Bioinorganic Photochemistry

584e13b51cba3.jpeg Author Grazyna Stochel, Malgorzata Brindell, Wojciech Macyk, and Zofia Stasicka
Isbn 9781405161725
File size 7MB
Year 2009
Pages 398
Language English
File format PDF
Category Chemistry

Book Description:

Bioinorganic photochemistry is a rapidly evolving field integrating inorganic photochemistry with biological, medical and environmental sciences. The interactions of light with inorganic species in natural systems, and the applications in artificial systems of medical or environmental importance, form the basis of this challenging inter-disciplinary research area.

Bioinorganic Photochemistry provides a comprehensive overview of the concepts and reactions fundamental to the field, illustrating important applications in biological, medical and environmental sciences.

Topics covered include:

  • Cosmic and environmental photochemistry
  • Photochemistry of biologically relevant nanoassemblies
  • Molecular aspects of photosynthesis
  • Photoinduced electron transfer in biosystems
  • Modern therapeutic strategies in photomedicine

The book concludes with an outlook for the future of environmental protection, discussing emerging techniques in the field of pollution abatement, and the potential for bioinorganic photochemistry as a pathway to developing cheap, environmentally friendly sources of energy.

Written as an authoritative guide for researchers involved in the development of bioinorganic photochemical processes, Bioinorganic Photochemistry is also accessible to scientists new to the field, and will be a key reference source for advanced courses in inorganic, and bioinorganic chemistry.



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