brit...

Charlie Chaplin: (Routledge Historical Biographies)

'Richard Carr has scoured archives on both sides of the Atlantic to bring us this vivid and nuanced portrait of the political Charlie Chaplin. Carr shows us Chaplin as his contemporaries saw him--as a highly vocal silent film star who was also an ambitious political thinker. Carr reveals the interplay of personal scandal, mud-slinging media, non-conformism and leftist politics that shaped the Chaplin myth, giving us perhaps the most ...

Totally Unofficial: The Autobiography of Raphael Lemkin

"If the history of the Western moral imagination is the story of an enduring and unending revolt against human cruelty, there are few more consequential figures than Raphael Lemkin―and few whose achievements have been more ignored by the general public. . . . Totally Unofficial is at its most alive when he evokes his childhood in the Jewish world of Eastern Europe before World War I. . . . Vivid chapters of Lemkin's autobiography des...

Tito and His Comrades

"Skillfully navigating the complex terrain of history and memory that Tito evokes, this biography is both respectful to his complicated legacy and sensitive to the emotionally charged questions of history that have fueled discord in the region. . . . Pirjevec does not take sides, nor does he ask his readers to do so." ―Emily Greble, from the foreword

Between Tel Aviv and Moscow

Leah Trachtman-Palchan was an ordinary woman who lived an extraordinary life. This was a life of migration, dissent, exile and survival. Born in the final years of Tsarist Russia, her family was forced to leave their small town following the repeated pogroms of the Civil War era. A two year voyage followed, bringing them all to British Mandate Palestine in 1921. Here what seems like a typical Jewish story of migration from Eastern Eu...

The Algerian Destiny of Albert Camus: 1940–1962

This monograph (translated from French) is the first attempt to reconcile Camus's deep-seated identity as an Algerian and his ideas of a multiconfessional, multicultural, non-colonial Algeria. The authors discuss the identity of Camus, his philosophy and politics, including his sexual politics, in light of a southern Mediterranean cultural nexus that stamped Camus as an Algerian rather than French (pied-noir). Camus's cosmopolitan an...

The Life and Letters of Annie Leake Tuttle: Working for the Best

`Whiteley sets the scene for each chapter, delineating time, place, and cultural context, without upstaging Tuttle's own words.... This volume is greatly enhanced by a pleasing combination of commmentary, illustrations, and bibliographical information.... Annie Tuttle's letters and autobiography cast useful sidelights on the history of household economy, rural childhood, educational reform, and women's religious activities.'' (Laurie...